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Paul Bettany plays a journeyman English tennis player and Kirsten Dunst plays a spunky up and coming U.S. tennis player.

The movie begins with Paul visiting his family prior to the start of the tournament. As it turns out, his mom had a small fling with someone so that the dad would show more interest in her. Instead, he moved into the tree house in the backyard. Paul also has a brother that loves to gamble and where possible, make money off of his brother.

Paul travels to Wimbledon and goes to the hotel he booked at. The front desk is very busy and gives him the key to a suite on the top floor. He is confused but takes it. When he walks in, he sees Kirsten in the shower. She tells him that it is his room and he is captivated with her body. He leaves and gets the correct small room.

We then see him practicing on the courts and Kirsten comes up and reintroduces herself. This is where they start serving balls at cans and he promises her dinner if she hits a can (she does). Then she says she will sleep with him if he hits one, and he hits a guy standing nearby.

Kirsten leaves with her coach/father.

Paul then plays his first round of tennis against a young teen. He keeps thinking that he will lose and just wants a good showing. We also see his brother go and bet against him. He wins the first match.

After, he gets a voicemessage from Kirsten asking him about dinner. He goes to her room and they fool around, etc.

Overall, their relationship keeps building throughout the tournament. He is losing the second round until he sees her cheering for him and he makes a comeback. He also destroys his friend in the 3rd round. The next match is the quarterfinals against a very popular Englishman. He is losing until his opponent injures his ankle but continues. The old Paul would not have taken advantage of the injury but he is a new man and goes on to win the match.

Meanwhile, Kirsten's dad tells Paul to stay away and Kirsten agrees. However, Paul doesn't. The next day, Paul wins his semifinal and Kirsten loses hers. She blames him and decides to leave for the US even though before they had talked about being together.

Paul has to face the cocky American that is one of the hottest players on tour (in terms of game). In a pre-match interview, Paul speaks from the heart about Kirsten. She sees it at the airport and goes to the tourney.  During the match, Paul is getting killed. He is down 2 sets and a break but then it rains. Kirsten is in his locker room and gives him a pep talk.

He goes out and turns it around. He wins the match, retires.

We then see him with Kirsten in the future playing tennis with their kids.

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