"It was supposed to be the vacation of a lifetime in the Australian Outback - full of fun, sun and adventure. But what happened to a trio of twenty-something backpackers took a wrenching detour into the depths of unrelenting terror. Based on true events, "Wolf Creek" is the haunting story of their unthinkable ordeal - a mounting white-knuckle nightmare so real it was destined to become horror legend. "Wolf Creek" is a startlingly intense motion picture experience of rapidly escalating dread and suspense."

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NOTE: This Spoiler was sent in by HorrorFreak889. who calls this film... "One of the most disturbing films of the year.

The movie starts off with the following appearing on the screen:

This film is based on True events.
Every year in Australia 30,000 people go missing.
90% of them are found in the first month.
Some are never found at all.

The film opens in Australia of 1999. We see a young college man, Ben (Nathan Phillips) at a car dealer buying a car. He manages to get an old red station wagon. He pays for it, and then drives off. Cut to a beach where we meet two girls. Liz (Cassandra Magrath) and Kristy (Kestie Morassi). The two girls talk about their upcoming road trip, which will last for 3 weeks. They are going to visit tourist attractions, but mainly, Wolf Creek Crater. Kristy teases Liz about how Liz has a crush on Ben. Liz says it's not true, but she giggles, indicating it is in fact true. Cut to Ben, Liz and Kristy at a huge BBQ party. Music is blasting and they are having a wild time. They all pour beer on each other and then jump in the pool.

The next morning, Liz wakes up on a beach next to people she doesn't know. She takes her top off, and runs into the ocean. After a couple of minutes, she dries off and meets up with Ben and Kristy. Kristy and Liz gather supplies for the trip. Ben starts the car, and they drive off.

The opening credits start, and for the next 3-5 minutes we see the three laughing and having a good, old, fun time. Night soon comes and the friends are tired of a long day of driving. They stop at an area in Halls Creek, to set up camp. They start a fire and start to tell stories. Ben tells one about an old guy driving down the highway by himself. Its late and he! is exhausted. The man sees a bright light up in the sky. As the man drove closer to the light, the light started to fade away before shooting up into the dark sky. The man's car didn't turn on. Liz and Kristy, now freaked out, decide its time to stop telling stories and get some rest. Next we see various scenes of some beautiful shots of the Australian midnight sky.

Morning comes and the group clears up their camp area. They notice a nearby trailer park and laugh at the fact that they are in the middle of nowhere. They get in the car and drive down the long highway. They eventually stop at a gas station. Ben fills up, while Liz goes inside to pay. Kristy tells Ben that Liz has a crush on him. Ben laughs suggesting he likes Liz back. Kristy walks away smiling and joins Liz to pay. As the girls pay, they are verbally harassed by a group of drunken men. As Ben is filling up the tank, he takes out his camcorder and videotapes himself making wisecrack jokes. The attendant shows up and Ben starts to film him as well. They get a good laugh together. Ben soon goes into meet the girls, who are still being harassed. Ben walks over to the guys and tells them to stop. One of the men stands up and wants to start a fight. Ben and the girls walk away and get into their car. As they pull out of the gas station, the camera focuses on a blue pickup truck parked outside.

As they travel down a long highway in the middle of the desert, they see a sign that says Wolf Creek Crater is right up ahead. They drive some more and find a large sign. On the sign it says you can only stay at the sight for 3 hours max. Kristy and Liz unload some supplies, as they get ready for their hike to see the crater. Ben comes along and helps. They start to hike up the hill for a couple of minutes, and they finally spot the huge crater. The crater is miles long. The friends stare in amazement. They run down the hill to the center of the crater. They set up blankets and relax on them.

Liz goes off on her on and Ben soon follows. The two go some place quiet and talk. Ben reaches in and kissing Liz. The two start to giggle and then make out. Liz then puts her arm around Ben. The three regroup and decide its time to leave since it will get dark soon. They hike back to the car and load it up with their supplies. Kristy notices her watched stopped working at 6:30 pm exactly. Ben notices his watch also stopped at 6:30 pm. (The whole watch stopping scene is odd, and is never explained. We just assume it adds drama to the movie) Liz puts the key in and attempts to start the car. Nothing happens. She tries again and the car doesn't start. Ben asks what the problem is, and Liz says that the car must have died.

“You probably left the damn lights on, so the battery is dead”, Kristy says. Ben quickly adds that the battery isn't the problem because no lights were left on. Ben and Kristy step out of the car and pop the hood. Ben adds that he has no idea what he is looking for. Ben suggests that they better get comfortable, because they are going to be staying the night.

A couple of hours pass, and bright lights in the distance awake the three. Liz thinks its aliens, but Ben says he hears a motor running. A blue truck comes into sight and the friends step out of the car. They greet the man, whose name is Mick (John Jarratt). Mick is an energetic, middle-aged man. Ben says they are having car trouble, so Mick pops the hood and takes a look. Mick soon finds the problem and says some coils are busted. He adds that it can be fixed, but not until tomorrow morning. Mick will be heading south, while the friends are going north. This is an obvious problem. Mick says the only way to help the group is by calling a tow truck for them. However, the tow truck won't get there until the morning. Ben talks to Liz, who suggests that Mick tow them south, where Mick is headed. Ben agrees.

Ben runs up to Mick and asks if he can tow him and his friends south, to the nearest town. Mick agrees, and ties a wire to the group's car. As the two cars are driving, the three friends fall asleep. Hours pass and the friends are awoken by bumps on the road. “It feels like we've been driving for hours…” Kristy says in a nervous tone. Ben adds that everything is fine. Eventually, the cars stop and everyone steps out of the cars. Mick says that he is at his place, which is located around a junkyard and some coal mining caves. Mick sets up some a campfire and joins the group. For several minutes, Ben has Mick laughing. This is soon turned around when Ben asks what Mick does for a living. “If I tell ya, I'll have to kill ya!” Ben gets nervous, but is relived by Mick's laughter. Mick says goodnight to the group, and says he will have the car fixed by the morning. The screen fades to black.

The next morning, we see Liz tied up in a garden shed. She wakes up and takes a few minutes to freak out about the situation. The screen fades out. The screen comes back, and we see it is nighttime. Liz is still tied up in the shed. She finds a piece of glass, and cuts herself free. She climbs out the shed window and looks around. She sees that their car has been stripped of its engine and their sleeping bags are all torn up. Liz runs through the junkyard and hears Kristy screaming.

Liz runs up to a barn and looks in through the window. She sees Kristy standing up and tied to a pole. She is hysterical, and bloody. Mick comes into the pick with his sniper rifle. Mick talks about guns and hunting as he taunts Kristy. Mick stands a couple feet away from Kristy and aims his gun at her. Mick fires, and the bullet just misses Kristy. Mick reloads his gun with a haunting laugh. Kristy starts to scream again, and we see Mick start to pleasure himself to her screams. He goes up and starts kissing Kristy.

Liz realizes she has to do something fast. She goes over to the junkyard and finds a bottle of whisky and a matchbox. She sets what's left of her car on fire, to grab Mick's attention. Mick walks out of the barn, and Liz sneaks in. Liz runs up and tells Kristy to settle down. Liz sees Mick coming back to the Barn, so she hides in the barn. Mick comes in and continues kissing Kristy. Liz pops out with the sniper rifle and shoots Mick in the neck. This causes Mick to fall to the floor. Liz unties Kristy and the two make a run for it.

They come across the blue truck and climb in. There are no keys. Liz runs back to Mick's body and finds the keys. She runs back, and starts the car. They speed away. Liz looks in her rearview mirror and sees Mick coming up fast in a truck. Liz freaks out. Kristy tells Liz to watch out and Liz slams on the breaks. The camera pulls away and we see the truck stopped just in time before going over a cliff. Kristy and Liz climb out of the truck and panic. Liz says they can push the truck over the cliff to throw off Mick. The two girls push the truck over the cliff. They then climb over the ledge of the cliff, and hang on to the side. The two stay perfectly still and quiet.

Mick comes up in his truck and sees the blue truck over the cliff. He gets back in his truck and drives off. Liz and Kristy climb up the cliff and make a run for it. After a couple minutes of running, Kristy says she needs to take a break. Liz tells Kristy to stay put, because she wants to run back to Mick's place and get another car. Kristy tells Liz not the leave her. Liz says that if she doesn't come back in 5 minutes, Kristy should run off.

We see Liz reach Mick's place and she searches around. She finds a garage with over 15 cars from tourists. Liz searches around and finds buckets of belongings from the tourists. Liz finds Ben's video camera and starts to play it. She watches the video that Ben filmed while he was at the gas station. We see a blue pickup truck parked in the gas station, indicating Mick was there. Liz finds another video camera and plays it. On the tape, we see parents and children at Wolf Creek Crater. Their car is broken down, and Mick shows up. Liz finds a set of keys and matches them to the correct car. She puts the key in, and the car starts. Liz relaxes back in the seat, and finds Mick in the backseat. Mick takes his knife, and stabs through the car seat, into Liz's back.

Liz falls out of the car, bleeding everywhere. She crawls over to the garage door, but Mick catches up. He tells Liz he is going to put her head on a stick. He then takes his knife and stabs her in the spine. Liz's body falls to the floor.

We go back to Kristy, still waiting. She figures Liz isn't coming back, so she makes a run for it. Kristy runs through the desert, and onto the highway. After a couple of minutes of running down the highway, she spots a car. The car pulls up, and the old man lets Kristy in. The old man takes his cup of coffee and puts it on the hood of the car. We then hear a gunshot, and we see the coffee is leaking all over the car. We hear another gunshot, and the old man is now bleeding all over the highway.

Kristy takes the keys, and drives off. She speeds down the highway and Mick drives up behind her. Mick serves off the road and Kristy screams in joy. Mick takes his sniper rifle out and shoots out Kristy's tires. The car goes rolling down a ditch. Kristy climbs out of the car and starts to crawl along the sand. Mick shoots her in the back, killing her. He then takes her body and burns it along with the rest of the car.

We finally cut to Ben and see him nailed to a wall, in the position of Jesus Christ. Ben looks over, and sees a body of a tourist also nailed to the wall. The body has a thorn crown on its head. We then see some very vicious dogs in cages. Ben looks back at the body, and sees that the dogs chewed up the body's legs. Ben eventually pulls his body off of the wall and runs out. He sees that he was in a cave. Ben then runs through the desert. He soon comes to a highway and collapses on the side. We see a car pull up to him. Out step two tourists and they bring Ben to a hospital.

The following appears on the screen:

The bodies of Kristy and Liz were never found. Ben went to court with the whole situation, unfortunately the cases was dismissed due to lack of witness'. Ben was then questioned by the police for 4 months, and then set free. Ben now lives in South Australia.

The final shot is of Ben at Liz and Kristy's funeral.


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