"Wallace and Gromit are cashing in with their humane pest-control outfit, "Anti-Pesto." With only days to go before the annual Giant Vegetable Competition, business is booming, but Wallace & Gromit are finding out that running a "humane" pest control outfit has its drawbacks as their West Wallaby Street home fills to the brim with captive rabbits."
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NOTE: This Spoiler was sent in by Melissa.

The movie begins with the camera panning over various pictures of Wallace and Gromit hanging on the walls of their house. An ominous shadow is cast on the wall through the window. We go outside and see a night watchman patrolling. He thinks he hears something. We switch to the point of view of the mysterious creature. It goes up to a gate with a sign declaring that the premises are protected by Anti-Pesti Pest Control. The creature goes into the garden, which is bursting with vegetables. A lawn gnome's eyes glow as the creature passes.

Back in Wallace and Gromit's house, we see a wall covered in portraits labeled 'Customers'. The eyes of one portrait are blinking. The alarm and a series of gadgets awaken Wallace and Gromit, clothe them, and plunk them into the Anti-Pesti van. They speed off to the garden in question. When they arrive, they chase the creature [they're very noisy and wake the residents, Mr. and Mrs. Mulch] and manage to stop it just before it smashes into an enormous pumpkin. The Horrible Menace is revealed to be a little rabbit. Mrs. Mulch is delighted that her pumpkin is intact, and babbles on about how horrible rabbits are and how they are jeopardizing the approaching annual Giant Vegetable Competition, where the prize is a gold carrot trophy. As W&G drive back home with the rabbit, the town cheers and we see various banners advertising the contest.

The next day, Gromit is awake and feeding carrots to the many captured rabbits [W&G believe in humane methods]. Wallace wakes up and gets stuck in the hatch to the kitchen, requiring 'assistance' [as is shown in the trailers]. Gromit serves a breakfast of veggies; he's been keeping Wallace on a strict diet for his weight. Wallace distracts Gromit by asking if he's measured his prize melon yet. Gromit goes to a securely locked [blast door and all] greenhouse in the backyard.

Inside is an enormous melon under a blanket. He measure and babies it; it is clearly his pride and joy. Back in the house, Wallace dumps his veggies in the rabbit-feeding hatch and goes to his secret cheese stash. However, Gromit has removed the cheese and put in a mouse trap. Wallace is ashamed and tells Gromit he can change using technology. He has a new invention designed to brainwash people, and decides to use it on himself so he will dislike cheese and love vegetables. However, he is interrupted when he receives a phone call. Lady Tottington [host of the festival with the contest and a vegetable enthusiast] calls, saying she has a major rabbit infestation.

As she waits for Anti-Pesti to come, her boyfriend Victor and his dog [his constant companion] arrive. Victor is clearly pushing Lady Tottington for marriage. They have different views on what to do about the rabbits as she loves them and knows it's in their nature to destroy her garden and they can't help it; she wants them to be contained humanely. Victor is a hunter and wants to shoot them all. As they argue, W&G show up and discover the extent of the rabbit problem [they're absolutely everywhere and have dug up much of the lawn]. They use the Bun-Vac 600, and enormous vacuum that plugs a hose into one of the burrows and sucks all the rabbits back into a holding tank. Lady Tottington is thrilled with the results, and Wallace is clearly infatuated with her. Victor is decidedly less happy.

W&G return home and try to figure out what to do with all the new rabbits, since they're running out of room to keep them. Wallace considers what Lady Tottington said about it being their nature and how they can't change it, and decides to brainwash the rabbits with his invention and release them again since they'd be instantly rehabilitated. He connects the brainwasher with the Bun-Vac and puts the headpiece on. After turning them both on, he starts brainwashing them with his veggie-hating ways. However, as he is getting settled he hits a switch and the suction is reversed; a rabbit is sucked into the headpiece and he starts absorbing its thoughts [hopping around while yelling for Gromit to help]. Gromit smashes the brainwasher to get it off. Wallace seems fine, though Hutch the bunny is traumatized and twitching.

That night, something mysterious breaks into and ruins every garden that Anti-Pesti was supposed to protect. The local vicar is the only one who actually sees the creature. As the town has a meeting to chew out W&G over not keeping their promise to protect the vegetables for the contest, the vicar runs in ranting that it's a were-rabbit and pointing to the window it broke through. The town is horrified, and Victor wants nothing more than to shoot the were-rabbit. Lady Tottington manages to convince everyone that Wallace is a good man and deserves another chance.

The next night, Wallace and Gromit go out to trap the were-rabbit using a large decoy rabbit strapped to the roof of the Anti-Pesti van with Gromit controlling the movements [again, as in the trailer]. Wallace drives through a tunnel, knocking the decoy off the roof. He goes to check on it, leaving Gromit in the car. As he waits, he catches sight of the were-rabbit and takes off chasing it in the van. He lassos it and is dragged around and underground, but eventually the rope snaps and he loses it.

Back at home the next morning, Wallace lecture him about having left him alone. Gromit notices enormous dirty paw-prints throughout the house and follows them to the basement, where they lead directly to Hutch, snoozing happily in his mangled cage. Wallace is convinced his invention backfired and brought out even more primal bunny urges, so Gromit contains Hutch in a large metal-reinforced cage as Wallace goes to tell Lady Tottington that they have captured the creature. At home, Gromit notices more dirty paw-prints and follows them up to Wallace's room. The bed is covered in large, partially-gnawed on vegetables. He realizes that Wallace, not Hutch, is the were-rabbit. He takes the van and speeds to Tottington Manor. Meanwhile, at the manor, Wallace has been getting friendlier with Lady Tottington, who tells him to call her Totty. As they chat he eats a flower out of a vase. Gromit arrives just in time to see them going up to the roof. Victor shows up and sees the Anti-Pesti van and thinks Wallace is trying to snake Totty; Victor has only been pursuing her so he can get her money and storms off in a huff. Totty shows off her enormous, lush greenhouse to Wallace, who is getting increasingly tempted by the veggies. He is just about to take a bit out of her pride and joy [a ginormous carrot] when a resourceful Gromit interrupts by turning on the sprinklers.

On the way home, Wallace still hasn't realized the truth and chews out Gromit for ruining his moment with Totty. There is a large detour sign set up that directs them into the woods, where their path is blocked by an enormous felled tree. Wallace goes to check it out, and Victor [who set up the trap] comes and threatens him. The moon comes up and Wallace transforms into the were-rabbit, throwing Victor onto the van and the tree out of the way, then galloping off. Gromit speeds off too. Victor now knows who the were-rabbit is and is even more intent on killing it. He goes to the vicar, who gives him three bullets, telling him they are the only thing that will kill a were-rabbit.

The next day at breakfast, Wallace has rabbit ears. Despite that, it takes awhile for Gromit to convince him that he's the were-rabbit, and only manages by showing Wallace that while he's turning into a rabbit, Hutch is turning into him [wearing the slippers and green vest and exhibiting the same mannerisms and speech]. Wallace tries to repair the brainwasher to fix himself, but all he can think of is vegetables. Hutch gives it a try and is making good headway when the doorbell rings. Wallace goes up to answer, hiding his ears under a hat. It is Totty, who regretfully tells Wallace that since the were-rabbit rampaged yet again, she can no longer trust him and is allowing Victor to hunt it down. She can't risk further delays because the Giant Vegetable Competition is that night. She is especially sad because she was beginning to have feelings for Wallace. He would be much happier to hear this is the moon wasn't coming out, causing him to transform. Panicking, he slams the door in Totty's face and she runs off crying. Wallace fully transforms, so Gromit tries to lead him off by wearing the rabbit setup from the top of the van. Victor breaks in to kill Wallace, and sees something bounding off into the distance. He shoots it and runs up expectantly, only to find that it's Gromit in the suit. At the festival, the townspeople hear the shot and all cheer, thinking the were-rabbit is dead. Victor locks Gromit in an Anti-Pesti trap and follows the were-rabbit to the contest. At the fair, everyone panics when they hear the were-rabbit isn't dead after all. Back in the trap, Gromit manages to break out with Hutch's accidental help. They also make a beeline for the fair, taking the Anti-Pesti van.

At the fair, Victor accidentally uses his second gold bullet firing his gun to quiet the townspeople. They use the giant pumpkin from the beginning as bait, and he is about to shoot the were-rabbit when Hutch and Gromit come speeding past in the van. Gromit has tied his melon to the back [like waterskiing but with a melon and van instead of skis and a boat] and they manage to get the were-rabbit to veer away from Victor. The townspeople freak out and grapple for the gun, firing the last gold bullet. Hutch is distracted by a cheese tent and crashes the van into it, smashing the melon.

Back at the contest area, Victor finds an antique musket and is trying to break the trophy to use the gold carrot as a makeshift bullet, but Lady Tottington doesn't want the trophy ruined. The were-rabbit sees them arguing and is moved by the object of his affection in distress, so he runs over and snatches up Totty [a King Kong knockoff moment]. He takes her and climbs up the manor and into the greenhouse. Once there, she sees him make a motion with his hands [they had a moment over it before since they both do it] and realizes the were-rabbit is Wallace. They are bonding and holding hands when Victor comes up, carrot in gun, ready to shoot. Back at ground level, Gromit and Victor's dog have both taken planes from a Dogfight ride and are speeding to assist their respective masters. After various adventures for both parties, Wallace has managed to get the other dog off his tail [bad pun, I know], and the were-rabbit is hanging on a flagpole with Victor aiming straight at him. He shoots but Gromit blocks just in time, taking the golden carrot in the side of his plane. The were-rabbit sees Gromit is about to crash and dives, catching him and cushioning his fall into the cheese tent. Totty, Gromit, and a collection of rabbits are saddened as he seems to die [Beauty and the Beat moment as he transforms back to Wallace], but Gromit has an idea and manages to revive him with a wedge of cheese. Wallace is delighted to be both alive and back to normal.

Totty and Wallace talk more about how she's glad Victor is out of her life, and that she didn't really like him. She gives the golden carrot to Gromit for his heroism and his melon. Wallace is delighted that she is now single, and it seems she is proposing marriage to him but instead offers to turn her manor into a rabbit sanctuary. She does, and all the rabbits move in happily [including Hutch, who is still Wallace-ified].

NOTE: During the credits there are various bunnies floating around. No real point, but it's cute.

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