Barney and Fred begin the movie by getting a big job at the rock quarry and are happy to know that their lives are now complete except for one thing... they each need a woman.

Wilma is the daughter of a very rich couple and her life is pretty much planned for her to marry Chip Rockefeller, an equally rich bachelor.

Wilma hates her mom (Joan Collins) and doesn't want to be anything like her. She runs away to Bedrock and is befriended by Betty. Betty gets her a job at the fast food restaurant she works at they develop a great friendship.

Fred and Barney go to the restaurant and meet the two girls and there is an instant attraction. At first Fred is attracted to Betty and they double date with Wilma and Barney but they soon discover that Fred belongs to Wilma and Barney with Betty.

Wilma's mom tracks her down and forces her back home to be with Chip. Chip realizes that Wilma and Fred's relationship is pretty strong so he needs to come up with a good plan.

Chip invites the four of them to ROCK VEGAS for the grand opening of his new casino, the Tardust.

He first enables Fred to win big and feel pretty lucky then Chip then makes it so Fred loses even bigger and ends up borrowing a million clams from Chip. Then he plants Wilma's stolen necklace on Fred. Fred is caught and Wilma is devastated.

Betty sees Barney at an all you can eat smorgasbord with a vegas girl that Chip arranged and is furious and she runs off with Mick Jagged and the Stones.

Turns out that Chip owes a ton of money to the mob to finance his casino and only wants to marry Wilma for her money. He puts off the mob henchmen by assuring them that he will marry Wilma that night.

Barney fights it out with Mick Jagged and wins back Betty.

Fred, posing as Mick Jagged at that nights big concert, approaches Wilma and in a very heartfelt speech, proposes to her.

She leaves Chip and goes to Fred.

The movie ends at Fred and Wilma's wedding...