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The movie starts off explaining the history of the original Zenith team consisting of Captain Zoom (Tim Allen), his brother, Concussion, his girlfriend, Ace, and one other.  In order to increase the powers of the Zenith team, General Larfaby (Torn) and the head scientist involved in the project, Grant (Chevy Chase), expose the Zenith team to Gamma 13 radiation.  It had the desired effect on Captain Zoom as it makes him considerably faster.  It, however, resulted in Concussion turning evil and becoming the Zenith's team arch nemesis.  Zoom was eventually able to defeat Concussion, who disappeared and was believed to be dead, but not before Concussion killed the rest of the Zenith team (minus Zoom, of course).

Flash forward to present day.

Gen. Larraby and Grant are in a top secret base staring at screen where it shows that Concussion is not dead after all.  He is making his way through a dimensional rift back to Earth.  It is decided that their must be a new Zenith team.  On the screen, they show that the new Zenith team will consist of special kids with unique abilities.  They show a little girl, Cindy Collins (approx. 8-10 years old), who is SUPER strong.  They show Summer Jones (16 years old) in the cafeteria who seems to be a shy girl simply trying to get lunch.  When a couple of cheerleaders laugh at her and cut her in line, she uses her mental powers to make the food in front of them explode.  Dylan West (17 years old) is in class daydreaming when his teacher calls him up to the front of the class to finish a math problem.  While writing the answer, Dylan turns invisible.  Finally, they show Tucker Williams (lower teens) climbing the diving board by a pool.  When he gets to the top and is about to jump, a couple of kids scream insults at him.  Then, when he jumps off the board, his butt expands immensely so that when he lands ALL the water in the pool flies out of the pool splashing everyone else out of the pool.

Back at the base, Larraby tells Grant that in order to get the team ready, he must go to Florida and convince the only member of the original Zenith team, Zoom, to return to the program to train the new team.  Flash to Florida, where we get our first sight of Jack Shepard (Tim Allen).  He is in a body shop looking like crap.  He puts chocolate syrup, ice cream, and a banana into a cup then has the tip of his finger go superfast in order to blend the contents into a milk shake.  Across the street, Dr. Marsha Holloway (Courtney Cox), who is another scientist working for the Zenith program, gets Shepard's attention by falling down in the middle of the street for no reason.  Then, immediately afterwards, Grant and a bunch of other people show up in a car to confront Shepard.  Holloway makes sure Shepard knows the charade was Grant's idea.  Once in front of Shepard, Holloway lets him know how big of a fan she is of him.  In fact, she makes it clear she is obsessed with him.  Apparently, when she was a little girl, she was a very lonely girl with no friends who would spend her entire day reading the Captain Zoom comics.  Grant then tells Shepard that he has two choices.  Come back to the base and train the new team or go to jail.  Grant then tells Shepard that he would of course be paid $500,000 for doing so.  Shepard then responds by saying that is all Grand had to say. 

Back at the base, Larraby and Grant begin by showing Shepard the new candidates for the Zenith team.  Of course, Dylan, Summer, Cindy, and Tucker get accepted, thought all but Dylan shows limitations.  Tucker shows he does not have control over his ability.  It is not until Shepard starts insulting him that anything happens and even then it is just his foot and head that expand.  Summer merely throws a pencil against the wall.  And, Cindy shows that she really is just a little girl when instead of showing off her powers decides to show off the fact that knows her ABC's.  Again, it is not until Shepard insults her that she throws the table through the window.  They also show a bunch of other 'candidates' who get rejected.  One turns a piece of paper into a multitude of spit balls that he fires at a fast rate.  Another can blow a huge snot ball.  And, another has a lot of control of his farts.

The four accepted participants are then put in a room to meet the great Captain Zoom.  Dr. Holloway is, of course, super pysched for the kids to meet him though they still don't know he is Captain Zoom or that the comic books are real or why they are there.  Shepard comes in and asks the group if they know why they are here.  Cindy raises her hand as high as she can 'ooh ooh ooh-ing' as little girls do.  After hoping that one of the others would raise their hand to no avail, Shepard finally calls on her and receives statement that was supposedly word for word what Dr. Holloway at told them.  Shepard points out that the word special was used an awfully lot, at which time Dylan replies that Dr. Holloway had actually used the word special at least once more than Cindy did.  Cindy then asks if it is true that they are special.  Shepard responds that they are not special and that they are here so the military can ruin their lives. Dr. Holloway then calls him outside to have a talk with him.  Later, after the kids ask her why Shepard is so special, Dr. Holloway is in the room  handing out first edition issues of the Captain Zoom comic. She asks them to be careful and to put on gloves before removing them from their case but the kids simply disobey her.  They want to know why she is giving them comic books.  She says that the reason Shepard is so special is because he IS the comic book.  They are real life accounts of his adventures.  He IS Captain Zoom.  At this time, they all run to the cafeteria to find out if this is true.  Once again, all they find is a bitter man who says he is Jack Shepard.  But, from the conversation, Cindy and Tucker glean that they are to become superheroes which really excites them.  During this first part, you also see Dylan hitting on Summer hitting on Summer, who does not seem all that opposed to the idea. 

Larraby is shown with Grant in the control room again.  It is mentioned that Concussion is returning to come after Zoom and that Zoom is merely bait.  They have a plan to capture Concussion with a Sonic net while he is distracted.  Grant mentions briefly that the only other way to stop Concussion would be if Zoom regained his power (as it seems that the only thing Shepard can do now is to make his fingertip go super fast), Zoom could run so fast around Concussion to create a vortex that would make him good again. 

For a while, all you really see is Jack Shepard acting bitter around the kids doing no real good while Dr. Holloway puts the kids through a lot of training that is wearing out the kids.  Shepard has no idea why he is there and doesn't care about anything but getting the money he was promised.  And Larraby makes it clear to Grant that if he does not think the kids are ready to face Concussion when he arrives, he will douse them with Gamma 13 radiation just like he did the original Zenith team.  Grant only cares that he doesn't get any of the blame.  Then, Shepard finds this robot friend that had been made to keep the original Zenith team company.  The robot was able to get him access to a flying saucer with which him and the four kids used to escape the compound and take a joy ride.

It is around this time that things start changing.  Upon their return, Dr. Holloway lays into the Shepard for the way he has been treating the kids and for not training them.  Shepard goes off by himself only to be found by Dylan.  Dylan starts asking questions about the old Zenith team.  Dylan finds out that Shepard had a brother.  That his girlfriend, Ace, was killed by Concussion.  And, after being snapped at by Shepard when he starts insulting Concussion, realizes that Concussion was, in fact, the aforementioned brother.  When Dylan leaves, Shepard contemplates what his old team meant to him.  The next day, he has a whole new attitude as he is intent on getting them ready.  You see him working with Tucker trying to get him to control when and how his body expands.  He also gets a body suit ready for him that will expand and shrink along with him.  Dylan begins to be able to turn what he touches (mostly apples) invisible along with him.  Summer works on being able to control her telekinetic powers.  And, Cindy practices her aim when she throws large, heavy objects.  Then, when Shepard and Dylan are alone, Shepard helps Dylan realize that when Dylan daydreams, it is because he has another gift.  He has the ability to sense what is happening elsewhere.  He also tells Dylan that the team is going to need a leader and that he thinks Dylan is that leader.  Things seem to be going well.  Shepard and Holloway even throw a party for the kids.  They expand a bit more on the Dylan and Summer relationship.  Dr. Holloway and Shepard also dance.  Then, Larraby comes in and kicks them all out of the room.  When they all left, you see them setting up to douse the kids with the Gamma 13 radiation.  Shepard finds this out and goes to the kids room and wakes them up.  He leads them to a secret room through an electrical conduit.  Once there, he lets the group name themselves.  Dylan is Houdini.   Summer is Wonder.  Cindy is Princess (constant throughout the movie, she acts just like a little child...I should have mentioned earlier that at some point when asked to put on an outfit that will help protect her, she puts on a ballerina outfit as in her words "who would hurt a ballerina).  And, Tucker is Mega boy.  Then, Shepard tells them that they need to get out of here.  At this moment, however, Dylan "sees" into the control room and finds out why they are really there.  He tells Shepard that his brother is still alive and he is coming.

Shepard goes to the control room and confronts Grant and Larraby and Larraby has Shepard put in the isolation chamber (which so far had only been used by Dylan when he tried to escape the training by turning invisible).  Dr. Holloway and a couple of the guards go to the kids and start taking them to the room where they will be radiated.  Dr. Holloway begins to apologize that she doesn't know what else she can do...except use her own abilities and she literally blows the two guards down (She can blow like the wind...though it comes out almost colorful like a rainbow). 

Tucker then expands on both sides to knock them into the wall.  They then go to the holding area, knock out the guard, and free Shepard.  Of course, instead of simply pushing the button to open the door, Cindy knocks the door down onto Shepard.

The five of them plus the robot escape in the flying saucer. Then, they make their way to the spot in the desert where Concussion is supposed to appear.  Shepard tells them to stay away and let him handle his brother. 

When he gets there and Concussion appears, Concussion starts beating the hell out of Shepard.  Larraby, Grant, and the military show up and Concussion starts blasting them.  Concussion gets ready to finish off Shepard when Houdini, Wonder, Princess, and Mega Boy show up.  They at first don't put up much of a fight.  Though because Concussion is distracted, Larraby takes the time to fire the Sonic net.  Unfortunately, he deflects the net and the net is headed toward Princess!  Shepard realizes she is in danger and all of sudden you see Green mist and his powers are back! 

Zoom rushes and saves Princess and gathers the Zenith team and tells them he has a new plan.  First, he rushes back to the base to pick up his suit specially made for him by Grant (Zoom trips along the way! ...mildly entertaining).  He returns and tells them the new plan. 

At this point, the Zenith team beat up on Concussion.  Houdini keeps appearing and reappearing to slowly beat up on him.  Wonder uses her powers to send a lot of very small boulders/large rocks at Concussion which he can only destroy a small amount with his powers.  Then, when Concussion is distracted enough, Mega Boy expands his stomach knocks Concussion toward Cindy who uses a large metal pole to hit Concussion towards Zoom who has already begun to create that vortex mentioned previously. 

When it appears as if Concussion is going to miss the vortex, Dr. Holloway blows him into it.  Then, Zoom just runs and runs trying to close the vortex.  Concussion tries to blast his way out but is unsuccessful.  The vortex is closed and Concussion is evil no more.  The new Zenith team, Zoom, and Concussion all come together and are friends now. 

Afterwards, they show Cindy at a play as she uses her strength to pull the prince up Repunzel's tower.  You see Tucker as a soccer goalie who uses his power to make sure no goal is scored.  You see Summer as a cheerleader using her power to hold up the other cheerleaders while she is on the bottom.  You then see a rose floating towards her and it is Dylan.  Then, you see Shepard.  They all get rings on the telephone telling them they are needed and they meet. 

They get picked up by the flying saucer from before and thats it.