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The movie starts out with Dr. Dre working at Foot Locker. Snoop Dogg comes in and switches some new shoes for his slippers. Dre gets the blame and gets fired. The next scene is Dre and Snoop picking up two hot girls. They go back to drink, smoke and dance with loud music. The manager calls the police to make them stop the music but Snoop slams the door on their face and puts the music even louder.

The next morning Dre goes out to find a job in the wash, he can't drive his car and Snoop's either so he waits for the bus. When the bus comes he sits down right next to this big fat woman. When he finally makes it to the wash his face was stuck in the window. We start seeing the workers of the car wash (two of them stealing money off people). Dre goes in to see George Wallace for the job, We see George Wallace answers the phone and its Eminem screaming that he going to kill him. He ignores the phone call, hangs up and lets Dre in. They talk for a while and looks like Dre got the job for assistant manager. Snoop comes in late talking to the workers and then to Wallace about how responsible Dre is. Dre gets the job and everyone starts working. It seems that a girl found out that she was robbed but the worker didn't admit it and she left.

Later on this one girl wanted to have sex with Snoop right that second, they went to the bathroom and in the meantime George Wallace found a camera recording Snoop stealing materials and shows Dre and sends him to talk to him. Dre goes to the bathroom and starts to hear Snoop and the girl have sex. As soon as they were done Snoop got in a big fight with Dre. Later that day another worker got in a big fight with a customer (that happens to be ludacris), Dre tries to solve the problem by giving a coupon to him but he says that he needs 5 coupons, Dre doesn't give him anything and he leaves.

It's night and Dre is trying to sleep so he can get early to work but Snoop and the two girls don't want to listen to him. The next day the girl that got robbed brought her brother (Shaq) and knocked him out. Later the police come and talk about Eminem to Wallace but he says he will be fine he answers the phone and its Eminem saying that he shouldn't have fired him and he's going to kill him and hangs up, Wallace keeps ignoring it and says everything will be fine. Later on Snoop and some workers start talking about a better car wash and Snoop starts dreaming of the perfect car wash but then wakes up and leaves and everybody else keeps working.

A car comes in low riding and playing music really high, Dre tells the two guys in the car to leave but they were packing guns. Dre went to tell Wallace and he scared them away. This other car comes and a hot girl that Dre can't get hs eyes off comes in and left her key inside the car, Dre helps her and opens the car and starts talking to her, he says he doesn't work in the wash, his car is just getting fixed, soon they plan a date. The next scene is Snoop getting arrested by Dre and saying that he can do anything he wants. Snoop wakes up and starts listening to music to bother Dre in his date in the other room and as soon as Dre was about to have sex with her the two girls comes in and ruin the whole thing and say that he works in the wash, she leaves and Snoop leaves with the two girls.

The next morning they can't find Wallace and find out he got kidnapped. Snoop talks to the kidnappers and it's the two guys with the guns messing up the whole ransom call (they even got their number in caller i.d.). Snoop makes a plan to rescue Wallace while Dre stays with the other kidnapper.

While the other kidnaper goes to the wash. D.J. Pooh (The kidnapper that stays in the house) tries to keep Wallace from babling out. Snoop goes in front of the house and make the two girls distract him while he gets Wallace. One of the girls is outside talking to Pooh while Snoop goes inside and frees Wallace. Pooh goes back in the house to check on the other girl. Snoop comes behind him and knocks him out with a gun and they go back to the wash. In the meantime Dre is holding the other kidnapper waiting for the money.

Dre sees them come in and tells him the money is coming really soon but then sees a guy in a mask (Eminem) stopping the car with a rifle. Dre runs to stop him but the kidnapper starts to chase him and gets into a gunfight with Eminem until the kidnapper gets shot in the arm. Dre tries to get the rifle from Eminem but gets thrown down and finds out that Eminem was the old asst. manager and is about to kill Dre but Snoop gets in the way and tries to talk to Eminem until Eminem gets arrested and Dre and Snoop walk away.


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