"While babysitting, a high school student is terrorized by a stranger who calls her, asking "have you checked the children lately?" The police eventually notify her the calls are coming from inside the house."

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NOTE: This Spoiler was sent in by HorrorFreak889.

The movie opens with an overview of a neighborhood. We see that a carnival is in the middle of the neighborhood, so tons of people are there. The credits start to come on and we hear the voice of a teenage girl, who is babysitting. She keeps getting calls from a stranger and she becomes fed up. The camera focuses on one of the houses in the neighborhood, and we see the teenage girl standing in front of the top story window. Suddenly, we see the girl get pulled away from the window, as she screams. No one hears the screams, because the carnival is too loud.

The next morning we see cops all over the neighborhood. A detective shows up to the house and asks what happened. The officer says that the body of a babysitter and the bodies of two young children have been found. No weapon was used to commit the murders. We then see body bags being carried out of the house. We see numerous bags with blood leaking out, indicating the children's body parts have ripped apart.

Cut to a small town in Colorado. Jill Johnson (Camilla Belle) is a high school student. We see Jill running around the perimeter of the gym indicating Jill is a track star. As Jill is running, she looks over and sees her boyfriend Bobby. She quickly looks away and she completes her run. Her coach tells her that Jill should concentrate and focus more. We can tell something is up with Jill and her boyfriend.

Jill heads to art class and meets up with her friend Scarlet. Here we find out that Bobby was kissing another girl, and Jill caught him. The other girl turns out to be Tiffany; Jill's best friend. Scarlet asks Jill if she is going to the huge bonfire school trip tonight. Jill responds and says that she won't be able to make it because she is grounded for a month. Jill is grounded because she ran 800 minutes over her cell phone bill. Her parents refuse to pay for the high bill, so Jill's parents are making her babysit until she gets enough cash to pay for the bill. Tiffany comes walking into the class and walks up to Jill. Jill turns her head in disgust. After class, Jill walks to her locker and takes out her cell phone. Jill tries to make a call, but the call cannot go through due to no minutes. Bobby walks up to Jill and tries to talk to her. Jill yells at him that she isn’t in the mood to deal with him. She also adds that Jill wasted all those phone minutes on Bobby, only to find out that Bobby was cheating on Jill. Jill walks out of the school and the screen fades out.

We go to Jill in the car with her dad. Her dad is dropping Jill off at the house she will be working at. The Mandrakis family lives in the house. The father is a doctor, so the family is loaded. Jill tells her dad that she could have at least driven herself. Her dad replies that he doesn't want Jill driving this far out at night, so Dr. Mandrakis will drive Jill back home. The car pulls up to the house, which is located in the middle of nowhere. The house is beautiful and large. Large windows and trees surround the house. "Wow...Should have been a doctor", Jill's dad says. Jill gets out of the car and kisses her dad goodbye. He adds that if Jill needs anything he can call her.

Jill goes inside and meets up with Dr. Mandrakis and his lovely wife. "We were so thrilled to find a babysitter at the last minute", Mrs. Mandrakis says. Mrs. Mandrakis shows Jill around. In the middle of the house is an atrium, or bird sanctuary. We see there is a large pond in the middle filled with hundreds of fish. Birds fly around and everything is peaceful. Mrs. Mandrakis says that there is a housekeeper named Rosa, who lives on the third floor. Mrs. Mandrakis says that there is a guesthouse, where her son Todd stays when he returns from college. Lastly, Mrs. Mandrakis adds that the two young children are upstairs sleeping in their room. They are just getting over the flu, so Jill doesn't have to disturb the kids at all. As the parents head out the door, Jill is left an emergency number list, along with the password for the alarm. The door closes and Jill has the place to herself until midnight.

Its around 6 PM and the sky is getting dark. We see Jill staring outside one of the windows, she’s bored. Jill explores some of the house. She comes across the parents bedroom. Jill walks into the master bath and looks through the jewelry box. Jill tries on a necklace and a few rings. She then goes over to the closet and looks at some dresses. Jill hears a noise, and quickly puts everything back. She walks over, sits down on the couch and takes out a textbook. The noise continues and Jill calls out to see if anyone is there. The noise repeats, so Jill gets up and checks it out. She walks over to the atrium and sees Rosa cleaning the pond. Jill waves, and returns back to the couch. A few moments pass and the phone rings. Jill picks it up, and hears breathing. The phone cuts out, and Jill hangs up. She sits back down on the couch, and stares at the phone.

Later on, Jill is talking to Scarlet on the phone, who is at the bonfire. Scarlet says that Bobby wants the number to the Mandrakis house so he can call Jill. Jill hesitates at first, but then decides to give Scarlet the number. Jill says goodbye and hangs up. No more then 5 seconds later, the phone rings. Jill picks it up, and hears heavy breathing. "Mandrakis residence, who are you looking for?" The breathing continues and the phone cuts out. Now a little freaked out, Jill hangs up the phone. Jill then hits Star 69, but it doesn't go through. Later on that night, Jill is looking through her text book. She soon looses interest and takes a stroll around the house. Jill hears a noise, a somewhat of a creaking sound. She walks over and looks up the stairs. She sees a shadow in the shape of a human, but it turns out to be a statue of a human in an art-like pose.

Jill walks back to the living room and Tiffany is standing right there. Jill asks what Tiffany is doing there, and Tiffany replies that she needs to talk to Jill. "How did you get in here?", Jill asks. "The garage door was open", Tiffany replies. Tiffany walks into the kitchen and opens up the refrigerator. She says that Jill needs to relax about Bobby. The only reason why Tiffany kissed Bobby, was because she had a crush on him since 9th grade. Bobby broke up with Tiffany the moment he met Jill. Tiffany claims that she never got the kiss she wanted from Bobby back then, so she thought a little kiss now wouldn't hurt. Jill then forgives Tiffany. Tiffany tells Jill that she should come to the bonfire for a couple of hours, but Jill says it would be a stupid idea to just leave. Tiffany adds that she was only kidding. Tiffany walks out the front door, and Jill resets the alarm, just to be safe.

Cut to Tiffany walking to her car. She hears some footsteps from behind her, so she makes a run to her car. At first, the car won't start up, but eventually Tiffany gets it working. As she pulls out of the driveway, there is a large branch blocking the exit. Tiffany gets out of her car to move it, but she turns around and screams. The screen fades out.

We go back inside to Jill who is sitting on the couch. The phone rings and Jill answers it. "Hello?", Jill says. A voice of a teenage boy says something and Jill gets fed up. The phone then cuts out. Jill walks around the house in search of Rosa but Rosa is nowhere to be found. The phone rings again, and Jill is getting fed up. She picks it up, and its Bobby. They start to talk but the connection is poor. "Bobby, have you been calling me?", Jill asks. Bobby replies that this is the first time he is calling. Jill says that she has been getting a few weird phone calls lately. Bobby says that it was his friend Cody who called last and Cody wont do it again.

Later on that night, the phone rings. Jill looks at the caller ID and Tiffany’s name is on it. "Tiffany I know its you!" A few seconds of silence pass and the deep voice says "This isn't Tiffany...". Jill then asks if it's Cody, and the deep voice says "Whose Cody?" The phone then cuts out. Jill is now officially spooked. She goes into the kitchen and looks at the emergency number list. She calls Mrs. Mandrakis, but only get her voicemail. Jill then calls the restaurant where the Mandrakis' went, but the person says the Mandrakis' left about 40 minutes ago. Jill then calls the operator, and tells them to connect her to the police. A police officer answers by the name of Officer Burroughs. Jill says that she has been getting strange phone calls that only last about 10-15 seconds long. The officer says that if the caller hasn't been using threats and bad language, then nothing can be done. Officer Burroughs says that if he calls back and makes a threat, Jill can then call the police and action will be taken. Jill thanks the officer, and hangs up. Jill goes back to the list of numbers and calls Rosa's cell phone. Jill hears ringing coming from inside the house somewhere, indicating Rosa's phone is nearby. After several minutes of searching, Jill finds the phone in the laundry room.

Jill walks back into the living room and the phone rings. She picks it up and heavy breathing is heard once again. The deep voice then says "Have you checked the children!". Jill panics and hangs up the phone. Jill walks up the stairs and goes over to the children's room. She creaks open the door and finds the two kids sleeping safe and sound. She closes the door and heads back to the living room. The phone rings and Jill answers it. "How were the children!", the deep voice says. Jill drops the phone and freezes in shock. Jill runs through out the house and closes the curtains.

Jill calls back Officer Burroughs and tells him that the stranger called back and asked her to check the kids upstairs. Jill also says that the stranger can probably see her threw the window. Officer Burroughs says that if the stranger calls back, Jill should keep him on for 60 seconds. That way, Officer Burroughs will see that the call has lasted 60 seconds through his computer, and he will be able to trace the call. Jill agrees to the plan. Officer Burroughs says that he will have a car sent over to the house in 20 minutes regardless if the stranger calls back or not. Jill then hangs up. Moments later the phone rings and Jill picks it up. She sets her watch for 60 seconds and tries to get the stranger to talk. Nothing but heavy breathing lasts. The calls finally ends and Jill looks at her watch and sees that the call only lasted for 50 seconds. Jill goes over to the window and peeks threw the curtain. She sees that a light is on in the guesthouse. She runs back to the kitchen and finds the number to the phone in the guesthouse. Jill dials the number and stands by the window, once again peeking through the curtains. We then see a man walk passed the guesthouse window. Jill thinks the man must either be the stranger, or Todd.

Jill finds a candle stick to use as a weapon. She then grabs a flashlight and heads outside. She runs through the woods through a path leading to the guesthouse. She walks up the porch steps and opens the door. She calls out for Todd's name, but she only hears noises. The guesthouse phone rings and Jill answers it. She sets her watch and is finally able to get the stranger on the phone for 60 seconds. Jill hangs up the phone and gets ready to run back to the house. She then stops and thinks that the last call the stranger made was through the guesthouse phone, not the main house phone. Jill goes over to the guesthouse windows and looks back at the main house. She sees a light is on upstairs. Jill thinks its Rosa, so she leaves the guesthouse and runs through the woods.

As Jill is running through the pathway to the main house, she runs into some branches and drops her flashlight. Jill makes it back into the house. She walks into the parents bedroom and the phone rings and Jill answers it "Why are you doing this to me!?", Jill screams out. The sound of a running shower is now heard. "What do you want!?", Jill screams out. The deep voice replies "Your blood...all over mine". Jill throws the phone and walks into the bathroom.

The phone rings again and Jill answers "Stop calling me you sick..." The voice of Officer Burroughs comes on and says "Jill...listen to me! we traced the call...its coming from inside the house do you hear me! get out of there now!" In a state of shock, Jill freezes. A ringing phone is then heard and Jill turns around and sees Tiffany’s dead body with her cell phone ringing. Jill quietly makes a run for it to the children's room. She opens the door and finds the children missing from their beds. Jill walks into the closet and finds a large toy chest with the children inside crying. Jill gets the children, and as she is leaving the room, she sees the Stranger hiding up in the ceiling. The three run out of the room. Jill ties the door up with some wire.

Jill and the two kids run into the Atrium. The stranger kicks the door open and goes over to the glass windows of the atrium. Jill has no idea where the stranger is. She turns around and the stranger is standing directly behind her on the other side of the glass. Jill screams and presses a button so mist comes from the ceiling and fogs up the glass windows of the atrium. Jill has the two kids hide in some bushes, while she hides in the large pond, under the bridge.

Several tense minutes pass as the stranger makes his way into the atrium and searches for the three. Jill whispers to the kids to leave the atrium. Things soon get silent and the stranger walks onto the bridge, directly above Jill. He bends down and sticks his hands in the water and Jill starts to squirm around underwater. While underwater, Jill finds Rosa's dead body. The stranger gets a hold of Jill, but she kicks the bridge over and climbs out of the pond. The most suspenseful part in the movie finally comes as Jill makes a run for the door as the stranger is chasing her. She slams the door and traps the stranger inside of the atrium. However, Jill's hair is stuck in the door. Jill eventually breaks free as a chunk of her hair is ripped out.

The stranger starts to slam on the glass windows of the atrium. Jill feels safe knowing the stranger is trapped. Jill searches around for the two kids but can't find them She walks into the living room and finds the birds from the atrium flying all over the place. Jill finds the two kids hiding in the fireplace. The three make a run for the front door. The two kids make it outside, but the stranger pops out and grabs Jill. She runs into the living room and the stranger tackles her. He climbs on top of her and starts to strangle her. Jill picks up a fireplace poker and whacks the stranger in the head with it. She then stabs him in the hand, pinning him down to the floor. Jill stands up and makes a run to the front door. As she swings open the front door she runs into Officer Burroughs. He hugs her and the screen fades out.

We cut to Jill sitting in the ambulance. Officer Burroughs comes over and says that the stranger has killed at least 15 people. His identity is unknown though. The stranger is arrested and put in the back of the police car. The police car slowly drives by Jill and the face of the stranger is revealed. The screen pauses for a few seconds as we are left to stare at the creepy stranger. The look on his face is pure evil and terrifying.

Cut to the hospital. We see Jill waking up in the hospital bed. She calls for a nurse but gets no answer. She climbs out of bed and walks into the hospital hallway only to find the place completely deserted. She hears a phone ring from inside the hospital room. Jill walks back into the room and closes the door. As she closes the door, we see there is a mirror on the back of the door with a reflection of the stranger standing directly behind Jill. Jill wakes up in a hospital bed screaming only to find out the passed 2 minutes were only a dream. Jill's parents, some nurses and doctors come rushing into the room to calm Jill down. The camera zooms out of the hospital and fades out.

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A high school student named Jill is babysitting for a rich couple who live in a house far out by a lake. She spends the whole evening receiving strange phone calls, most of which are just heavy breathing, and only one call that asks if she has checked the children (which, she does, promptly after receiving the call, and they are fine). She investigates and finds a body (her best friend), and then is called by the police (who she contacted earlier about the "prank" calls), who tell her the calls were traced to inside the house. She gets the children (who are still alive), and is then chased around the house by the psycho who is trying to kill them. She is able to fight him off until the police arrive, and they catch him and take him away. The kids are safe and reunited with their parents, and the babysitter lives. Jill's best friend and the housekeeper, Rosa, are the only casualties (besides the family that is killed in the first 5 minutes).

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