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XXX: State of the Union

movie trailer (quicktime)

NOTE: This Spoiler was sent in by Robbie Tan who says... "Great action scenes and lots of explosions and fights. The action and pace is comparable to those in the movie ‘The Rock’."

The movie starts with a group of men going through wires and other obstacles as the opening credits roll. As the music ends, we are shown the inside of a government base that has just been broken into. Agent Kyle Steele (Scott Speedman) takes charge of the investigation. Meanwhile, the Secretary of Defense Deckert (Willem Dafoe) is briefing the president (Peter Strauss) on the missing 16 members of an elite army unit. The president is so shaken that he intends to add this incident in his State of the Union Address where he will expound his support for the Military Bill, a bill that reduces the size of the US Armed Forces.

Meanwhile Gibbons (Samuel Jackson) visits Lt. Darius Stone (Ice Cube) in a maximum security prison, posing as his lawyer. Gibbons informs Stone that their unit is being hunted down by an unknown group. As the men disappear, Gibbons warns Stone that he could be next. Stone agrees to hook up with Gibbons again despite his misgivings. In their last mission, their unit took casualties that merited Stone 20 years in prison and Gibbons a wide scar in the cheek. Gibbons left giving a time and place to pick Stone up. On the day, Gibbons helps Stone make a daring prison escape (nice action).

Outside, Gibbons tells Stone that they need him to steal information as to why their unit was being targeted. He is now the new XXX as the last one died. He is to break in a government safehouse and steal a hard drive while Gibbons return to his house for the other half of the info. Stone then brings the team to Zeke’s (Xzibit) ‘car house’ where he asks for Lou. Zeke informs him that Lou lives in ‘uptown’. Stone asks Lola ‘Lou’ (Nona Gaye) if they could use her warehouse as their HQ. Lou agrees, since they seem to have a history together. Unlike Zeke’s shop where ‘hot’ cars are being stripped, Lou’s place is classier with monster trucks and overpowered sedans were on sale for a select clientele.

XXX aided by Gibbons’ assistant (and techie) Toby (Michael Roof), attacks the government safehouse and makes off with the hard drive. Hotly pursued by Agent Kyle’s team, XXX and Toby escape by making a speedboat fly up to a bridge. (nice)

Meanwhile, Gibbons has retrieved the info from his house when he was ambushed by Sec. Decker. It seems that Sec. Decker was the one hunting down the members of Gibbon’s unit. Gibbons has mutinied against an immoral order from then Gen. Deckert and XXX gave Deckert a punch that almost misfigured his face. Deckert and his aide ride from Gibbon’s house when it explodes. Local news reports that Gibbon’s body was found inside the inferno. XXX and Toby took the news hard.

XXX and Toby look over the hard drive where a microfilm was surreptitiously pasted over a bar code. One of the characters was Charlie, who they decide to meet. At Gibbon’s funeral, XXX identifies Charlie and crashes her lunch date to meet her. She tells him that she is a senator’s daughter and Gibbons, contact on Capitol Hill. With Charlie’s help, XXX shows up a dinner party as a waiter where he overheard Deckert failing to get Adm. Pettibone’s support for his plans. XXX was identified by the security and escapes, aided by Charlie. Charlie brings XXX to her home and then leaves him in a room to freshen up. XXX goes outside his room where he picks up a gun lying there. The gun was used to shoot Adm. Pettibone in the head, and his body was sprawled over a sofa. Police cars with sirens wailing are now rushing towards the mansion; Charlie has set XXX up.

Meanwhile, Agent Kyle has identified Gibbons as the one who met XXX inside the prison. He shows up as a ‘negotiator’ and talks to XXX about his present difficulty. XXX knows that he is hard to prove his innocence in the murder but he will do what it takes to bring Deckert down. Agent Kyle leaves without saying a word to the police. XXX makes another daring escape from the police.

Back at HQ, XXX instructs Toby to hack the Pentagon’s computers. As he and Lou try for a tender moment, they were interrupted by Toby’s exultant shouts that he has hacked the government computers. They learn that Deckert will use the State of the Union as an opportunity to seize power. They find out that arms are being stored inside the USS Independence to be used in the attack.

XXX visits the USS Independence, which is full of tanks and other military hardware. XXX sees that Gibbons is still ALIVE and that Gibbons with the captured members of his unit will be used as scapegoats in Deckert’s plan. XXX thrashes some of the hardware before escaping. Deckert uses XXX’s attack on the USS Independence as an excuse to ‘beef up’ White House security. What he is really doing is summoning all men loyal to him, who will help him in his plans, to be near him in the White House.

Agent Kyle was visited by Deckert in his office. Kyle does not give straight answers to Deckert’s questions, raising suspicion as Kyle believes that Gibbons may not be dead, as they have not properly identified the body found at the house. Deckert then made some veiled threats to Kyle as to what happens to people who don’t cooperate with him. Kyle then corners Deckert with a question on Gibbons, which made Deckard more suspicious.

Kyle shows up at XXX’s HQ, convinced that Deckard will kill all people who are above him in rank, making him the legal successor to the presidency. As their evidence is thin, they enlist Zeke’s gangs and hijack a truck of weapons in a plan to save the president. With the plans of the White House in their possession, they charge using a convoy of overpowered monster trucks.

Inside congress, the president is making his State of the Union address. Outside, a war is raging as XXX’s team meets with Deckert’s men. They hijack a tank and push through the White House defense. Inside congress, the lights suddenly go out, and the president is moved to a secure chamber with Deckert. Inside the chamber, Deckert’s commandos make short work of the Secret Service. A volley from XXX’s tank enable him and Kyle to take out some of Deckert’s men. Deckert escapes with the president, going to his backup route. XXX rescues Gibbons as Charlie is setting them up to take the blame for the attack. XXX follows the bullet train, which is the backup route, as Gibbons and Kyle mop up the remaining bad guys inside and take charge of the military operation around the White House.

XXX was given the overpowered experimental car made by Lou and chases the bullet train. Above, Kyle and Gibbons use helicopters to follow them. Kyle is unable to shoot from the helicopter as the bullet train is too fast. XXX makes his car jump to the train tracks where he crashes the train so that he can get inside. XXX kills Deckert’s aide and meets up with Deckert and the president. Kyle, suspended outside, tries to get inside the train. XXX opens a door for him and attacks Deckert. The president escapes with Kyle as XXX fight Deckert. XXX then makes a huge jump down a bridge as Gibbons fires a missile at the train. Deckard is burned as XXX swims to an island.

Some days later, a funeral is being held for Deckert. As Deckert foretold, he became a hero who died while trying to save the president. The president awards Agent Kyle with a Congressional Medal of Honor. Another medal, the president says, is for the Unknown Soldier. He then quotes a Gibbons quote (you just have to hear it) to which XXX and Lou react with ‘How can the president quote a Gibbons quote?’ XXX then part ways with Lou, but leaves with Lou’s gift of the classic Ford Mustang as his ride.

Gibbons, now assisted by Kyle and Toby, plan on recruiting the next XXX. As XXX rides away, the camera shows the XXX logo tattooed on behind his head.

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