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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Eileen.

Side note:  The Pixar short for this film features a magician and a Rabbit named Alec.  Alec the Rabbit was hungry and attempting to reach a carrot just outside of his cage when his owner, the magician, came in from his own dinner.  The magician removes to magical hats, a top hat and one that looks like Mickey's hat from the sorcerer's apprentice.  They are connected, so that any time the magician reaches through the top hat, he can touch and pull through whatever is wearing or just outside the Mickey hat.  He practices pulling Alec through the hat, all while Alec struggles to get to the carrot, and is about to feed Alec when he realizes they're late to get on stage.  The magician then runs Alec to the stage, whose mouth is still open in anticipation of the carrot.  He leaves the rabbit and the sorcerer hat just off stage so that he can pull the rabbit from the hat when he's on stage.  When Alec realizes he's not going to be fed, he gets very indignant.  He refuses to comply with the act, and avoids getting pulled out of the hat.  At the same time, the Magician keeps getting madder and madder, trying to punish the rabbit by making his carrot disappear, and Alec gets alternately indignant and then scared and starts doing things to keep the magician from reaching him.  The magician, when reaching through the hat trying to get to Alec, gets beat up in all sorts of different ways as he is electrocuted, smacked with a ladder, dragged up into the rafters of the stage, pulls mousetraps through the hat, loses his pants, and all sorts of other things.  The audience, who can only see the magician and the top hat, absolutely loves it, and as the magician realizes how popular the act is he gets over his rage at Alec and eventually makes the carrot reappear.

The short ends with Alec eating his carrot while the magician basks in applause.

On to WALL-E

Wall-E opens with a view of destroyed Earth, filled with garbage.  Trash has been cubed up and made into skyscrapers of trash that tower over the actual abandoned buildings.  Through several big screen televisions still broadcasting and some billboards, we learn that a megastore called Buy'n Large basically controlled the world, and humans became such mass-consumers that they produced so much trash that it choked the Earth and humanity was sent on what was supposed to be a five-year cruise aboard the luxurious Buy'nLarge spaceship the Axiom while robots, the Waste Allocating Load Lifter, Earth Class (Wall-E) cleans up the mess, and in five years earth is supposed to be habitable again. 

But then we get a view of our hero, Wall-E, the last of his class of robots left.  Wall-E is still hard at work compressing garbage and stacking it into impressive skyscraper buildings, but at the same time Wall-E seems to have developed quite a personality.  Most noticeably, he appears to be playing music from Hello Dolly.  He collects various pieces of trash he finds interesting and stores it in his cooler for later (almost all the trash is composed of either old Pixar items or Buy'nLarge brand products).  He's also accompanied by a cockroach who acts like his pet dog.  Wall-E is the last of the robots functioning.  We see the remains of other Wall-E models stuck in the trash.  Our hero repairs himself with parts of the dead robots, and in the opening sequence he replaces his own worn treads with better ones from a broken Wall-E.  As the sun goes down through a very polluted sky, Wall-E heads home. 

Wall-E's home consists of a broken robot transport truck stuck in the debris, and the inside is absolutely jammed with things that Wall-E has collected.  He's clearly made this box into a home; he's decorated and strung Christmas lights, and has any number of toys and items.  We see Wall-E unpack his cooler of collected items, which leads to cute little moments like where Wall-E tries to decide whether to store a spork with his collection of spoons or forks (he eventually just sets it in the middle), feeds his cockroach a non-brand Twinkie (because we know the ultimate survivors of the apocalypse will be Twinkies and cockroaches) and then he removes a video from a toaster and starts to play a very worn copy of Hello Dolly on his rigged up video system.  Wall-E is apparently obsessed with the film and loves the dance numbers, but seems especially touched by a scene where a man and a woman sing and hold hands.  Wall-E clutches his own hands in an imitation of the gesture and reveals that he really is exceptionally lonely.  In the meantime, a dust storm starts sweeping up on Wall-E's home, so he calls his cockroach in to safety and puts himself to bed, swinging the shelf he sleeps on so that it will rock him to sleep.

The next morning we see a lot more of Wall-E performing his daily routine, assigned task and scavenging.  He starts out a very sleepy robot who has to recharge his battery in the sun, then puts on his treads (he accidentally runs over his cockroach, which has him very worried until the bug shows that he's actually fine), and sets out to work in the trash piles.    This section of the movie consists of a lot of silent humor as Wall-E plays with remote locking keys (we can hear the car beep from somewhere in the trash), a fire extinguisher, a bra, and other items.  During the day, Wall-E uncovers a tiny sprig of green plant growing in the trash, which he carefully takes and plants in an old boot. 

As Wall-E is working, he spots a red light on the ground, which starts to move, and he begins to chase it like a kitten after a laser pointer.  What he doesn't know is that a whole line of lasers are zeroing in on him as they are actually the guiding lights to a massive spaceship.  Just as he finally catches up to the light, the spaceship descends directly above Wall-E, sending Wall-E terrified, scrambling and eventually digging himself into the ground.  When the dust settles, a terrified Wall-E emerges from the ground to watch the ship slowly unload it's cargo.

The cargo turns out to be a very sleek, white robot shaped like an elongated egg, who is clearly supposed to be the MAC model robot to Wall-E's PC.  The intruder robot, who we will later learn is an Earth Vegetation Evaluator (EVE) probe robot, starts scanning the planet.  The spaceship takes off, once again sending Wall-E into hysterical scrambling, and he's left on the planet with Eve, who he finds very intriguing.

Unfortunately for Wall-E, Eve is rather temperamental.  She is armed with a blast gun and tends to get startled by Wall-E's spying and shoots whatever he happens to be hiding behind.  Wall-E is clearly terrified, but can't stop watching her.  She does, however, bond with Wall-E's cockroach.  Wall-E admires Eve from afar for a while, but Eve is becoming increasingly frustrated with her task and knocks over an entire fleet of abandoned ships out of anger.  Wall-E takes that moment to finally introduce himself, and the two exchange names.  (He calls himself "Waaaaaaall-ee," and her "Eva."  Those tow names make up at least 50% of all dialogue in the film). She asks about his directive, and he demonstrates his trash compacting ability rather unsuccessfully with some dirt, only to learn that her directive is classified.  (To be clear, there's almost no dialogue.  The two mostly just say names and single words).  A sandstorm is blowing up, and Wall-E drags Eve to his home.

Wall-E runs around his home showing Eve his treasures like a little kid, including his rubix cube which Eve solves instantly, light bulbs, and most importantly, his Hello Dolly video (which Eve almost wrecks by unraveling the tape).  The two dance, and it becomes clear that Eve is a lot stronger than Wall-E and unaware of it as she flings him about the house.  Eventually she breaks his eye and he must replace it with one of the spares.  Wall-E really wants to hold her hand, though.  As a final attempt to impress Eve, Wall-E shows her his plant in a shoe, which sends Eve into spasms as she opens up, takes the plant inside, and then shuts down altogether, just flashing a green light with a plant on it.  Wall-E cannot understand.

Wall-E spends the next bit of the movie trying to fix Eve, putting her out in the sun to recharge, trying to jump start her off his own battery, sheltering her from the rain and dust storms and otherwise trying to get her to respond to him.  He takes Eve everywhere, dragging her along with a chain of Christmas lights, taking her on a boat ride thorough very polluted water, and trying to hold her hand, which he has to pry away from her side.  He finally goes back to his normal routine, only to have the spaceship return.  He rushes back and sees the ship take Eve, and manages to grab on at the last minute, getting launched with the ship into space.

He travels through space, keeping track of Eve the whole way.  They eventually arrive at the Axiom, the cruise ship that left Earth.  We learn that they actually left 700 years ago.  Robots control everything.  Eve is unloaded and rushed off to the bridge, with Wall-E frantically trying to keep up.  He's pursued by a cleaner robot (we later learn his name is Mo) who is disgusted that Wall-E is tracking in so many foreign contaminants.  The two robots are forced into a sea of traffic, which is mostly robots, but soon becomes a stream of people.

People have gotten enormously fat.  They don't walk; they don't communicate or touch people face to face, and instead just watch video screens and eat all of their food in liquid form.  Wall-E introduces himself to some of them as he chases Eve.  The two are taken to the captain's quarters.  It turns out that this is the first ever positive plant finding the ship has ever had.  Otto Pilot, the robot who controls the ship, summons the very fat captain to investigate.   Wall-E, who is not supposed to be there, tries to blend in with the robots that do absolutely everything for the captain. 

The Captain gets the manual for the plan to deal with plant findings, revealing that he doesn't recognize books and doesn't know how to read very well (he addresses the book as Manuel and thinks it's a robot).  They follow the manual and open Eve to retrieve the plant, but it is not there.  Eve is very upset and appears to blame Wall-E.  Otto Pilot suggests that Eve is defective and she and Wall-E are sent off for repairs.  The Captain has become fascinated with computer information regarding dirt and plants, though, and starts learning about Earth.

Wall-E and Eve are taken to what could be best described as the Robot Psychiatric ward, where dysfunctional robots are being repaired.  Wall-E is locked up while Eve is repaired, but Wall-E thinks the repair robots are hurting her, breaks free, and startles her, causing her to fire her gun.  They inadvertently free all the broken robots, which start all kinds of trouble.  The sentry robots catch up with them and classify Wall-E and Eve as rogue robots.  Eve saves Wall-E from the sentry robots and takes him to an escape pod to send him back to earth, but Wall-E refuses to go without her.  In the meantime, the virtual golf robot belonging to the Captain shows up with Eve's plant and loads it into the pod.  Wall-E goes into the pod to get the plant, but the pod launches.  Worse, it's set to self-destruct.  Eve goes shooting off into space after Wall-E, who is banging on the door of the pod with a fire extinguisher, There's a big explosion, but Wall-E is okay, and he and a very relieved Eve frolic around the spaceship exterior.  In the meantime, people Wall-E met notice him and for the first time stop watching their videos and connecting to other people. 

Wall-E and Eve get back on the ship, but are now being hunted down to retrieve the plant.  Eve eventually takes the plant again, again shuts down, and is hauled off to the captain yet again.  Wall-E frantically tries to follow and ends up in the trash chutes, crawling up to the bridge. 

Eve is taken to the captain yet again.  The Captain has learned a lot about Earth and is very excited to return and start the clean up.  But it turns out that Otto Pilot has secret programming installed by Buy'nLarge that is meant to keep humans from returning to Earth.  He refuses to obey the captain and locks him in his quarters. The two struggle over the plant, eventually throwing it in the trash chute, just as Wall-E arrives.  He saves the plant, sticking it in his compactor box, but is tortured and severely damaged by Otto Pilot before he and Eve are tossed down the trash chute. 

Wall-E is now in very bad shape, and Eve doesn't have the parts to fix them.  Particularly bad is that his circuit board is fried.  After they, with help from Mo, the cleaner robot, escape the Wall-A trash compactor robots, Wall-E and she realize that the only way to save him is to go back to Earth, but to do that they have to get the plant to an identifying machine, which will then put the ship on a course for the place of origin.  Otto Pilot is determined to stop this.

The robots, with the help of all the previously freed broken bots, get to the machine and fight with Otto Pilot and the golf robot to get the plant into the machine, but it's a losing battle.  The humans are getting tossed around by the drama and are being awakened from their stupor.   They get the machine open, but Otto Pilot keeps trying to close it on top of Wall-E, further damaging him. Finally, the Captain, who has started to walk and do things for himself for the first time, overpowers and disables autopilot.  The plant is put into the machine and the ship sets off for earth.  Wall-E is now a wreck, and Eve cuddles him as they make the journey.

Upon their arrival at Earth, the humans unload and start walking for the first time while the Captain tells them about how they're going to restart life.  Eve rushes Wall-E to his home (his cockroach is still waiting for him right where he was told to sit) and starts to repair him.  She replaces all his parts and gives him a new circuit board, and when Wall-E charges up he does indeed work.  But it clearly isn't Wall-E anymore.  He isn't interested in his treasures and just starts to compact them, runs over his cockroach again without caring (the bug is again fine though), and starts working on trash outside.  Eve keeps calling to him, trying to get the Wall-E she knew to come back.  Finally, she grabs his hand and holds it, just like he'd wanted so badly, and you can see Wall-E come back to life.  The two are left alone to listen to Hello Dolly.

As the credits roll, we see, through a progression of art, the procession of humanity's return to Earth.  We start with cave paintings that show the early days, then travel through art styles all the way through impressionism, watching Earth become a green and habitable planet again.  Wall-E and Eve are shown as a happy couple.

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Wall-E is a lonely robot left on Earth to clean up man's trash.  He loves Hello Dolly.

Eve is a vegetation probe sent to earth to find signs of life.  Wall-E falls in love with Eve and gives her a plant that shuts her down and activates her signal.  She is collected and taken to the humans, and Wall-E tags along as a stowaway.

Humans have become slovenly and dependent on robots.  Secret programming is supposed to keep them from returning to Earth even though it is safe.  Wall-E, Eve, some broken Robots, and the Captain of the ship have to overcome that programming, defeat the evil robot, and take the ship back to Earth.  Wall-E is very damaged in the process.

They arrive back on Earth and Wall-E is repaired, but he doesn't seem to be the same robot until Eve holds his hand.  He then becomes Wall-E again.  Mankind and the robots fix the Earth.


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