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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by MovieFreak29.

The movie starts at an empty road at night where two cars rest. One just crashed near a tree and the other is right behind it. We see a young man in a 1940’s army jacket and uniform stand on the road. Out the car from behind, comes a young nurse who walks up to him. They have some sweet talk and then the guy asks: “Would you like to dance?” The young lady accepts and they begin to dance as “The End” appears on screen. We notice that the man in uniform is Tad Hamilton (Josh Duhamel). We meet best friends Rosalee (Kate Bosworth), Pete (Topher Grace), and Cathy (Ginnifer Goodwin) all in the theater watching the movie. They live in a small town in West Virginia. The two girls are crying but Pete is the only one you thinks it’s stupid. As the three are coming out the movie, Rosalee asks if Tad Hamilton is really like what he is on screen.

Then we cut to Tad driving really fast with a girl drinking and smoking. All is fun and games until he is caught by the police and is the front cover of a tabloid. We then see Tad with his agent Richard Levy (Nathan Lane) and his manager Richard Levy (Sean Hayes). Funny that they have the same name. In terms of this spoiler, I’ll call Nathan Lane’s Richard 1 and Sean Hayes’ Richard 2. Richard 1 explains that Tad is setting a bad image of himself. He tells Tad of a producer who is willing to cast Tad in his next movie but is still “holding his breath.” Richard 1 tells Tad he’ll need to clean up his image if he wants the role and still be seen as Hollywood’s heart throb. Then Tad asks what they have in mind. Richard 1 tells Tad to do a contest where he will go out on a date with one of his loyal fans. It’s a perfect way to show he isn’t the jerk the tabloids make him out to be.

We cut to a supermarket called “Piggly Wiggly.” This is where Rosalee and her friends work. We see her, Pete and Kathy sitting in the lounge. Pete is the manager of the store. Rosalee and Kathy are eating Pringles. Rosalee talks about how sour cream and onion is good to eat by handful and original are good to eat individually. Then Pete mentions if they try BBQ then it would change their way of life (I thought it was a funny random conversation). Rosalee goes on the computer and sees the contest for a date with Tad Hamilton. But to enter, she needs to make a $100 donation to the save the children foundation. So as they work, Rosalee and Kathy ask their customers for change. We cut to the local bar where the three hang out. Rosalee and Pete have a darts game going on and Rosalee and Pete try their best to get a bull’s eye. They talk about if Rosalee wins how Tad will act on the date. Pete tells Rosalee if a guy says he’s not into sports and loves animals, then all he does is to get in the girl’s pants (important later). This is where we meet the bartender Angelica (Kathryn Hahn) who has a thing for Pete and directly flirts with him which is funny. As the three friends are driving back to Rosalee’s house, there’s a swarm of camera crews on her lawn. Rosalee thinks there’s an accident, when actually it’s because she won the date with Tad Hamilton.

Rosalee, Pete, and Kathy are at the airport and Rosalee is about to leave for L.A. Pete gives her a can of original flavored Pringles knowing it’s her favorite and keeps telling her to protect her “treasure chest” or something to that extent. I forgot the actually term. When Rosalee arrives at L.A. she is taken to a first class hotel room. Tad is dressing up for the date with the two Richards in the room with him. Richard 1 tells him to always have a smile on his face for the cameras and to not drink or smoke around his date.

Rosalee is in front of her mirror wearing a blue dress. She’s practicing what to say when Tad comes. There’s a knock on the door and it’s Tad. Rosalee is speechless and flubs when she speaks which is a cute moment. Tad takes her to this fancy restaurant. As they are eating, Tad has a smile on his face. Rosalee asks if he gets tired smiling likes that. He tells her to try it and she smiles (very cute). During the meal, Rosalee mentions that Tad has his priorities straight and wishes she could have the same (important later). After dinner, Tad takes her back to his place. Rosalee asks him what he likes to do and Tad says he not a big sports fan and he’s into animals. Rosalee remembered what Pete said and when Tad invites her to stay longer, she declines and Tad takes her back to the hotel.

When Rosalee goes back to West Virginia, Pete thinks everything is back to normal. See, Pete plans to move to Richmond to attend Virginia State but wants to tell Rosalee something before he decides. He gets Rosalee alone and just as he is about to tell her the important thing, Tad walks in. Rosalee is surprised Tad is at the store.

Tad was thinking about what Rosalee said about his priorities and tells her he has none yet. He asks her to lunch and she accepts, despite Pete’s objection. When Rosalee comes back to the store, the whole store claps as she enters. The only not clapping is Pete. Later that night, Tad takes Rosalee out to the movies. There they watch Tad’s western. Afterward, Rosalee suggests they go to this place which over looks the river or something. When they get there, Tad kisses Rosalee and they start making out. The cops come but when they notice it’s Tad and Rosalee, they don’t do anything. The cop tells Rosalee that someone called in saying there was a disturbance where Rosalee was and that they should check it out. When Rosalee asks who would call something in like that, we see a rusty old car drive away making loud sounds. The car is obviously Pete’s. The next day, Rosalee is back at work and is angry at Pete for calling the cops. Pete defends his action. Tad comes running in the store and tells Rosalee that he bought a farm. He asks Rosalee if she wants to come and then Pete says: “I want to come.”

So Rosalee, Pete, and Kathy drive to Tad’s new ranch. Pete complains that Tad isn’t a real farmer and he wouldn’t know how to do farm work. So when Pete challenges Tad at milking a cow or cutting wood, Tad is the better one since he’s done this sort of thing in his movies. We cut back to the bar and Tad is with Rosalee talking with several people. Pete is throwing darts trying to ignore them. He gets a bull’s eye and yells at Rosalee to see. But when he turns, Rosalee is kissing Tad. Tad gets up and walks to the bathroom. Pete follows. Inside, Pete opens the stall and Tad is trying to go number 2. Pete explains how Tad shouldn’t be with Rosalee and asks him if he knows the small details about her. Tad is clueless and Pete mentions her necklace she always wears and how she has six smiles (I forgot the types but I now the last one is the smile when she is with her friends. This becomes very important later). Tad and Rosalee are in his motel room making out. The two Richards come in and tell Tad he got the role he was waiting for. Tad hugs Rosalee but she looks sad. She knows that means he’ll be going back to L.A. Tad asks her to come. The two Richards leave the room to give them a moment but listen from the door. Tad tells Rosalee that he loves her. Rosalee tells Tad that he only loves her values and not her. Then she asks him if he knows any little details about her. Tad tells her that she has six smiles (stealing what Pete told him!). Rosalee is touched by his sweetness and decides to go with him.

We see Pete at the bar drinking looking miserable. Angelica tells him that she knows he has a thing for Rosalee and tells him that there is big love and great love saying that big love last about a year, but great love is forever. She asks Pete what kind of love he has for Rosalee. Pete says something that makes Angelica know it’s great love. She tells him to go to her tell her how he feels. We cut to Rosalee’s room and she’s packing for L.A. Pete comes in and tells her how he feels. He then kisses her on the lips and Rosalee is shocked that he waited until now to tell her all this. She tells him he’s too late and Pete leaves heart broken. Outside, Pete has a conversation with Rosalee’s dad (who is wearing a Project Greenlight shirt which is probably an inside joke). The dad tells Pete how he met his wife and how sometimes the smaller person losers to the bigger person but they never give up.

Rosalee is on the plane with Tad. She seems nervous. Tad sits next to her and they talk for a bit. Rosalee asks Tad what number smile she is doing right know. Tad doesn’t remember and makes one up. Then Tad admits he got the whole six smiles from Pete. Rosalee tells Tad that he’s a nice guy but can’t go with him to L.A. Tad understands and lets Rosalee go back to West Virginia. It’s raining hard as Rosalee runs to the store. He asks Kathy where Pete was and Kathy tells her he didn’t come into work today. Then Rosalee goes to his apartment where Angelica answers it. Angelica tells her she’s helping Pete pack up and that Pete is already driving to Richmond. Rosalee runs out to her car and tries to look for him.

Pete is driving and every radio station he turns to, it’s about losing your love or relationships. Just then, a car comes right behind him beeping and flashing its lights. Pete tells the car to pass him. As the car comes up next to him, we notice it’s Rosalee. She tries to get Pete’s attention. Pete turns and notices who it is. By this time, Pete loses control and crashes his car into a tree. This scene is exactly like the opening scene of Tad’s movie in the beginning of this movie which is pretty slick on the writer’s part. Rosalee gets out her car as her and Pete meet. Rosalee tells Pete that he has five smiles. The last smile being when Pete is with her. Pete thinks for a moment and just like in Tad’s movie, uses one of his lines and asks Rosalee if she wants to dance. Rosalee accepts the offer and they kiss.


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