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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by lulabelljane.

The movie starts out with Lucy, an environmental lawyer sitting on top of a large wrecking ball trying to stop them from bulldozing a building. Lucy and two friends are protesting with her laying in front of the building. While they are laying there her two friends get engaged. All of a sudden police sirens are heard coming closer to the building. The next scene shows Lucy walking out of a police station with her parents. They had come to bail her out. She asks them if the building was destroyed and they say yes. Lucy grabs the magazine her mother was holding. On the cover is George Wade, the man responsible for the building going down. She looks at it and frowns.

In another part of town, George Wade is talking with his brother. His brother is angry with him for firing another attorney. His brother says he needs one to help George with his divorce and other legal matters. The next day George is walking out of his office after interviewing a woman for the job. Lucy is standing outside his office and runs up to him. She only intends to talk to him about not tearing down a community center in her neighborhood. They begin talking and he finds out that she is a lawyer. He tells her that if she becomes his new Chief Counsel he will make sure that the community center stays open. She says she will have to think about it. He gives her his number of the hotel he owns and lives in. Later she goes to tell her parents about the job offer. Both of her parents also work in the legal field. Her father is excited for her. Her mother does not think it is a good idea. She tells Lucy that George is nothing but a rich womanizer. In the end Lucy agrees to take the job.

The job starts out fine. Lucy loves working there because George agrees to help her with all kinds of environmental stuff.

The next scenes show how Lucy's job changes over the course of her working for George. He calls her at 2 in the morning while in a bar, makes her help pick out clothes and new beds for him. He even shows up late to his divorce proceedings. She goes along with it but it drives her crazy.

Eventually she has been working with George for a year. One day she is a bridesmaid in the wedding of her friends that got engaged in the beginning of the movie. It is right in the middle of the ceremony when a cell phone goes off. Lucy realizes it's hers. She sees that it is a message from George saying he has an emergency and to get to his place ASAP. She apologizes to her friends and rushes out. She gets to George's worried that he is hurt or worse. She finds him standing in front of his closet.

As soon as she walks in he asks her the all important question. "What do I wear tonight to the party". She looks at him in disgust. She tells him that she quits and she walks out. The next couple of days she goes around to different law firms looking for a new job, but George got to them all and said not to hire Lucy. She goes to yell at him and he decides that she can go just as long as she finds her own replacement. She agrees.

One day a pretty young lawyer named June comes in to interview for the job. Lucy starts to talk to her but has to rush out to go to a meeting with George. Just then George walks in and spots June. Lucy tells him that they have to go to the meeting. George says to go without him and he will finish interviewing June. Lucy gets a little jealous look in her before she walks out of her office. A couple of days go by. Lucy, June, and George are playing tennis. Lucy is watching with a jealous look in her eye as George shows June how to hit the ball.

Before you know it, Lucy's two weeks are almost up. Her last big gig at Wade Enterprises is to go to a benefit. She doesn't know until later that George also invited June.

At the benefit Lucy is talking with George when June walks up. June tells Lucy she needs her to look at these papers about the community center that is going to be torn down. She has a fight with George and runs off. Later she decides to talk to him about it. She goes to the hotel to find June in George's room. She runs out upset. She tells George and everyone else good-bye the next day. She gets a job at a little legal office.

The demolition of the community center has finally come. Lucy's father asks her if she is going to protest but she says no. One day she is at work, when George walks in. He reads to her the speech he gave at the demolition of the center. In it he says he the center won't be torn down because he promised a beautiful woman with a good heart that he wouldn't. After his speech he tells her that he didn't sleep with June. She tells him he needs to leave because she has to get back to work. They say good-bye and he leaves. Lucy sits at her desk for a minute and then realizes what a mistake she made. She runs outside to catch George. When she spots him she runs into his arms. He tells her that he loves her and she says she loves him. They kiss and then George tells her that he was fired. She smiles and then they continue kissing on the street as the credits roll.


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