A Little Romance


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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by KMcenerney.

Diane Lane plays a writing professor named Frances who lives in San Francisco

Upon finding that her husband is having an affair, she divorces and starts anew. A lesbian friend (played by Sandra Oh in a wonderful turn) gives her a ticket to a "Gay and Away" tour in beautiful Tuscany.

While there, for some inexplicable reason, Frances buys a crumbling villa called Bramasole and proceeds to restore it. She makes some good friends, hires three Polish workers to restore the mansion, and has an affair with an Italian - who lives in Trieste for the express purpose of making the movie look more scenic.

The Sandra Oh character, now pregnant and single, comes to live with her after she splits with her partner.

There's a wedding of a young couple (one of the Polish workers and a young Italiana), and a chance visit by an American writer whose book was given a bad review by Frances.

At the end, everyone - the lesbian, the baby, the couple, the wacky Italian friend who thinks she's Anita Ekberg, the friends, the writer-boyfriend - has dinner together.

A good chick flick and great scenery.


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