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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by brentage5000.

The movie starts with Chris Vaughn (The Rock) coming home to his old hometown in Washington State from a stint in the U.S. Special Forces. He gets off the boat and starts walking around, seeing how everything has changed since he's been away. He goes to an old lumber mill, but he sees that it's been closed. While he's there, the sheriff (Michael Bowen) pulls up and asks what he's doing. Sheriff Watkins recognizes Chris and starts raving about him to his deputy, calling Chris a war hero. Watkins offers Chris a ride to Chris's place, but Chris tries to decline. When Watkins insists, Chris shrugs and gets in the car.

Later, the car pulls up in front of an old but decent house with a tent in the front yard. Chris gets out and says hello to his family -- sister Michelle (Kristen Wilson), dad Chris Sr. (John Beasley), and mom Connie (Barbara Tarbuck). He also re-meets his baby brother Pete (Khleo Thomas), who lays claim to the tent outside. That night they all have dinner (Chinese) and Pete drops by saying that he's gonna go out and will be back by 10:30. Chris tries to tell him that it's gonna rain, but Pete doesn't believe him...until later that night when he comes into Chris's room soaked. Chris offers him first the floor and then the bed, but Pete won't sleep with him. Instead, Chris throws Pete his poncho, and Pete takes it. The next day, Chris is working on some repairs when an ugly old trailer pulls up, driven by Chris's old friend Ray (Johnny Knoxville). They recollect, and Ray mentions that he is now an ex-convict who started out doing music in Seattle, and then he was about music and drugs, and then he was doing drugs, and then he was doing two years for B&E.

After, the two go to a football game that Chris's old high school buddies play in every week, and while there they meet up with their old "friend" Jay Hamilton (Neal McDonough), who is currently running the casino that put the mill form earlier out of business. Jay mocks Chris for leaving the army, but Chris turns it around on him. They play, and it's a good game, but Jay's team (which consists of guys who work at his casino) wins. After, Jay tells them all to come to his casino later, and they take him up on it.

At the casino, life is in full swing. Everyone is having a great time, but Chris is kind of restrained, despite Jay's statement that everything -- including the women -- will be free for them. At some point, one of his friends puts him in this little booth and sticks a dollar in a slot. At first nothing happens, but then a window lights up and a stripper dressed as a fireman starts performing. At first he's like "Well, alright..." but after a minute he starts to think that he recognizes her from somewhere. The girl starts talking to him, and his answers get her thinking. She turns off the on-way mirror feature, and lo and behold, the two do know each other. The girl is Deni (Ashley Scott), jay's old girlfriend from high school. She sees that it's Chris and walks out. Chris tries to go after her, but he loses sight of her. He stops by a craps table and watches for a bit, and realizes that the dice are always coming up seven. He calls them loaded, and starts claiming that he'll roll a seven. The game runner calls for security, but he rolls, and they do indeed come up seven...just before a bunch of big guys start beating Chris up. They hold off his friends and knock him out, taking him to a dark room somewhere. One guy steals his special forces necklace, and then we hear them doing something to Chris. When next we see him, Chris is lying on a bridge in front of a truck. Later, at the hospital, we see Ray bringing a chest-bandage-covered Chris some flowers (from somebody else's room) and he tells Chris that this isn't exactly his old hometown anymore.

Over the next few days, Chris spends some time recovering at home. He spends some time working on the house with a bunch of wood gotten from a Home Depot (the old lumber store closed) and turning down a Head of Security job offer from Jay. One day, once he's gotten moving again, he finds out that Pete is being hospitalized after getting too much Crystal Meth in his system. He bullies one of Pete's friends into revealing where he got it, and the kid tells him, "From the casino." This really sets Chris off, and he goes back to the house and loads up a shotgun, despite his fathers protests not to. Once he gets to the casino, he thinks about it, leaves the shotgun in the cab of his pickup, and instead gets a 2X4 block of wood from the back of his truck. He goes in and starts smashing up machines and tables. When the "security" guys come out to stop him, Chris beats almost all of them up, letting one get frightened so badly that he ends up knocking himself out trying to get away. Finally, to top things off, he takes the wood and smashes in Jay's office window. Jay looks down on Chris and says calmly, "Guess this changes our relationship a bit, huh?" Chris exits on that note and is promptly pulled over and arrested by the cops who wouldn't have charges pressed against the casino workers.

In jail now, Chris talks with a lawyer who tells him that if he pleads not guilty, he'll get off easy, just having to do some community service and no more than three months in the clink. However, Chris insists that he did no wrong and won't take the offer. At the hearing, all of the casino workers say that Chris was totally psycho and was a complete madman. When they're done, Chris turns to his lawyer, fires him, and then pleads his case before the jury. He says that he was justified in what he did, explains his reasons, and then shows his chest to them (it looks like Jesus's back during the crucifixion). He says that if he's found innocent, then he'll run for sheriff, and he'll make sure that that kind of thing never happens again. Naturally, he's found innocent, and he does indeed become sheriff.

On Chris's first day of being sheriff, he drives into the office and finds Watkins and all his old deputies there. Watkins says that these are all good men and he can personally vouch for each and every one of them. Chris shrugs and says, "You're all fired." His next order of business is finding Jay. He does find Jay -- speeding -- and pulls him over. He tells Jay that things are gonna change and he needs to get his taillights fixed. Jay asks what's wrong with his taillights, and Chris smashes them in with his 2X4, saying, "They're broken." His next stop is Ray's trailer, where he greets him with, "Morning, deputy." Ray protests, saying that he knows that soon Chris'll be setting speed traps and planting evidence and taking paybacks and all, but soon he gets with Chris's plan of using Ray's drug knowledge to bring down the casino's operations. Eventually they bring in this one guy who's been fingered as a dealer. They search him and he comes up clean, but they think there might be some more in his truck, so they literally tear it apart, starting with the smashing-of-spotlights and going all they way down to the breaking-of-the-windshield and the removal-of-the-doors, stopping only to have a little McDonalds lunch in the car. They find nothing, but they throw the guy in lockup nonetheless, and Chris sends Ray to his parent's house to watch over things.

Now things start to run together. First, we see Deni drop by the police station with dinner for Chris. She tells him that since he was planning on making changes, she decided to make one too and quit her job at the casino. They start to kiss and eventually end up making out while Ray ends up falling asleep at the Vaughns'. Next morning, we see Jay walk out of his casino. He speaks into his cell phone, "Do it." Once he says that, a group led by the former Sheriff Watkins starts blowing up Chris's truck and tearing apart the police station with machine guns while another rounds up the Vaughns, failing to notice the sleeping Ray. Chris manages to shoot a hole in the floor and takes out two of the gunners (he does this after hearing from the guy that the lab is in the mill - the price of being saved, I guess). Watkins comes charging in and using a fired gun from Deni as a distraction, Chris blasts Watkins from below. Back at the house, Ray wakes up, wanders into the kitchen, and sees one of the attackers holding Pete. Ray goes up against the attacker, and Pete gets out, but Ray is still in there. He throws a pan at the guy, and then he sticks a potato peeler in him, and that seems to work. With that noisily done, one of the other guys comes from upstairs where the rest of the family is. Ray fights him off, ultimately shooting him with a shotgun, after which he says to the guy, "Y-you okay?" After that, the third guy comes down, and he gets knocked out by a newly arrived Chris, but then the first guy comes back, just in time to get shot by Chris Sr. After a quick word, Chris is off once again, headed for the mill.

Once Chris gets to the mill, he starts hunting for Jay. He finds him on the second floor. Jay talks about how he used to love playing hide-and-seek with Chris here, and then he turns on a couple of machines and triggers a dumping door which Chris was standing on. Chris barely holds on to the real floor, but then Jay picks up an axe and starts hacking away at him. Chris gets ahold of Jay, but they both end up falling, hitting various pipes and whatnot, and ultimately falling through a chute that leads to the back door of the mill. Chris wakes up first, nursing his old war injury (busted knee -- I think it popped out), fixing it, and dashing off into the forest. Jay wakes up, picks up his axe, and follows him. They clash in the woods, using Jay's axe and a giant log Chris found, and ultimately Jay gets beaten down by Chris, who thinks of what Jay said earlier in the film and says, "You're right, Jay. This does change our relationship. You're under arrest."

Some time later, we see Chris walking out of the casino with Ray. He notices that Ray has grabbed some souvenirs, but Ray just makes some jokes about it. Chris laughs and makes comments about Ray now being a crooked cop too. A whistle blows in the distance, and Chris says that that's lunch, and they should go pick up his father and hit the diner. The camera pulls up, and we see that the mill is once again open for business.


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