"The sequel to worldwide hit, Underworld:Evolution continues the saga of war between the aristocratic Death Dealers and the barbaric Lycans (werewolves). The film traces the beginnings of the ancient feud between the two tribes as Selene, the beautiful vampire heroine, and Michael , the Lycan hybrid, try to unlock the secrets of their bloodlines."
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NOTE: This Spoiler was sent in by Carmen.

The movie starts with some writing, explaining the legend of Alexander Corvinus again, and his two sons, Marcus and William, who were the first vampires and Lycans, respectively.

It then cuts to a scene set in about 1200 AD, in which the three elders, Viktor (Bill Nighy), Marcus (Tony Curran) and Amelia (Zita Gorog), along with some other vampires arrive on horseback, to find a village that has been destroyed. There are bodies lying everywhere.

Viktor orders everyone to burn the bodies before they start to change, and is reminded by Marcuthat William is not to be harmed. Viktor tells Marcus to get out of harms way, as he believes that if anything happens to him, all his line (i.e. the vampires), will die.

In one of the houses, one of the "dead" villagers transforms into a Lycan and there is a brief fight, which the vampires win.

William, in Lycan form, is found, and captured, despite Marcus' pleas. Viktor, basically, says that Marcus isn't thinking straight and that what Viktor will do is necessary for the survival of the vampires. After a tense moment, Marcus accepts it, and Viktor becomes the leader. For those who've seen the first movie, this clears up the confusion that came up with the whole leader thing. To clarify, Marcus is the actual oldest, and quite powerful but Viktor has become leader.

We then cut to Selene (Kate Beckinsale) narrating, and she talks briefly about the events of the last movie and how she, and the other vampires, though they don't know, have been betrayed. Her plan is to go to Marcus and explain everything before Kraven can give him a different version of the story.

She and Michael (Scott Speedman) find a safe house, in which she stocks up on supplies. She doesn't know how long they'll be able to stay because all safe houses are monitored through one computer, located at the Mansion. She will go alone, even though Michael wants to come with but she explains that right now, the vampires will kill him. If she goes alone, she can plead his case. He agrees, and Selene tells him to take some cloned blood, because he might not be tolerate normal food. He doesn't want to but she tells him that he is unique, and for all anyone knows, his power might be limitless. This becomes important later.

Selene leaves for the mansion. Cut to there, where Kraven (Shane Brolly) is standing in the tomb-room. The blood of the Lycan doctor (from the first movie) has flowed into Marcus' tomb, and when they bring it up, intent on killing Marcus, they discover it is empty. Marcus swoops down on them. He doesn't look normal, but is all black and he has two wings. He kills all of them except Kraven, remarkably easily. Kraven pleads for him to spare him, but he doesn't. He drinks Kraven's blood, and therefore receives his memories, from which he sees Selene. Kraven dies.

Marcus finds the room that controls the safe houses and sees that one is active.

Meanwhile, Michael decides not to take the blood and goes out, to a restaurant/pub type place. People stare at him, but he ignores it and orders. The first few bites go down okay but then he starts gagging, louder and louder, attracting the attention of two police officers. On the TV that is playing, they announce his name and he looks up in shock. The police put two and two together and realize that he is Michael Corvin, and come up to him. He tells them to get away from him, and then runs outside.

While Selene is on her way back to the mansion, she sees Marcus, flying ahead. She also hears a commotion that is the officers shooting at Michael. She jumps from someplace really high, and lands between Michael and the officers. They try to shoot at her but she dodges, and knocks everyone out. After, she insists that Michael drink from her wrist, because he needs the energy, or whatever.

Then Marcus lands. The two or so officers that had been coming back hightail it away, scared out of their minds. He talks mainly to Selene and makes some remarks about the reason her family died which she doesn't understand. Michael then shoots the hell out of him and they run away, onto a road and stop a truck driver, who after seeing Michael's transformed form, lets them. Selene drives, Michael sits in the back section, and sees Marcus coming. They fight, until Michael loses his grip and slides from the truck, hanging onto some chains. Marcus flies to the front, trying to get to Selene because he wants her blood, her memories. The reason becomes clear later.

Anyway, they eventually shake him and find an abandoned warehouse, just as the sun starts to rise. Selene starts to burn so Michael drives, crashing into the side of a building. He takes her inside, and stops light coming through the windows by throwing paint all over them. Cute scene. He then puts Selene into a dark room, and gets a first aid kit for Selene's burns- on her hands and one side of her face. She says there's no need, and when he returns with it, she's already healed. Michael touches the side of her face to be sure, and they kiss. And then kiss more. And then start stripping each other's clothes off. And you can guess what they do next. And if you can't, then they show you, in pretty vivid detail.

Meanwhile, a man who is later identified, is brought the bodies of Amelia, Lucian and Viktor. He cuts into Viktor surgically and removes a metal thing from his chest. He also sends out a team to destroy the safe house that Selene and Michael were at earlier. As of now, his reasons, and identity are unknown.

It becomes dark again. Michael is fixing up a car that was left in the warehouse and Selene is holding the necklace that once belonged to Lucian. She has a flashback that she has held the necklace before, in her youth. It also turns out that Marcus was after it too, but she doesn't know why. She does know someone who does, though. Michael asks who, Selene tells him about a man named Tanis who was exiled for telling horrible lies, which turn out be to be truth, three hundred years ago. Michael wonders how they're going to find him, but Selene says she knows. It was she that exiled him.

Cut to them driving, until they reach an elaborate house, made of stone. They stop at a gate that warns of guard dogs on the premises, and Selene says she doesn't recall that gate being there before. She gets out of the car, and opens the gate. Michael drives in slowly, after her.

Selene stops in front of the house, and notices the camera watching. She tells Michael to back up, but before she can move, she falls through the ground, into a tunnel-like-area (seen in the trailer.) The "guard-dogs" turn out to be Lycans, but she kills both of them. Michael is also attacked by them, but he transforms and gets rid of them easily.

Inside the house is Tannis, who is being seduced by two vampires, who aren't wearing many clothes. He is the one that set the Lycans on Selene and Michael. Selene makes it out of the tunnel, and into the house where the two female vampires attack her but she takes them out.

Selene and Michael are now in the house with Tannis and she notices the UV-bullets. Tannis was the one who invented them for the Lycans, on Kraven's order. That's also why he had the Lucian guard-dogs, as payment. After Selene convinces him that she did actually kill Viktor, he tells her about heaps of things. Firstly, that Viktor was once a lord with lots of land and power. On his deathbed, he is approached by Marcus who turns him into a vampire in exchange for that power, so that Marcus can look for William. Tannis also tells them that Lycans, in the earlier years, could not transform back into humans, and once bitten, were Lycans forever, until they died. Time had evolved the Lycans into the current ones, who were able to channel their rage. So, William, who was very destructive was locked away in a complicated tomb. There are two parts to the key that will open it: The first part is the necklace that Selene now has and the second part is the metal object that was retrieved from Viktor's body.

Tannis also tells Selene that it was her family that was asked to create the tomb. Selene realizes that this was why they were killed, because they knew too much about the tomb. She also realizes that Marcus is after the key because he wants to free William. She needs help, but Tannis can't do that. He points her in contact with a contact of his, and off they go.

Later, Marcus arrives at Tannis' place. He now looks like a normal person. He asks Tannis about the keys, but Tannis denies knowledge of them. Marcus extends one of his wings and stabs Tannis who suddenly recalls the keys. Marcus however, drinks from Tannis, receives his memories and sees that Selene has also been here. He also finds out the location of the contact that they are going to see.

Cut to Selene and Michael who have turned up at the giant ship of the previously unidentified man. It turns out that he is Alexander Corvinus, the first true immortal, and father of Marcus and William.

Selene asks him why he won't help her but he claims that he cannot hurt one of his own sons. During the conversation, they start to hear gunshots and it apparent that Marcus has arrived. He uses one of his clawed wings to drag Michael out the window, and they land beneath, on a pier.

Down there, Marcus slams Michael through a giant stump, and one of his wrist through another one. Ouch. Selene goes after him and tries to shoot but he pushes her against a wall, and presses one of her wrists against something sharp. Blood drips down, into his mouth and he sees something: The location of the tomb that William is in. While he is in his stupor, Selene reaches for a gun that is above her and just as he snaps out of it, she gets it and shoots him in the face. He goes away, and Selene hurries to Michael.

In a heartbreaking scene, Selene fails to revive Michael. He's dead, and she gets angry and sad.

Above, in the ship, Marcus pays a visit to his father. Ultimately, Marcus, who is something of a hybrid himself, is going to free William, and take over the world (or something like that). Marcus calls himself a god and says that gods don't have fathers before stabbing his father and leaving. Alexander says to bring Selene to him.

Selene is brought up to him, by some men who say that she's the only one who can stop him. She goes up with them but asks that Michael not be left there.

With his last breaths, Alexander allows Selene to drink from him. She hesitates at first, asking what she will become, and he tells her, "the future." She drinks and leaves, to fight Marcus.

Alone, Alexander sets off a bomb thing and destroys everything, killing himself. It's something that he's been doing, cleaning up the messes left behind by vampires and Lycans.

Selene is in a helicopter, flying towards her childhood home, where is where William's tomb is. She opens Michael's body bag and her eyes fill with tears. It's a sad moment, but then she focuses on her task. She recalls an entrance that she wants to use and the helicopter drops her near it.

Inside, Marcus is already there. He puts the keys together and releases William. William is still in his Lycan form and is slightly aggressive but Marcus calms him.

Selene arrives, with a team that Alexander has provided. She realizes that they are too late, and that Marcus is already there, and has already released William. William attacks them and they shoot at him a bit but fail to harm him. Marcus attacks Selene but she fights back, and she appears to be stronger than before, possibly from Alexander's blood. She can't beat him, but she takes the key and releases the rock door, which separates her and Marcus.

Anyway, William the Lycan attacks all of Selene's team and they all "die." She shoots at him, over and over, constantly replacing the magazine. The roof starts to crumble and some of it caves in.Selene ducks out of the way.

Meanwhile, in the helicopter that is still above, circling, Michael has a mini-flashback, and
remembers what Selene said to him earlier about him being unique. His eyes open.

When the rock and smoke has cleared, Selene comes out and looks cautiously around for William. However, the previous members of her team, who were bitten by William, start to transform She manages to kill one of them but there are three more, and she can't take them all at once. The team members that are still on the helicopter try to shoot some of them but they're too close and don't want to risk hitting Selene. Michael transforms, jumps out of the helicopter and lands below, taking on two of the Lycans and Selene deals with the third one herself.

While this is happening, Marcus has transformed back into his weird form, and has lifted the rock door and has made his way out.

Selene's ecstatic that Michael is fine but William suddenly comes out and attacks them. Michael fights with him. Selene is attacked by Marcus who has made his way out, and they fight. From here, the people in the helicopter have a clearer shot and start shooting at William. Marcus gets angry and pulls on a chain that is connected to the helicopter. It tumbles down, and lands on it's side, close to where Marcus and Selene are fighting.

They continue to fight. Selene definitely seems stronger and seems to be holding her own, despite a close shave with the helicopter propeller but Marcus uses one of his wing-claws and stabs Selene through the middle and comments on her and her family's deaths. Selene gets visibly angry, breaks off the claw, removes it from herself and stabs Marcus with it, from under the chin and thrusting upwards into his brain. To complete the job, she pushes him backwards into the helicopter propeller and he is chopped up.

Michael and William fight for a while. Their fight isn't as interesting but eventually, Michael rips of William's head.

The sun starts to rise, but Selene is standing in it, unaffected. Perhaps an effect of Alexander Convinus's blood? She and Michael embrace and her voice-over starts, talking about how this was an unplanned chapter and how for the first time, she looks to the light with hope.

It's a good set up for the third movie, if that happens.

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Alexander Corvinus (Derek Jacobi) is the father of the original Lycan/Vampire twins William (Brian Steele) and Markus (Tony Curran). Markus mortally wounds his father and takes the key to William's underground cell, where he encounters the hybrid Michael (Scott Speedman) and apparently kills him, too. Selene (Kate Beckinsale) is brought to Alexander, who gives her his blood before dying, telling her that after drinking his blood, she will not die with the rest of the vampires when she kills Markus (meaning that Alexander was a werewolf/Lycan himself, making Selene another hybrid). The now powered-up Selene fights Markus while Michael returns from the dead to fight William. Eventually, Michael tears off William's upper jaw and head and Selene forces a wounded Markus into the propeller of a helicopter (or you could just say the good guys win, no need to get graphic if you don't want to). Selene (possibly impregnated with Michael's baby) closes the movie with a narration that even though the source vampire and Lycan have been killed, and with them their descendants, there is still evil in the world, and she hopes she will be able to deal with it. (ah....ahh.....SEQUEL!!)

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