Bruce Willis plays JIMMY "The Tulip" TUDESKI, a professional hit man, hiding out in Canada. He moves next door to Mathew Perry (OZ), and his wife SOPHIE. Sophie just sits around the house with her mother, both wishing OZ were dead so they can collect the insurance money.

When she finds out that "The Tulip" is a hit man, she convinces Oz to go to Chicago to let JANNI GOGOLAK, the mob boss, know where "The Tulip" is hiding out, hoping there must be a "finders fee".

Oz goes to Chicago, meets up with Janni's assistant, FRANKIE (Michael Clarke Duncan, the big guy from Green Mile) and together they meet Janni and Willis' wife CYNTHIA (Natashia Henstridge).

Later that night, Natashia meets up with Oz in his hotel. She explains to him that as a wedding present to her, Yanni's father set up an account for her and "The Tulip" for 10 million dollars. He put it in 3 names; Willis' Nastashia and Janni. It was just a clever way for him to hide money because to retrieve it, 2 of the three people must be dead.

Now everybody wants everyone else dead.

Janni wants to kill "The Tulip" and OZ
Sophie and her mom want to kill OZ
"The Tulip" wants to kill Janni and OZ (for turning him in)
Oz's dental assistant, JILL, played by Amanda Peet, turns out to be a hit-man want-to-be, and idolizes "The Tulip". She was hired by Sophie to kill OZ.
(Not looking to good right now for OZ, is it)

The whole Chicago gang fly back to Canada to plan their hit on "The Tulip". Oz goes to his house and apologies to "The Tulip" explaining what he has done, hoping "The Tulip" can think of a way out. Just then, Frankie appears.

Turns out that Frankie actually works for "The Tulip".

When the whole gang shows up at "The Tulip's" house, late one night, Willis is waiting for them. To distract them, JILL, comes out of the bedroom naked. With their attention distracted, Willis appears and kills Janni, and his henchmen.

Another hit man is discovered. It seems that Sophie, actually hired 2 people to kill OZ. As the 2nd hitman is wandering around in the bushes, Jill appears at the window (still naked) to distract him. "The Tulip" appears and guns him down.

As Frankie says… "there ain't nothing finer than a naked woman with a gun".

Suddenly, OZ has a plan….

They take the 2nd hitman, re-cap his teeth to match "The Tulip"' and set him and Janni in a car and then torch the car. The police find the car and by the "dental records" decide that "The Tulip" and Janni are dead.

Frankie tells Willis that he must now kill OZ because he knows way too much.
Willis points the gun at OZ, then suddenly turns and kills Frankie.

Now that Janni and "The Tulip" are "dead", Natashia can claim her 10 million and splits it with Willis.

Oz declares his love to Natashia and proposes to her.
"The Tulip" stays with Jill and gives his ex-wife and Oz, a million dollars as a wedding present..
Sophie is arrested for plotting to kill her husband.

The movie ends with Mathew Perry dancing with Natashia Henstridge at their wedding reception.