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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Sraeps1 who says... "Before I start the spoiler, I have to say, this was the funniest movie I ever saw!"

The movie begins saying that in the 70s, black culture was popular. In the 80’s it went down a bit, and in the 90s, tragedy struck… Dennis Rodman in a dress. Then they say only one person kept the tradition alive: Undercover Brother (Eddie Griffin). He looks and acts like he is still in the 70s.

There is another group, the B.R.O.T.H.E.R.H.O.O.D. who also fight for black rights. They never heard of Undercover Brother and he never heard of them… Until now. Sistah Girl (Aunjanue Ellis) is posing as a employee at a company owned by "The Man" who has been trying to abolish all blackness in the world. You never see The man’s face in the movie.

Sistah Girl almost uploaded information from the computers secretly, but then it is interrupted. An alarm sounds and an old man is also doing it. Security guards go after him. They attack him and pull off his disguise and it turns out that it is Uncover Brother. He jumps out the window and a parachute opens, bringing him to the ground safely.

The Brotherhood is curious who he is. The news said they don’t know who he is, but they are questioning Macy Gray. They find out it is Undercover Brother. The chief (Chi McBride), of the Brotherhood says they need somebody like that with them.

The Man is mad. A black Vietnam veteran is considering running for president. Apparently he is a very likely candidate to win. He calls Mr. Feather (Chris Kattan) and tells him to use a mind control drug on him. He hangs up the phone and turns on the radio. He tries to control himself, but he ends up dancing to rap music.

The members of the brotherhood are all watching the TV where there is a press conference from the man who might be a candidate. They are waiting to see if he will run for office. When the press conference begins, he says he will be… opening up a chicken joint. Everybody is shocked. The Brotherhood is sure this is the work of the man. The chief says he need Undercover Brother.

Sistah Girl goes to Undercover Brother’s apartment and takes him to the Brotherhood headquarters. He meets Conspiracy Brother (Dave Chappelle), Smart Brother (Gary Anthony Williams ), The Chief, and Lance (Neil Patrick Harris). Lance is a white man who was somehow hired as an intern there. They explain to him about the organization and what they do. They also say what the man does.

Sistah Girl and Undercover Brother go undercover and follow the candidate who is acting like a white person.

They spot Mr. Feather and Undercover Brother goes after him. Feather runs away while his security guards fight him. Sistah Girl saves him. They leave and are sure that The Man is behind it because they know Mr. Feather is his #1 man.

Undercover Brother studies white culture and goes undercover as a new employee, AJ Jackson, at the same company from the beginning. He meshes with the white people in the building, and then sneaks into a room with many technical equipment. He steals information on the candidate. They ask him to stay undercover until they decode the information. The alarm sounds and Mr. Feather sees Undercover Brother on a security camera. He says they need to get their secret weapon which is like black people kryptonite: a white woman. Undercover Brother changes back into AJ. He bumps into White She Devil, a.k.a. Penelope Snow (Denise Richards).

She says it is her first day of work too. Undercover Brother and her start to go out like a couple. She begins to make him do white people things.

When Undercover Brother goes to the Brotherhood headquarters, he is acting completely white, and leaves the brotherhood. The chief says when he is undercover too long, they become what they go undercover as. They find out from the information that they are using the mind control drug on the candidate. They ask how they are distributing the drug and realize it is in the chicken. Sistah Girl goes to warn Undercover Brother since he doesn’t know.

She goes there dressed as a 70s vixen. Penelope and Sistah Girl sway him back and forth between Undercover Brother and AJ Jackson until Sistah Girl pulls out his medallion that he says will remind him who he is. He becomes Undercover Brother. Penelope shows her true intentions and fights with the 2 along with her henchmen. Sistah Girl and White She Devil take the fight to the shower. The henchmen and Undercover Brother stop fighting and watch it as they fight seductively. Sistah Girl punches her out and Undercover Brother starts to fight again. They leave but White She Devil and the henchmen follow. They get trapped. The henchmen hold them and White She Devil is about to shoot but shoots the henchmen instead. She says she fell in love with Undercover Brother.

They all go back to the Brotherhood. Smart Brother takes White She Devil to find out what she knows. While he does that, Lance comes in and says that he just saw a black movie and wants to abolish all bigotry. They invite him into the group. Conspiracy Brother is pissed that he was invited in, then The Chief invites White She Devil in too after they find out that later that night, James Brown would become the next target.

They try to protect him, but the chauffeur was Mr. Feather and drove him away. The group found an antidote for the mind control drug. They go to the place where they took James Brown, who had a transmitter on him.

They break in and try to find out where the candidate is. While they do that, Mr. Feather has James Brown held hostage. James Brown starts to yell and takes off his costume to reveal that it is Undercover Brother in disguise. Mr. Feather sends his henchmen after he group after The Brotherhood finds out where the Candidate is.

The Candidate is called by Mr. Feather who tells him to kill Undercover Brother while he runs away. The henchmen arrive and one of them says that White She Devil set up the Brotherhood. She goes to him, but steals his gun and turns it on him. She says something along the lines of "Once you go black, you never go back."

Sistah Girl and White She Devil fight with the other henchmen. Conspiracy Brother presses a button that will make the building have a meltdown in 5 minutes. Then they go to help Undercover Brother. The Candidate is about to shoot him when they give him to antidote. They take him out of the building.

Undercover Brother runs to the roof and heads off Mr. Feather. They get into a fight and Mr. Feather cuts off Undercover Brother’s fro. He is pissed and goes after him. At the same time, The Man is in a helicopter above the building and tells the drivers to leave because Mr. Feather failed him. Mr. Feather jumps up and holds onto the bottom. Over the ocean, Undercover Brother throws his hair brushes at him and makes Mr. Feather fall, and a shark jumps from the water and eats him. The building blows up and Undercover Brother jumps off to where the group are standing, far on the beach. Sistah Girl says he doesn’t have his parachute, but he presses a button and his bellbottoms expand and float him to safety.

He and Sistah Girl kiss. The Chief comes in a sub and they all leave, ending the movie.


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