"Set in the late 21st century, a subculture of humans has emerged with a genetic mutation causing enhanced speed, incredible stamina and acute intelligence. As more people are infected and the government becomes increasingly terrified of their growing power, those with the mutation are treated as outcasts, subjected to terrifying tests and put into quarantine. The government sets out to destroy them, but one woman is determined that that doesn't happen: ultra-beautiful, ultra-lethal Violet. With eye-popping martial arts skills and chameleon-like abilities, Violet becomes a rogue warrior bent on protecting her new race -- and seeking revenge on those who created it. "

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NOTE: This Spoiler was sent in by Anime-crazedMissheru who says..."The film was decent. If you turn off your mind and watch it, it's not half bad. Sure, there are obvious plot holes, unrealistic parts, and some weak dialogue; but as a piece of action/entertainment it's okay. It's not amazing or anything; but it kept me entertained. So if you watch it for that instead of trying to understand every little piece of Ultraviolet, it should turn out alright."

The story opens with Violet (Milla Jovovich) narrating, "My name is Violet, I was born into a world you may not understand..." There is an overshot of the city. Suddenly, a plane opens up and a bunch of black spheres fly out from under it and into a building. Glass shatters everywhere and the spheres begin to crash into all these desks set up in the room. Scientists in white lab coats, that are standing near a large metal door, turn to see the desks being crushed. Before they can react, the spheres morph into soldiers who run up to the scientists and slash them apart with ease. The scientists fall to the ground dead and the soldiers break open the door.

Inside there are pools of blood, almost like blood banks or storage tanks. The soldiers walk inside; but are suddenly surrounded by armed guards. The guards are ordered to execute the soldiers; which they promptly do. After the soldiers are executed; two men walk out from behind the guards. One has on a face mask and examines one of the soldier's teeth. It's elongated; almost vampire-like and the man remarks with disgust, "Hemophages." He then examines a metal sword-like object near the Hemophage's shoulder and explains that his type of metal in a weapon is very rare to have. He turns to the other man and says that there plan worked perfectly; however, they must have known it was suicide to come in there. They realize that the Hemophages were trying to bring the infection inside; and the man who had on the face mask looks at his hand. There's blood on it, meaning that he's infected. The other man, without the mask on, promptly shoots him and another soldier, because he's infected too.

Violet begins narrating again explaining that in a lab a virus was created. You see a scientist (you can't see his face) looking at microscope slide with blood on it. He looks at his finger and it's cut. He was the first one to be infected. (Important Later) Violet explains that the virus got out because of him and became uncontrollable. Basically, it was infecting everyone on an exponential level and the government attempted to segregate the infected from "normal" humans. First they forced them to wear identification markers on their arms. When that didn't work, they were placed in camps. "Soon," Violet says, "No one ever heard from them." There were only a few Hemophages left; who had hidden from the government. Violet is one of them. She was infected one day at the hospital. She'd just found out that she was pregnant; when there was a fight and Hemophage blood got all over her. Her husband (Ricardo Mamood) abandoned her and she was forced to have an abortion because she was infected.

The man in charge of all this was Viceroy Daxus (Nick Chinlund), who wanted all Hemophages wiped out. He's in charge of the corporation responsible for this. His men say that all the Hemophages have been wiped out except for a remaining few. Daxus isn't worried. He says that they'll all be wiped out soon and that he has a weapon to do this. There is someone coming to pick it up and transport it to another location.

Outside the complex, a motorcycle drives up to it. Armed guards ask for ID. The person takes off her helmet and it's Violet. She says a code name and inserts a chip saying that she's expected. The ID chip reads through and the guards tell her to remove her sunglasses so that she can be scanned. She does. After the scanning is complete, Violet is lead into the complex. She's led into a white room and told to sit down. She promptly does and is strapped to a chair. She must be tested to make sure that she's not a Hemophage. The metal plates hold her down while these metal things pry her mouth open and hold her face in position. then needles are inserted into her eyes and metal needles into her wrists in order to collect blood. She winces in pain; but when it's over, she has to be scanned once more before being allowed inside.

Violet is informed that she will be receiving a suitcase which has the weapon inside. Under no circumstances is she to open it. She agrees, and is lead into a blue room. Soldiers are armed with electric guns and the suitcase is in the middle. Violet has to sign her name in blood, using her DNA as confirmation. The guard prepares to give her the suitcase. Suddenly, a yellow alert goes off. It just so happens that the real informant arrived after Violet did. Violet quickly beats all the guards up in the blue room and the ones sent in after. Then, she grabs the suitcase and runs. She begins to throw up; but injects herself with a medicine that stops her symptoms from getting worse. She's obviously dying. Once her strength has returned, she starts to leave. Using an anti-gravity device, she runs and flips on the ceiling, while shooting other guards.

Meanwhile, Daxus' men are trying to figure out how Violet wasn't detected. On of them figures she used some sort of antigen inserted into her blood to mask that she was a Hemophage. They do an ID scan on her and found out that she had been experimented on in that very building years ago and that was where she had her abortion. One of the men tries to reason with Violet via intercom; but Violet basically says that she's going to bring them all down. She makes it into a vent shaft and, using the gravity device, shoots at some guards at the bottom of it while flipping upwards and breaking through the glass to the roof. Tons of guards are already on the roof to ambush her. She begins shooting at them and when they come closer to her; she flips off of the platform she's on and continues firing at them. When all are dead, Violet jumps down from the roof to the ground, slices up more guards with her sword (that comes out of her hand), and jumps onto the motorbike.

As she drives away and is being chased, she contacts Nerva (Sebastian Andrieu) and tells him she has the device. Nerva tells her to destroy the weapon and herself if need be to get ride of it. Violet agrees. She steps on the gas and begins to drive, jumping off of ramps, along cars, and even up the side of a building. (Kind of random if you ask me). A helicopter follows her; but Violet drives onto the roof of a building, turns to face the helicopter, hits a ramp, and drives through it shooting at it's main engines, causing it to explode. (another random/unreal moment) She, on the flying motorbike, crashes through a window and lands in a building. Violet gets into the elevator and pushes a button to go up.

Overwelmed by curiosity, she opens the suitcase, and is shocked to find a child (Cameron Bright) lying inside. She quickly shuts the suitcase. On one of the upper levels, she meets Nerva and explains that the weapon can't be in the suitcase because it's a child. Nerva says that the child probably has antigens in his body that kill all Hemophages, therefore, it is a child and a weapon. Violet begs him not to kill the child; but Nerva refuses. Violet leaves and Nerva fires one shot towards the child. However, it's just a hologram. Violet grabs the child; who's still in the elevator and says "I knew it." They proceed to run. Violet fights a bunch of men on the roof of the building in giant gun battle, then sees the boy standing ona ledge. She coaxes him down and yells at him for putting himself in so much danger. More guards arrive; but Violet has ran away.

Daxus appears and tries to claim Six; but Violet won't let him. He claims that the boy is his son; but Violet says that he's full of it. She backs up the car they ran in before Daxus appeared and crashes into the armed guards sent after them and drive away.

They manage to get to a train station. Violet and the child run inside one. Violet tries to stay unnoticed; but the boy is curious about his new surroundings. Violet gets angry and yells at him to sit down. She's not afraid to kill him if he slows her down.

When they get off of the train, Violet calls Garth (William Fichtner) to help them. Garth says that Nerva called him already and that he can't help her. Violet begs for his help; but Garth hangs up on her. Once again the boy is looking around the station. Violet grabs him and reminds him that he could cause them to be killed. She asks his name and he holds up six fingers, indicating that his name is Six. Violet wants to take blood out of him; but Six won't let her. She says that she'll die without his blood; but Six says that they'll both die if he screams for help. Violet is frustrated; but gives in. While they're walking; she explains to him why he's wanted and about war going on. Six seems to understand what she's saying.

They make it to Garth's house and he reluctantly lets them in. He examines the boy and takes a blood sample. That night Violet sits looking out at the sky that's filled with fireworks and talks to Six about what she wished for and planned for before she was infected. The next day, Garth tells Violet that Six will die in 8 hours. Daxus put something in his blood that's causing Six to deteriorate from the inside out. Violet is worried about this; but Garth says that Six is a danger to them because he has a tracking device within him. Garth and Violet also speculate that Six knows the cure for the virus because he wrote a crazy scientific formula on one of Garth's research sheets.

Between this, Daxus cornered Nerva and is forcing him to find Violet and Six.

Meanwhile, Violet decides not to endanger Garth and takes Six with her. They go to a station. Violet tries to leave Six there; but is overwelmed with guilt about it and goes back. When she reaches the place where Six was, she thinks that he's dead because guards are standing over a child's body. But it's not Six, it's someone else. Violet sees a door swing closed unnoticed by everyone and runs through it. She sees Six and tries to get him to stop; only to see a Hemophage grab him.

Knowing that they're taking Six to Nerva, she tracks them down to Nerva's place. After a fight in a graveyard, she enters Nerva's house and sees Six tied up there, above a very deep well or hole. Nerva threatens to let go of the rope holding him and kill him. Violet tells him not to because Nerva needs Six as much as she does. "Are you insane?" he asks. Violet whips out her sword and slices through his men like mincemeat, then fights him. The rope holding Six begins falling as Violet fights Nerva. She kills him and grabs the rope. It burns her hands; but she manages to stop it. She pulls Six up; but he's getting worse.

Daxus contacts her and Violet demands that he find the cure for Six. He suggests that she bring Six to him; but she wants to know why he would kill his own son. He says that Six is actually his clone, the sixth out of 8 of them so it doesn't matter if he dies. Violet, who's grown attached to Six, agrees to meet Daxus in exchange for the antidote for Six and for the Hemophages. Six begs her not to do this; but Violet ignores him.

She pulls up in front of Daxus and his 700 man army. They confront each other and Daxus refuses to give her the antidote unless she gives up Six. She refuses and asks why they couldn't find any antigens in Six's blood to kill all the Hemophages. Daxus says that he doesn't want the Hemophages dead. It's the humans he wants to be infected. Since he has a cure for the virus; he wants to control the world by being the only one to give out the cure-for a price of course. Violet says he's sick and she wants no part of this. Daxus and his army fire at her and the car. Then he strikes her; but realizes that it's just a hologram.

The real Violet is standing in a building across the street hidden from Daxus. Sadly, she takes off her headpiece, which makes her able to talk through the hologram, and sighs with frustration. Six tells her it's hopeless and to let him die. Violet knows that she can do nothing more. They go to a playground and spend the rest of the day riding on one of those spinning wheels that you find at playgrounds. Six promptly falls to the ground soon after and begins to die. Violet cries for the first time as he dies; he reminds her of the child she never had. Daxus and his army show up. A tear drops from Violet's eye onto Six. (Important Later) Daxus tells his guards to take Six's body away, then whips Violet onto the ground and promptly shoots her. Her eyes close and you'd think that she were dead.

Her eyes open a few days later with Garth standing over her. He says he managed to transfer to Daxus' medical team unnoticed and managed to save her. Violet's heart had stopped 3 times and she had nearly died. Violet begins to scream and cry at him for bringing her back because she hates being in so much pain since she's going to die anyways. Six is dead, so she has nothing to live for. However, she decides to confront Daxus face to face to end this.

She breaks into the complex, fights a bunch of his henchmen, slashes some with her sword in the white room, then makes it to Daxus. He tries to fire something at her; but she deflects it. Daxus whips out a sword and tells Violet the real reason behind Six's existence. He was the scientist at the beginning of the movie that became infected when he created the virus. However, he modified the virus to that he could see in the dark and not be as sensitive to light. Violet is surprised; but begins to fight him. After slashing his shoulder, Daxus becomes a coward and closes the domed structure so that it's pitch black and only he can see. Violet uses the sword and scrapes it against the metal floor a few times to light it on fire. The two begin fighting again because she can now see him. Daxus ends up getting lit on fire and Violet slices him up.

She carries Six to the roof and manages to revive him. Six asks how this was possible and Violet explains that when her tear fell, it fell into his eye, turning him into a Hemophage and preventing him from dying since you get increased strength and healing. Violet then nearly throws up. Her symptoms have become worse. Six tells her that he knows the cure. Violet says she knows and the two of them leave the complex, heading back to where Garth is in hopes of developing the antidote.

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The weapon that Violet (Milla Jovovich) turns out intercepting is in fact not a gun, but a child.  This forces her to turn against her vampiric kind while still battling the human corporation that owned the child, led by Daxus (Nick Chinlund)

Throughout the battles that occur, Violet discovers that the kid is dying from some kind of human gene that supposedly had a cure for her (she's dying as well).  It's then revealed that the kid is actually a clone of Daxus, project "six of eight".  She attempts to return the kid after rescuing him from her former group (in which she tears apart with her sword), but finds a trap by Daxus set with a bunch of gunmen.  She avoids it by using a hologram, but they eventually capture the kid after he dies.

Violet is revived by her friend Garth (William Fichtner) and she proceeds to the headquarters, tearing apart wave after wave of soldiers and eventually getting to Daxus, who reveals he has some vampiric powers of his own as he kills the light in the room.  This leads to a big swordfight with enflamed blades, but Violet eventually gets the edge and slices Daxus to pieces as he's set on fire.

Violet then takes Six to the roof, and he's somehow revived.  However, she collapses, as if she's dying.  Six insists otherwise, and tells Violet to get up.  The last scene is the corporation headquarters exploding as Violet and Six ride away in Garth's van, with Violet warning future troublemakers that she's still around.

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