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A Fable on Film


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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by HorrorFreak889 who says... "Forget Finding Nemo, forget Shrek 2, this is the best family movie in a long time."

The movie starts with two young tigers in the jungle. Their names are Kumal and Sangha. They are playing with their parents and they're running around chasing birds. We cut to an auction on the outskirts of the jungle. This is where we meet Aidan (Guy Pearce) He is an author of famous animal books. However, he is also a hunter. Him and his co-workers came to the jungle to find old stone buddha statues. Aidan leaves the auction to set out on his journey. We cut to him and his co-workers cutting down trees and breaking into old temples.

Kumal goes to warn Sangha about the hunters heading their way. The mom and Sangha run out of the temple, but the dad and Kumal are left behind. They decide to hide instead of run. We see one of the co-workers find the dad. The dad decides to take a bite out of his neck. Aidan comes in and shoots the dad, killing him. Aidan looks over and finds Kumal and decides to look after him for a while.

We cut to Aidan and his crew arriving in a small village where all the towns people are clapping and cheering Aidan on. Apparently in that village, tigers are dangerous and they must be killed. A young Asian women named Nai-Rea thanks Aidan for what he has done. We see some police officers come over and they arrest Aidan because he is English and the foreigners think he is a threat to their country. The police officer takes Kumal and throws him into a cage. The cage is loaded into the back of a truck. Aidan is taken down to the local jail and is thrown behind bars. Shortly after, he is broken out by a rich fat man. People call him Administrator Normandin. Normandin tells Aidan that he is a great hunter and that his wife reads Aidan's books to their son Raoul all the time.

Normandin invites Aidan to stay with him and his family until he goes back to England. Now midnight, we see the mom and Sangha walking in the jungle looking for the dad and Kumal. They wander into the village but the hunters come and try to shoot at them. The two run off back into the jungle. The next morning, we see Kumal in his cage. He is woken up by the footsteps of his mother chasing after the truck. The mom jumps on the back of the truck, but the driver notices and he swerves the car and this causes the mom to fall off hitting the ground hard. The mom and Sangha watch as Kumal is taken away. We next see that the truck Kumal was in comes to a stop. The cage gets carried into a circus yard. The circus people gather around and put him into a bigger cage. Kumal will be apart of the circus now.

The next day, Sangha and the mom wander into a field. A group of hunters show up and they start shooting at the two. Sangha runs into the tall grass but the mom gets shot. She falls to the ground and the hunters think she is dead. Normandin walks over and rests his foot on the body. We see the mom blink and we notice that the bullet only went threw her ear. The mom stands up which causes Normandin to falls on his back. The mom runs off into the jungle. Normandin walks over and sees Sangha hiding. He takes Sangha and brings it back home to his son Raoul.

We next see Kumal in his cage bored as heck. He looks into the cage next to him and sees an adult tiger. The two tigers start to communicate and Kumal starts to play with the adult tigers tail. We cut to Raoul in his closet counting down from 10. He is playing hide and seek with Sangha. Raoul looks up on his stuffed animal shelf and sees Sangha hiding (the whole audience went awww)

Now dinner time. Normandin, his wife and Aidan start to talk about Aidan's books. Aidan's best seller was a book about tigers. We see that Raoul and Sangha are hiding under the table. The wife's dog comes running in and starts to bark at Sangha. This causes Sangha to start chasing the dog which causes a huge mess in the house. The mom and the maids hand Sangha over to the police so that they can lock him up in a cage.

We next see Normandin and his son walk over to the circus yard. The son wants tiger skin for his own personal collection. Normandin pays the circus owner and we see the adult tiger get taken away. Kumal is moved into the adult tiger's cage. The circus owner says that it is a big promotion. We see the circus owner hang a sign over Kumal's cage that says 'KUMAL BLOOD THIRSTY TIGER'

One year later...

We see Aidan and Nai-Rea sailing on a boat. They got married and they are now living in Asia. We next see the ringmaster of the circus giving Kumal jumping lessons. Kumal is a full grown tiger now. The ringmaster wants Kumal to jump threw a ring of fire. Kumal ignores him and we see the other circus people come in and poke at Kumal with sticks. This gets him mad enough and he jumps threw the ring of fire. We next see Sangha in a cage in Normandin's son's house. The son walks over to Sangha and puts a gold necklace around Sangha's neck. The son says that tomorrow Sangha will have to fight another tiger in front of a big audience.

The next day we see Raoul and his parents arriving at the tiger battle. Aidan and Nai-Rea also show up. We see the son release Sangha into the battle zone and the crowd cheers. We see the circus ringmaster let Kumal into the battle zone and once again the crowd cheers. Little do the two tigers know that they are brothers. Sangha is very aggressive and Kumal is scared. The two tigers finally begin to fight but after a few seconds Sangha throws Kumal to the ground. Sangha looks Kumal in the eyes and realizes that they are brothers. The two tigers start to lick each other and play around. The audience cheers but the ringmaster and the son are very upset. The ringmaster opens the cage to the battle zone and Kumal bites him in the hand. The brothers make a run for it and the hunters follow.

The brothers start to run into the grassy field and they finally get away from the hunters. The brothers are very hungry at this point. They wander into town and they start to eat meat out of meat trucks. They drink water out of the bath in peoples houses. After all that fun, they run back to the jungle and sleep. Later that night, Aidan and Raoul are talking about the two tigers. Aidan says that he has to kill them both or else the tigers will be a threat to the towns people. Aidan makes a promise to Raoul that once he kills the two tigers, he will never hunt again and that he will just write animal books.

The next day the two brother tigers are playing and Aidan and his hunters show up. They light a fire which surrounds the two brothers. The hunters leave. The brothers start to panic but Kumal remembers how to jump over fire. So he goes and jumps over the fire. Sangha also jumps over the fire. The brothers are now safe. We see Aidan and Raoul show up and they say goodbye to the tigers. The brothers go into the jungle and they run into their mother. We can tell its the mother because we can see a ray of sunlight flash through the hole in her ear.

The three decide to relax by the river.


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