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NOTE: This shorter than normal spoiler was sent in by Spectre. He usually sends even shorter versions over to my other site, but since this one is longer...and I needed a you go! Thanks Spectre!

On a mission with his partner Crawford (Jason Statham), Tom Lone (Terry Chen) shoots and supposedly kills elusive assassin "Rogue". A few weeks later Tom and his family are murdered in their home. Crawford swears revenge on Rogue.

Three years later, he gets his chance when Rogue seemingly resurfaces, working for Triad mobster Chang (John Lone) to recover some family heir looms stolen by Yakuza boss Shiro (Ryo Ishibashi) and his homicidal daughter Kira (Devon Aoki). However Rogue seems to subtly increase tensions between the Triads and the Yakuza.

Many shootouts occur between the two clans, one in which Detective Wick (Matthew St. Patrick) is killed by a Yakuza to save Crawford. Crawford kills the man shortly thereafter.

We found that Rogue is actually working for Shiro to kill Chang. Shiro also wants Chang wife and child killed as well.

The hit goes down with a disgruntled Traid wounding Chang unexpectedly and Rogue finishing him off. It seems Rogue has killed the wife and child, but he then kills the Yakuza with him. He goes back to the house and brings out Chang's wife and daughter and lets them leave safely.

Rogue goes to Shiro for payment and is in the process for being killed for his betrayal (they bribed the cops for the stakeout photos) when Rogue gets the upper hand. Rogue and Shiro fight. Rogue reveals he is actually Tom Lone. The assassin killed his wife and daughter, but Tom got the upper hand and killed him. Tom then proceeded to become him to find out who order the hit. With his dying breath Shiro tells him that Crawford was the one who set him up to die. Angered, Rogue/Tom breaks Shiro neck then takes his head.

He sends Chang's wife the heir looms with the message "Make a new life." The same message he sends to Kira, in a box with her father's head.

Crawford confronts Rogue and finds out his true identity. Crawford reveals he is corrupt and worked for Shiro. Shiro told him that Tom would be only be beaten and not killed for wounding the real "Rogue." Tom, disgusted with his former friend treachery and stupidity tells him "Tom is dead, I am now Rogue." Meanwhile Goi (Sung Kang) has a shot to take him down but Crawford sees this and shields him. Rogue/Tom fires a shot anyway apparently killing Crawford, but that conclusion is ambiguous.

The last thing we see is Tom, now forever the assassin Rogue, driving off, apparently leaving San Francisco forever.

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