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NOTE: This first time spoiler was sent in by Ryan

The film begins with Jenna (Keri Russell) making the pies of the day at Old Joe's Pie Diner. Her mother taught her pie-making when she was very young and she has continued the tradition. As Jenna waits for a bus she may be creating the next day's pie special in her head as she agonizes over her husband. Her co-workers at the diner are Dawn and Becky (played by the director of the film, Adrienne Shelly, and Cheryl Hines) and a cook, Cal (Lew Temple). The ladies are good friends and give each other relationship advice and are there for each other. The cook gives the ladies a hard time but you can see that he does care about them.

The three ladies are sitting outside after work when Jenna's husband, Earl, pulls in to give her a ride home. Earl (played by Jeremy Sisto) is very controlling (she hands her money to him each day after work and she must consistently pay compliments to him while he has no kind words to say back). While Earl is not there we see her pull out more cash and stash it away under the couch.

One morning Jenna takes a home pregnancy test at work and finds out that she is indeed pregnant. Her husband got her pregnant a month earlier when he got her drunk. She wants to leave Earl without him knowing about the pregnancy, and sees winning a pie-making contest and the $25,000 that comes with it as her way out. Jenna is resentful of having this child and considers selling the baby.

Jenna has gone to Dr. Mueller since she was born, but when she goes for a checkup she finds that her doctor has taken a semi-retirement and has been replaced by a new doctor fresh out of school from Connecticut, Dr. Pommater (played by Nathan Fillion). Jenna, brings a pie to the office for Dr. Mueller (her favorite), but is apprehensive at first of handing over this pie to the replacement doctor. Dr. Pommater acts very nervously around Jenna, but he seems to have a good grasp about the medical aspects of her pregnancy, so Jenna is OK with seeing Dr. Pommater instead of Dr. Mueller and gives him the pie (which he really enjoys).

That day at work she is serving Old Joe (Andy Griffith) and he tells her that he can tell that she is pregnant. That evening Dawn has a five-minute date setup with a well-described man and asks Jenna to give her a make over after work. Jenna asks Becky to give her a ride home, and she replies that she can't, and that she has a secret but can't tell the other two girls. Jenna waits at the bus stop and runs into Dr. Pommater (his car broke down).

The date that Dawn has goes horribly when the person she was expecting is replaced by Ogie (Eddie Jemison), who is nothing that she imagined. Ogie is very persistent with her and after rejecting him numerous times, Dawn begins dating Ogie.

Jenna has a bit of concern about the pregnancy a few weeks later and calls the office to schedule an appointment. Dr. Pommater offers to meet Jenna at the office at 7am (though the office isn't supposed to open until 8:30am) so that she can get to work on time. After it is cleared up that the issue that she was having was normal, there is some visible tension as she is figuring out that he didn't want her to come to the office just for the appointment. She leaves the office without her purse, and as she is heading back inside they run into each other and make-out. She realizes that they are standing outside kissing, and her husband drives that way to work everyday, so they could be caught if they don't go inside. As Dr. Pommater drives Jenna to work, she is told to call him if she has any questions or concerns. She walks out of the car with her lipstick smudged and Old Joe gives her a hard time about this.

Some time goes by without her calling him, and he takes offense to this at the next appointment. When the nurse leaves the exam room they once again begin to make out and this is shown on a few different occasions. Then one day Jenna is waiting in the exam room and Dr. Mueller comes in, rather than Dr. Pommater. It seems that Dr. Pommater had to go back east with his wife for a funeral.

Jenna inevitably tells Earl that she is pregnant after he sees that she has a bag packed and she is waiting at a bus stop. Earl is not worried about Jenna leaving, but is worried that Jenna will love the child more than she loves him.

One day at work Jenna finds out Becky's secret when she walks into the kitchen of the diner and finds Becky and Cal kissing. Just as she is giving Becky an earful about cheating on her husband (and Cal cheating on his wife), Dawn interrupts by telling Jenna that the doctor is at the diner. She tells him that she feels bad for their indiscretions and wants to stop.

Dawn and Ogie have a wedding ceremony at the diner and as everyone is having a good time and Jenna is dancing with Old Joe, Earl crashes the wedding and tosses a few chairs before giving Jenna an ultimatum to get in his car in 30 seconds. She follows his order (even after Old Joe suggests otherwise) and when she gets into the car she finds out that Earl has found the money. She tricks him into thinking that the money was to go to a crib and other baby stuff, and this appeases him. They are later seen picking up a crib at a yard sale, and Earl figures out that he has enough money left over to buy a camcorder.

One day after Earl leaves for work, Dr. Pommater visits Jenna and asks her to teach him to make a pie. At her next doctor appointment she is given a very nice pie pan and Dr. Pommater asks her to meet him outside in 10 minutes so they can runaway together. By the time he gets outside, her water has broken and they head to the hospital.

Dr. Pommater and Earl meet for the first time and Joe, who is in the hospital for an operation, also stops by her room to give her a card. He asks that she does not open it until later. As she waiting for her drugs, there are a number of interns that come into the room, including Dr. Pommater's wife. Jenna can tell by the way that Dr. Pommater's wife looks at him, that she loves him.

Jenna has a baby girl and names her Lulu. As she holds her newborn daughter she feels a new sense of confidence and tells Earl to get lost. Dr. Pommater and a few other men escort the enraged Earl out of the room. She opens up her card from Old Joe, and in it is a drawing of her, a note telling her to 'look for a fresh start' and a check for a large sum of money. We find out that Old Joe has gone into a coma and has left the Pie Diner to Jenna. As she is leaving the hospital with Dawn and Becky she runs into Dr. Pommater and reminds him of the good life that he has and she ends their relationship by throwing him a moon pie. At the end of the film we see Jenna and Lulu making pies and walking away at the end of the day hand-in-hand from Lulu's Pie Diner.

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