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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Nancy Jay who says... "The informercial has landed."

The scene opens with what looks like a stone tablet from some Egyptian relic, and a voiceover describing how many millennia ago, Shadow games were played for riches and glory, until a brave pharaoh put an end to these games, sealing away the monsters and the potential destructive forces with the power of the Millennium items.  These Shadow games were meant to be ended for all eternity, "but even eternity doesn't last forever."

The scene shifts to a young boy, straining to fit the pieces of a puzzle together.  The puzzle is one of the Millennium items, and as Yugi Moto struggles to work out how it's meant to go together, a dark and sinister ghost seems to float around him.

Apparently as Yugi is trying to put his puzzle together, an excavation is occurring in Egypt within sight of the Pyramids of Cheops.  A group of men prise their way into a secret chamber and find a sarcophagus which is wrapped in chains.  One of the men declares that this is the lost tomb of Anubis. 

The next scenes flit between Yugi working on the puzzle to the men in the tomb, who uncover an inner chamber with a pyramid that resembles the puzzle, except that where the puzzle is gold and hangs point downward from a chain, this new item is white with a blue sheen, except where it has an eye emblem that swirls red within a blue background.  Inside the sarcophagus, the desiccated mummy's right eye shines briefly with a red spark, and evil laughter swells as the inner chamber suddenly seals itself.  The men inside try to force their way out, while all around the excavation area, the ground shakes.  Everyone runs for their lives.

The earthquake and so on begins the instant Yugi fits the last piece, with the eye emblem, into his puzzle.  He congratulates himself on solving it on his own, thinking how pleased his grandfather will be (Grandpa gave Yugi the puzzle to start with), but then from the puzzle many menacing creatures appear suddenly.  Then a glow surrounds the boy, who calls out, "Yu Gi Oh!", and he transforms into an apparently slightly older version of himself.  This figure commands the "shadow creatures" to "begone", and they obey, leaving this boy to wonder just what happened as he returns to his previous self.

Titles, then on we go...

As large screens show, three years have passed since Yugi first appeared on the Duel Monsters scene.  Duel Monsters is a game where people start out with a certain number of points and can use cards with monsters or magical technicalities on them (it's a complicated game, with lots of rules and strategies, and getting the monsters and magic cards you want takes time, luck, and probably more money than most parents like to shell out for pieces of cardboard).  Anyhow, Seto Kaiba owns a gaming company that distributes the game, and he had been top dog at it, but since Yugi appeared three years ago, he's "king of games".  As an aside, Yu Gi Oh actually means "king of games" when it's translated into English; go figure.  Nice to be able to live up to your name, then.  As the big screens show Yugi's successes in various competitions, various people are shown watching the broadcast, and many of them seem to feel that someone as young and inexperienced as Yugi seems to be shouldn't be the king, and they feel if they had the chance, they could show Yugi that they're better than he could ever be.

Nobody wants to believe that more than Seto Kaiba, who is practicing strategies in his Duel Dome to try to find a way to beat Yugi by holographic practice.  Seto's little brother Mokuba is watching and supervising the technical guys as they watch Seto's attempt, but because Yugi has three Egyptian god cards, the simulation ends with another Seto defeat.  The head of Kaiba Corp tells his technicians that they've had more than enough time to come up with a way for him to win, so they can all look for new jobs.  He's going to find his own way to beat Yugi.  Mokuba, who is more compassionate than his big brother, sighs and follows Seto out.

On an idyllic island some miles away from the city where Seto and all live, the creator of Duel Monsters is having a bad dream.  Maximillion Pegasus, who used to duel regularly himself until Yugi beat him, is tossing and turning while an invisible figure (there's kind of a heat shimmer as the man moves through the room) goes to a wall safe.  The invisible guy takes a briefcase out of the safe and lays a card on top of the other Duel Monster cards in the briefcase.  Pegasus, meanwhile, dreams that the three Egyptian god monsters are surrounded and defeated by a Pyramid of Light.  The millionaire wakes up and decides he shouldn't have white wine spritzers before bedtime anymore.

Meanwhile, in the game shop where Grandpa lives with Yugi, said elder reads in his newspaper that there is a new exhibit at the museum with Egyptian artifacts.  He decides he'll go visit.  While he's reading, Seto Kaiba is preparing to fly to Pegasus's island in his Blue Eyes White Dragon jet.  He flies during kind of a rock song about nobody knowing what they'd do in his sitch, and comes to Pegasus (who's drinking a red wine spritzer). 

Pegasus realizes that Kaiba wants something that the millionaire had developed as a way to defeat the Egyptian god cards, but he doesn't think Seto deserves the card, considering how often Yugi has trounced the games corp magnate.  Seto offers to duel Pegasus, putting up his three Blue Eyes White Dragon cards should he lose, against whatever Pegasus has that might defeat the god cards.  Pegasus agrees.

Yugi is headed to school with his best friends, Joey Wheeler, Tea Gardner, and Tristan Taylor.  The quartet see a crowd outside the school, and wonder what's up.  Yugi can't see, as he's a couple of feet shorter than his other friends (he only gains height when he uses his Puzzle's magic and summons the spirit of the pharaoh who lives inside it).  Well, the crowd is all the people who think they can take Yugi down a peg or more, and they all want a piece of the king of games.  Tea pulls Yugi away, and Tristan and Joey start to run, hoping to lure the crowd to follow them.  The crowd, though, won't follow-- they want to duel the king of games, not the fools.  Joey then starts to duel some of the people, showing them that if they can't get past Joey Wheeler, how could they hope to defeat Yugi?  This works for a little, until Yugi turns up again, hoping that the crowd is gone.  The crowd then runs right over Joey and Tristan, who are dazed, and Tea leads Yugi into a museum to try to escape.

Back on Pegasus's fantasy island, Kaiba and the millionaire are dueling, using their favorite cards and scoring knocks against each other.  In this game, you knock away on your opponents points; first one with zero loses.  Pegasus loves his Toon World, and does pretty well at the start, but eventually Seto puts together a big bang monster that wipes out the toons.  "That's all, folks," Seto quips, and he marches over to Pegasus's briefcase to help himself.  He then smirks that Pegasus should've admitted that he had two cards that could take out the Egyptian god cards; Pegasus mutters to himself that there was only one card.

At the museum, Yugi and Tea find the tomb of Anubis exhibit, which grosses Tea out.  As they leave, a red spark ignites in the mummy's right eye once more.  The kids find Grandpa, and return to the tomb room, where Grandpa reads some kind of prophecy about "the eye that sees what's yet to come" and so on.  Dark and spooky stuff.  Then suddenly there's a big boom, and everybody in the room is knocked out.  Yugi comes to with his head in Tea's lap, and he murmurs, "Would you read me that story about the bunny?"  Tea says she'll put that down to them all being knocked silly by whatever hit them, and they realize that the mummy and the Pyramid of Light (which was also in the exhibit) have disappeared.  Yugi runs off, leaving Tea with Grandpa.

As he comes out of the museum, a limo pulls up.  Mokuba steps out of the car, and explains that he's been looking for Yugi with a message from his big brother.  Seto wants Yugi to come to Kaiba corp for a duel, and the boy agrees.  Joey and Tristan, who have been looking for Yugi, see the limo outside the game shop, and recognize it as a Kaiba car.  They follow it to the corporate building, where Mokuba tells Yugi that Seto is waiting on the top floor in his Duel Dome.  Tristan and Joey follow Yugi after Mokuba tells them what's up, and after Mokuba goes up as well, the youngest Kaiba brother seals off the exits.

Kaiba has run new simulations with his two new cards against Yugi with the god cards, and is sure he can beat Yugi now.  He sneers that Yugi has been taking credit for something he isn't for far too long, and now will be exposed as a fraud.  Yugi, calling on the pharaoh, senses something dangerous, but Kaiba thinks it's just a ploy by the boy.  As the duel goes on, Kaiba forces Yugi to call the three god monsters to the field of play, then brings out the Pyramid of Light card, which causes a kind of forcefield to surround him, Yugi, and everything within their playing arena.  He doesn't see that the Duel Dome has been cracked as the force is activated, or that a large blue beam of energy is shooting straight up through the hole in the dome.  Grandpa and Tea see the beam, though, and head to Kaiba corp quick-sharp.

As the Pyramid of Light is activated, something else happens.  Yugi's spirit, which has taken a sort of side-line bench pose during the duel to this point, is sucked inside the Millennium Puzzle.  Joey and Tristan's spirits are also pulled from their bodies, which fall to the floor from where they had been watching the duel.  Inside the puzzle, it's like an MC Escher picture, with stairways that go at all sorts of odd angles, and you can't really say that only one way is right-side up.  Yugi, hunting for the Pharaoh's spirit, screams out when he can't find his millennia old friend, and the sound of his scream draws Tristan and Joey in his direction.

Meanwhile, in the duel, whenever Yami (the Pharaoh) or Seto lose points, they feel pain, as if their own life energy is being pulled from them, but Kaiba refuses to acknowledge this.  Inside the puzzle, Yugi sees what appears to be his Millennium Puzzle being destroyed by the Pyramid of Light, and feels that the prophecy his grandfather quoted might be the only way to stop whatever is happening.  A group of mummies suddenly emerge from various stone vats, and Yugi runs away as fast as he can.  Tristan and Joey find him, but he doesn't stop:  "Talk later, run now!" he cries.  The guys get the point, and run.  Later, though, they decide the only way to stop all this is to face the danger by returning to where the mummies had been. In this chamber, the Anubis mummy seems to be receiving the energy streams from Seto and Yami, but Yugi also feels his energy being drained, too. 

Tea and Grandpa arrive at Kaiba corp, and somehow reach the top floor (maybe all the cracking caused by the destructive energy of the Pyramid of Light override Mokuba's security).  Mokuba fills them in on what he knows, and explains his worry for his brother.  The Pyramid expends more energy, causing more destruction, and it looks bad for Tea, Mokuba, and Grandpa, until a helicopter arrives above the dome.  A rope ladder descends, and Pegasus calls for them to hurry up before it's too late for his rescue.  He says he looked up what was going on, which allowed him to arrive in time.

Inside the puzzle, Anubis taunts the boys that he has infiltrated the realm of the Pharaoh and his life force, too.  He'll show them "the future, since you won't see it", where he destroys all life and takes all the life force as his own.  His monsters will wreak havoc, and he'll be the only winner.  Yugi tells Tristan and Joey to try to find an escape.  He feels this struggle is between him and Anubis, because Anubis was released from inactivity when Yugi completed his Millennium Puzzle. Up in the helicopter, Tea is suddenly drawn towards the glowing eye emblem in the Pyramid of Light she can see through the Duel Dome. 

Tea's spirit is sucked down, like Joey and Tristan were before her.  When she appears in the Anubis chamber, she suggests that their friendship is what has drawn them all their, symbolized by a design that she once drew on their hands before Yugi fought his first duel against Seto three years ago.  The design is not apparent to the eye now, but it's still there for them, glowing.  Anubis mocks Tea, and hurts her with his force before levitating her above the mummies, who are grouped to attack.  Tea lashes out, "Matrix" style, and seems to do some damage.  Joey and Tristan follow this lead, only to then realize that you can't destroy someone who's already dead.

Back at the duel, Kaiba's voice is sometimes overlaid with Anubis's; both of them seem to think that Yugi has caused them enough pain and humiliation and deserves to be crushed.  Yami tells Seto that they should stop; the danger grows as they continue their duel.  Kaiba rejects this again:  "All I want to hear from you is your anguished cry of defeat" he says with Anubis.  But he argues with Anubis about how to do this; the ancient villain wants to crush the Pharaoh his way, but Seto plans to destroy the Pyramid of Light in order to use the Egyptian god monsters himself in a sort of poetic retribution.  Seto manages to use his scheme, but Anubis refuses to allow this.  He knocks Kaiba down, and takes over the duel directly, preventing the destruction of the Pyramid of Light and taking human form at the same time.  Anubis looks kinda like a wrestler with an oily sludge dripping down his legs and off his hands.  He continues to pummel at Yami, who is down to 100 points, while he has 2100.

However, inside the Puzzle, Yugi thinks he may have solved the prophecy's riddle-- fate could blind the Eye emblem of the Pyramid of Light, and within the sarcophagus he had spied "the dagger of fate".  He searched for the blade, finds it as the mummies pull and tug at him, and tosses the knife at the Eye.  The blade bounces away, seeming to have no affect, but then cracks appear.  Everything seems to go kablooey, and the four friends are freed from the Puzzle.  Yugi is back as a bench-viewer to Yami, and Tea, Joey and Tristan are returned to their bodies.  The Pyramid of Light card is destroyed, as are two of the butch monsters Anubis had produced.  But things are still nasty, as Anubis summons an even stronger monster, Theidan the Great Sphinx, a combination of the two monsters who had been crushed when the Pyramid got knocked down.  But Yami pulls out a magic card to activate Seto's plan, bringing back the three Egyptian god monsters.  The Great Sphinx is destroyed, Anubis wreathed in fiery retribution, and the cheering section of Grandpa, Mokuba, Tea, Joey, Tristan and Pegasus doing their happy-happy.

The Pyramid of Light which had been on Anubis's neck drops to the floor and shatters, but the gem at the heart of the eye emblem rolls away unharmed.  An evil cackle fills the room while Seto finally comes to, and a massive explosion booms once more.  From a messy gushing of sludge, Anubis returns in a more dog-wolfish form, and he declares that now "monsters are real."  Most of the cards in Yugi and Kaiba's hands are blown out, and both duelists are knocked down by the concussive force of Anubis. 

Joey leaps forward, using his cards to delay Anubis slightly, and Pegasus uses two of his toon monsters to save the cheer squad when some of the roof nearly crushes them.  Anubis now has dragon wings, many sharp horns protruding from his back, and a blade like a scythe curving over his skull as he threatens Seto and Yugi.  Seto notices one card lying face down on the floor, and he picks it up to throw it to Yugi, explaining that it's the one card which can save them. 

The card is one that nearly destroyed Yami during the duel before Anubis took over from Kaiba-- the Blue Eyes Shining Dragon.  Its force causes Anubis to dissolve into icky sludge, before the red gemstone breaks into more pieces than there are duel monsters.  No more evil; hurray hurray.  The Blue Eyes Shining Dragon ascends the sky before shimmering into stardust, scattering like fireworks across the night sky.  The heroes congratulate each other on the power of friendship, the heart of the cards, and so forth, while Mokuba binds his brother's arm, and Seto concludes that he would've won this duel, but he'll duel Yugi again, and prove who's best.  Yugi comments that it's good to have the old Kaiba back, and decides that friendship is what makes anything worthwhile.

Now go out and buy all the cards you've seen advertised, children.  Here endeth the lesson.


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