"A waiter for four years since high school, Dean has never questioned his job at Shenanigan's. But when he learns that Chett, a high school classmate, now has a lucrative career in electrical engineering, he's thrown into turmoil about his dead-end life.."

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NOTE: This Spoiler was sent in by Antonella. who says... " If you like raunchy and filthy humor, you'll love this movie."

WAITING starts out showing everyone at a house celebrating and getting drunk/high. The party keeps going and lasts late throughout the night. In the morning, you see one of the main characters, Dean (Justin Long), wake up in bed with his girlfriend. He doesn't remember having sex with her last night and he says he's sorry. She says she knows he can't remember and that it's OK. He also has a message on his answering machine from his mother saying not to forget that they are having lunch that day.

In the next scene you see Dean having lunch with his mother. She's talking about how she saw one of his old high school classmates. She says that he just graduated college with a bachelors degree in electrical engineering. Then she asks how his classes are going at the local community college. He gets really bummed out that his mother isn't proud of him because he didn't graduate yet. He gets up and leaves and his mother feels bad.

Next scene, a group of friends, who all work at the restaurant called "Shenanigans" pile into the restaurant and go into the bathroom to change into their uniforms. One girl, Naomi (Alanna Ubach) has a very real anger management problem, which makes this whole movie hilarious! She's always smoking and always needs to be calmed down by her friends.

Then there are two blonde girls, one is the girlfriend of Dean. She is very sweet tempered and pretty. The other blond haired girl always wears dark eye makeup and loves flirting with the male customers to get a higher tip. Then there is Monty, played by Ryan Reynolds (you'll know him from Van Wilder) who is like the "coolest guy" in the restaurant because he always hits on the high school girls and has a quip for everything that goes on. He has a really huge crush on the hostess at the restaurant who is not 18 yet, but will be in one week and he really wants to have sex with her.

There are a host of other characters, and I'll try to get to them throughout the order of the movie.

There is a new guy who is just starting to work at Shenanigans and the manager recruits Monty to help him learn the ropes. The manager is an older guy compared to all the college kids who work there but he wants to be and act their age but is obsessed with the power he has because he is manager. Everyone hates him.

Monty shows the new trainee around and tells him that when the dinner rush begins, he will show him the training videos in the kitchen and that he can trail him around the rest of the day so he can learn. He starts asking the trainee all these questions about male frontal nudity and how he feels about it. The new trainee, Mitch, is disgusted and walks around in a daze taking in everything that Monty is telling him. They go into the back where the garbage is kept and the two bus boys who are white but try to act and are incredibly ghetto are always getting high and talking about cutting someone. Then they see one of the chefs at Shenanigans arguing with his girlfriend who always dresses very sexy. Monty goes to talk to the chef, Raddimus (Luis Guzman) saying that everything is OK. Raddimus trails Monty and Mitch around while he shows him the kitchen. It is a dirty place and the other chefs are all the dirtiest people you'll ever see. Then Monty leaves and tells Mitch that Raddimus will show him the rest. Raddimus then proceeds to explain that there are several ways at moving your penis in order to get other people to see your penis. But in any of the moves that he will show Mitch, they are all null and void if he does not call the people looking "faggots". He goes through a variety of movements and tells them how many times you get to kick the person who gets caught watching you in the ass. He also tells him that they are always looking for new ways of playing with your penis.

The manager calls Dean in and tells him that he wants to make him assistant manager. Naomi overhears and tells everyone and now they all act weird around him.

The next part of the film is followed by rowdy customers and you see all of the waiters and how they act individually with their customers. You see the chefs drop food and pick it up from the floor and serve it. There is one woman who is a real pain in the behind and Monty goes to help her after the sweet blond haired girl can' take it anymore. He takes her order back after she complains and you see the chefs, spit, put dandruff on her steak, and add pubic hairs to her potatoes. The customer eats it with relish.

Through the whole movie, Dean is depressed because his mother thinks he is a failure and there are a million penis jokes and people who are just whipping out their penises to kick each other in the ass. There is also a character called Calvin, who can't go to the bathroom in a public urinal anymore because one time another man was just looking at his penis and now he's very self conscious. He can't even use the stall because he thinks he hears voices saying "c'mon already". We later learn that this is because Raddimus and his girlfriend are having sex in the bathroom and she is saying to him to hurry up and they always get caught by the two bus boys who take a picture of them.

In the end, the hostess who the manager has been hitting on in the entire movie gives him the wrong address so he doesn't end up in the same party that all the employees are going to. They all enjoy themselves, but then Mitch who hasn't been allowed to speak all day, bursts out and lashes out at all of them saying they are all crazy. They all look at each other and wonder what is wrong with him and when they turn back, Mitch is in the "goat position" which is the hardest of the penis positions. He calls them all fucking faggots and leaves. Monty runs after him and proclaims him a God and we learn that Dean quits his job but he still doesn't know what he will do in life. (This is all after the boy who he graduated with, Chet, who his mother was raving about, comes into the restaurant 2 minutes before it closes knowing that Dean worked there).

The End.

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