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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Mr. Chaos who says... "This movie is a wonderful look at the world of flight attendants."

The movie starts out with a young girl named Donna at her birthday party, talking about her family. She says she wished that day that she could fly away from her hometown.

We cut to an adult Donna (Gwyneth Paltrow), telling us that her dreams never did come true. She meets a football player (Marc Blucas) in high school, and now they work together. On her birthday, her boyfriend breaks up with Donna, leaving her alone in the town.

We see Donna in a bar, talking about how miserable she is. She looks up, and sees a talk show featuring Sally West (Candice Bergen), a famous flight attendant. Sally seems to talk directly to Donna, and convinces her to become a flight attendant.

Donna applies for a job on a small airline that mainly flies drunks and gamblers. The airlines motto is “ Short Skirts, Big Hair, and Service with a Smile.” While getting ready, she meets another flight attendant, (Kelly Preston), who says she will help out Donna.

After freaking out on her first flight, Donna receives a pep talk from the co-pilot (Rob Lowe), which helps her become the best flight attendant on the airline. She is even given her own trainee, Christine (Christina Applegate).

While tanning on a boat, Donna meets Ted (Mark Ruffalo), a lifeguard.

Ted tells her that he once was going to be a lawyer, but gave it up. Donna and him date for a bit.

One day, Donna and her friends are waiting for a flight and hear 3 classy attendants talking about how crappy the airport is. Donna tells her friends they are just as good as them. They decide to go to a Flight Attendant Convention to look for work.

When they get there, they fill out their resumes. Donna notices that Christine dots her I’s with hearts. (Important later)

They are then interviewed by John Whitney (Mike Myers), the teacher of the flight school for Royalty Air. He has a slight problem in this right eye that makes it turn inward, distracting Kelly Preston’s character and costing her a job. But Donna and Christine go, and Donna breaks up with Ted.

At the school, they go through a rigorous training program, where Donna excels and Christine falls behind. Everyone is invited to have dinner at Sally West’s house. Donna goes to freshen up and notices that Sally has airplane shaped soaps. (Important later.) She bumps into Sally, and they hit it off. Sally tells Donna that she could go all the way to the top, Paris International, First Class.

The students continue to study, and Christine gets more frustrated. Donna finds out that Christine stole the soaps from Sally’s house, but forgives her. They take the final test, and Donna does horrible, landing her in Cleveland for a whole year while Christine goes to New York.

Donna is upset, and tries to get John Whitney to let her see her test, but he tells her that Donna merely peaked too soon. Donna goes to Cleveland, and meets Ted again, who is now trying to become a lawyer. They date for a long time, and Donna even gets to spend Christmas with his family.

Then, one day, Donna meets with Christine again. They go to her place, and Christine reveals that she doesn’t remember questions to the test they took. She also has stolen a lot from the airline. Donna goes to Sally’s house to talk about the test, and Sally forces John to send the original. Donna sees that all the I’s on her test are dotted with hearts. Sally realizes that Christine switched the tests, and is the one who stole her soap. Donna is sent to get another test taken, and Sally as a Ghost Rider on the plane to catch Christine stealing.

Donna Passes with flying colors, and after cheering John up, goes to tell Ted that she is leaving. She moves to New York, and sees Christine, who believes that Donna doesn’t deserve what she gets. She attacks her, and is dragged away.

Donna works hard, and we see that she never has anytime to have fun. She also missed Ted. At a Christmas party, Donna takes a over for another attendant so she can be with her family. Donna is upset still, and feel lonely.

In Paris, she meets Sally, who tells her that no job is worth being sad. Sally covers for Donna, who rushes to talk to Ted, and pours her feeling out to his grandmother, not knowing Ted is hearing every word. They embrace.

The movie ends with a plane landing in Cleveland, and it is revealed that Donna is now a pilot.

Spoiled by -Mr. Chaos


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