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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by HorrorFreak889.

The movie starts out with four best friends about the age of 10 playing in the woods. Billy, Dan, Jerry and Tom. We see various scenes of them just hanging out and having a good time and building their clubhouse.

We cut to ten years later when the four friends get out of college. Billy decides it's time to start his life as a man. Dan, Jerry and Tom Say goodbye to Billy as he drives off. Jerry gives Billy a compass from when they were young.

We go to another ten years later and we see Tom (Dax Shepard) sleeping in bed with a women. He's a pimp, but most importantly a loser. We meet Jerry (Matthew Lillard). He's a surfer and he lives in a house with his girlfriend, Denise. He walks in and greets her with a kiss. She reminds him that its their anniversary. Obviously Jerry forgot. She gets mad at the fact that he is always forgetting about her. The phone rings and the answering machine picks up. The message on the machine is a love message that says how Denise and Jerry can't answer the phone because they are in bed together. Jerry eventually picks it up and it's his mom. She says that there has been an accident with Billy.

We next meet Dan (Seth Green) He is pretty much a geek that develops a new phobia everyday. He's also a very rich doctor. He goes to work and he attempts flirting with one of the nurses. She is not interested in him. Later that day at Dan's House, he gets a call from Jerry. Jerry tells him the bad news.  That Billy died in a para-sailing accident in Mexico.

We cut to Billy's Funeral. Jerry and Dan talk about how much they miss their old friend. Dan looks over and sees a women kissing and rubbing Billy's Casket. Dan says that Billy is dead and he is still a ladies man. (Hilarious scene, I had to include this) Tom shows up on his motorcycle, ruining the moment of silence at the funeral.

The three friends go to visit their old tree house. Jerry and Tom climb up. Dan goes to follow but the ladder breaks and he falls flat on his butt. Dan eventually gets up and the three explore the clubhouse. We see various toys and posters from when they were kids. Including their old clubhouse secret box that has a skull on it. Most importantly it says D.B Cooper on the box. Cooper jumped out of a plane up north in Oregon with a bunch of stolen cash and he fell to his death. The body and cash was never found. Billy was obsessed with going there to search for Cooper's treasure (Cash). Jerry says that they spent half their childhood planning a trip to go up to the mountains of Oregon and search for that treasure. Jerry opens the box and finds old action figures, baseball cards and Tom's first condom that he ever used. They also find a letter that says:

'We swear that these things will remain in this box until we find Cooper's treasure'

The three also find a map with the whole trip planned out, including Cooper's landing. Apparently Billy planned the trip out on the map a few years ago. Jerry says that they made a promise when they were kids to find this treasure, and they must stick to that promise. Tom and Jerry agree to this trip right away but Dan is a little skeptical about it, but he decides to do it.

They head down the highway as Dan drives while Jerry and Tom sing old songs from their childhood. They arrive in a redneck town and see a bunch of kids chasing a big pig across the street. Tom and Dan go to rent a canoe while Jerry stays behind and calls Denise on Dan's cell phone. Denise ignores the call.

The three guys meet up and get in their car but a police officer shows up. He questions them at first but then decides to let them go. The three guys get in the canoe with their backpacks and a few cases of beer. They set off on their adventure. Down the river they go. They soon approach wild waters but they make it through.

Now night time, they set up camp. Dan tries to start a fire with two rocks, which isn't working. Tom spits some beer on the sparking rocks and it creates a good size camp fire. Jerry says that he is enjoying the trip so far. He says that since they are 30 years old they probably won't experience a fun camping trip together again. Dan takes out some dinner, which contains of bag full of brown liquid. Tom calls it 'Astronaut food.' Tom decides that they must catch their own dinner. He walks into the river with his flashlight and starts to shine the light at the fish. This causes the fish to jump out of the water. Jerry eventually catches one. However a big bear shows up. Tom says that they must stay very still or else the bear will attack. This does not work and the bear chases them. The three run for their lives but Dan gets caught behind.

Jerry and Tom hide behind a rock while the bear starts to sniff Dan. Tom tells Dan to get in the fetal position. Dan at this point is crying his eyes out. The bear picks Dan up with it's teeth and carries him into a cave. Jerry and Tom chase after. The bear puts Dan down and gives Dan a dead squirrel to eat. Jerry says that Dan better eat it or the bear might attack. Dan starts to pretend to eat it but the bear can tell he is faking. Dan then takes a real bite out of the dead animal and swallows it. The bear walks away and the three run for their life.

The bear chases the guys and they climb up into a tree. The bear starts to mess up their camp site and sleeps in one of their tents for the night. The next morning, the guys are woken up by the sound of dynamite going off. They look in the river and they see two rednecks, Elwood and Dennis, trying to catch fish by using sticks of dynamite. The 3 guys get in their canoe and continue on their treasure hunt.

They approach very wild waters again. Tom says that they should just battle it out. They seem to be doing good but then they approach even worse waters than before. This causes Jerry to drop the map and loose it. Their canoe gets turned over. Jerry swims his way back to the canoe and stands on top of it. He uses his good balance from all those years of surfing he did. He gets Tom and Dan back to the boat. The three can't believe they made it. Suddenly they fall off a waterfall, causing the canoe to break into a few pieces. The three swim to land and continue walking.

That night, they come across Elwood and Dennis' camp site. The two rednecks are loading their guns and cutting up fish to feed to their crazy dogs. Elwood hears the three guys and tells Dennis that he heard something. The three guys hide in a shed full of marijuana. Elwood Dennis find them and chase them through a huge field of marijuana. Elwood throws a few grenades which causes the field to light up in flames. As the three guys run through the field, they become high off the marijuana. They start to laugh and make jokes. Jerry continues running and sees Billy as a little boy running through the field. The three guys soon snap out of it and jump in the river and hide underwater.

They use bamboo sticks to breathe threw. The rednecks go to the river but then leave and go back to their camp site. But of course, a bug crawls through Dan's straw and it causes him to choke. Luckily the rednecks didn't hear him choke. The next morning we see the three guys walking but they decide to take a rest. Dan notices that Tom is bleeding from the arm. Apparently a bullet just flew past Tom's arm but it was close enough to break the skin. Dan takes care of it since he is a doctor.

They then hear Dan's cell phone go off and they run to check it out. They run into the bear which chases them through the woods. The three guys get away from the bear though. We go back to Elwood and Dennis reloading their guns and stacking plenty of ammo because they want to find the guys before they go to town and tell the police that they grow marijuana fields.

Meanwhile, Tom climbs a tree and sees two pretty girls in a tree house pouring water on themselves. The guys run to the tree and call for the girls. There's a sign on the tree that says 'Earth Child'. These two girls are hippies that believe in spirituality in nature. Flower (Rachel Blanchard) and Butterfly (Christina Moore)

The girls welcome the guys into their home. They don't own any electronics except for a radio. If they need to go to the bathroom they go in paper bags and they save the bags. The girls tell the guys to get out of their dirty clothes. The guys strip down to their underwear. Dan offers to give Flower a foot massage. She lifts up her dress only to reveal her hairy legs, which is pretty gross. Jerry calls for help on the radio. Little do they know Dennis is on the other side of that radio. Jerry tells them that they are in a tree house.

We see Dennis and Elwood drive up the the tree house. Dennis starts to cut it down with a chainsaw. Flower and Butterfly start to throw the bags full of poop at the two rednecks. Tom finds a rope and climbs down it and ties it to a tree. Jerry swings down on it as does Dan who smashes into the tree. The guys then run for their lives.

That night they decide to sleep in a cave. Dan says that he has had enough and doesn't care for the treasure anymore. He just wants to go home. Just when things couldn't get any worse, it starts to downpour. The guys quickly become cold. Dan says that their best bet is it huddle together and use their body temperatures to keep themselves warm. The three cuddle together and lay down. Tom then says "This never leaves the cave." Jerry starts to talk about how hot Flower and Butterfly were. He gets a little 'excited' (I think you know what I mean by that, I'm not going into detail) and Dan and Tom jump up and say that they are never cuddling again.

They get up at continue walking. They come across Del Knox (Burt Reynolds) He puts them at gunpoint and tells them to get inside his cabin. Del lights a fire and gives them clothes to wear. Jerry notices that Del has Cooper's map on his wall. Del says that he was Cooper's assistant. Del explains that he and Cooper found a bunch of money. Cooper went to town with the money. The town wanted custody of that money but Cooper wouldn't let them so he jumped out of a plane with the money at a random location. He fell to his death and no one found his money or his body. Del went to search for Cooper's body but since it was winter and the ground was covered with snow, he didn't stand a chance. Del decided to live in a cabin for the rest of his life, on his own. He says it felt like the right thing to do at the moment.

Dan explains that they want to find that money tomorrow morning. Del says that he will give them directions. Everyone goes to bed. The next morning, Elwood and Dennis show up and start to shoot at the cabin. Del gives the guys directions to where he thinks Cooper's body is. The 3 guys run out of the cabin into the woods. After a while of walking, they come across the area, but they can't find the body. Suddenly the guys fall into a hole about 10 feet down and they find Cooper's body. He is nothing but bones. They search for the treasure but they can't find it. Jerry finds a scraps of burnt cash all around the body. Jerry says that he must have burnt the cash to stay alive. That's what the real treasure was, staying alive.

The 3 guys take out their most memorable items from when they were kids (the ones from the box that they made a promise to discard when they find Cooper's body) They leave their items on Cooper's body. Elwood and Denise show up. Dan finds a hidden tunnel that is only big enough to squeeze Dan through alone. Dan climbs through the tunnel and up to the surface. He takes a stick and bashes Elwood and Dennis in the head, which causes them to fall into the hole. The cop from the beginning of the movie shows up. The cop helps the boys out of the hole. However, the cop is actually friends with Elwood and Dennis. So the cop and the two rednecks take out their guns and go to shoot the three friends. Jerry notices that Elwood dropped a grenade on the ground so he picks it up and throws it at the bad guys. The grenade actually gets thrown by a tree causing it to fall down and knock out Elwood, Dennis and the cop.

We next see the guys leaving the police department with reporters and townspeople all around. We see Elwood, Dennis and the cop getting carried away in handcuffs. Del shows up and tells the guys that he wants to move and make a living for himself. He gives the friends a bag full of Cooper's parachute and tons of money. Apparently, Del got a good share of the cash Cooper found. Dan and Jerry decide to give Tom the money since Tom lives in a run down old house and has no job.

We then see Dan in bed with Flower. Dan has moved into the tree house with her. We next see Jerry who goes home to Denise and tells her that he is so sorry for never paying attention to her. He plays the answering machine recording to her. The recording is of Jerry telling Denise that he loves her and wants to marry her. Denise says yes.


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