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The movie begins with Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfieffer dropping their daughter off at college. They are now alone in a beautiful lakefront home that once belonged to Ford's father. Ford is a famous scientist that is spending all his time at the college where he resides. It is there that we see a quick glimpse of a drug that paralyzes your body but you remain awake, (gee, I wonder if that will come into play later...) Pfieffer now spends most of her time alone in the big house, spying on her neighbor that she thinks murdered his wife, kind of like in REAR WINDOW.

Pfieffer starts hearing whispers in the house and doors keep opening and a certain picture keeps falling. This slowly progresses to actually seeing a vision of a twenty something girl in the bathtub water or in the mirror. One night her computer comes on and keeps typing the initials MEF over and over. These are the same initials as the neighbor's wife. She tells Harrison but he thinks she's nuts and sends her to a shrink. She is convinced that a ghost is trying to contact her and thinks the ghost is the neighbor. She and her friend buy a Ouija board and try to contact the ghost but have no luck. A few days later at a gathering, she confronts the neighbor and accuses him of killing his wife when suddenly, the wife appears.

Back at home now feeling real crazy, the picture falls again. This time, as she's putting the newspaper photo back in the frame she reads the article on the back that talks about a missing girl. She investigates and discovers that this girl has the initials MEF. She also finds a key in a heat vent while picking up some broken glass. She tries the key in a few places but it doesn't open anything. Pfieffer's friend as a joke buys her a book about witches and ghosts. Michelle goes to the missing girl's house, talks to her mom and takes home a piece of the girls hair her mom had hanging. Michelle uses the hair in a spell of some sort she got from the book and the ghost of the girl enters Michelle's body. She seduces Harrison () but while she's on top of him, she sees a vision in the mirror of Pfieffer walking in on them. She then tells Harrison that they have to do something about his wife (all the while, still holding the piece of hair). Ford throws her off him and when she falls on the ground, she drops the hair and the ghost leaves her body. She now puts two and two together and remembers walking in on Harrison and a student a year earlier. Pfieffer had an terrible auto accident a year earlier and had forgotten or blocked out a lot of that period.

Harrison confesses to her that he did indeed have an affair with a student but she pulled a fatal attraction on him when he tried to stop the relationship.

Michelle is furious and one night, grabs the piece of hair again and with the ghost inside her, jumps off their dock and when she hits the bottom of the lake, we see a quick sight of a jewelry box. Harrison pulls her out before she does anything with the box. One day at an antique store, MIchelle sees a jewelry box with the same key as the one she found earlier. The box looks just like the one at the bottom of the lake.

That night she jumps into the lake and retrieves the box. She brings it inside the house and opens it. Inside the box is a necklace that belonged to the girl. She now figures that to stop the "Fatal Attraction," Harrison must have killed her. When she confronts him, he tells her that the girl came to the house and killed herself. He claims he had nothing to do with her suicide but in a panic, he put her body in her car and drove it into the river.

Michelle tells Harrison that he must tell the police so he does and then goes upstairs to clean up before they arrive. Michelle hits the redial button and discovers that Harrison did not call the police. Suddenly, Harrison comes from behind and forces her to breathe in the chemical that will paralyze her. After she collapses, he brings her up to the bathtub and slowly begins filling it. He tells her that he really did kill the student, in fact, he drowned her just like he's going to do to Pfieffer. As the water is just about to reach Michelle's face, Harrison notices the student's necklace that Michelle had put on and has a sudden image of the dead student. This shock forces Harrison to jump back but in doing so, he slips on the wet floor, hitting his head on the sink and mirror, knocking him out and cutting him badly.

The drug slowly starts to lose its effect and Michelle is able to pull the drain plug with her toe. When she finally gets out of the tub, Harrison is gone. She goes downstairs and finds Harrison laying in the middle of the room, unconscious and laying on the phone. She doesn't want to wake him so she grabs the cell phone but the service is only available once they cross a bridge.

She leaves the house, shuts the front door and hops into Harrison's truck with a boat attached and drives off but notices in the mirror that the front door is now open. She gets to the middle of the bridge, calls 911 and suddenly, Harrison bursts through the back window. Pfieffer then steps on the gas, the car drives off the road, into the water. As the two are struggling with each other, the mast of the boat falls off, hitting and breaking open a sunken car below.

Can you guess who is in the sunken car? That's right, up floats the body of the student and when Harrison sees her, he freaks out and the body comes to life and holds Harrison back so Michelle can get out and swim to the surface. Harrison's foot is stuck so he can't get out and he drowns. The dead girls body floats away and Michelle surfaces as the police are driving up.

The final scene shows MIchelle Pfieffer laying a rose on the students grave.

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Harrison Ford
Michelle Pfieffer will soon find out that he killed his mistress and plans to kill her also.
Michelle Pfieffer:
With the ghost of Harrison's dead mistress inside her, she seduces Harrison.
Michelle Pfieffer:
She does a lot of investigating to figure out who the missing girl was.
What a great musical score!
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