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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Nemesis08x who says... "Twisted was an AWSOME movie, the ending was a total twist!"

The movie begins with Jessica (Ashley Judd) in a park with a knife to her neck. The man tries to kill her but she punches him and cuffs him. Later that night Jessica meets Mike (Andy Garcia) at a bar. The two talk about Jessica's promotion and that Mike is now her new partner. Jessica says that she wants to leave and that she will see him in the morning. On the way home Jessica stops at another bar. She meets a strange man and they go back to his place and have sex.

The next morning Jessica has a session with her Therapist about how her parents died when she was only 6 years old. Jessica says that she was depressed for a little while but is doing better. We next see Jessica go to her new office. Mike introduces her to the rest of the cops in the police office. Everyone is intimidated that Jessica is a female cop. Later that night Jessica goes home and pulls out a box of her fathers possessions Jessica has too much wine and blacks out. The next morning Jessica goes to her friends house for breakfast. The friend is John Mills (Samuel L. Jackson) he was Jessica's father's old partner and John raised Jessica. Jessica gets a call from Mike saying that a body was found and that they should check it out.

Jessica meets Mike and they look at the body. Jessica sees a cigarette burn on the victims hand. She notices that the dead man was one of her old boyfriends and that she knows him. Back at the station Jessica is going over clues with Mike.

The two go to Lisa (Camryn Manheim) who works at the morgue. Lisa is looking at the body and finds a spot of blood and does a DNA test. Mike says that they should find more clues. The next day Mike and Jessica go for a boat ride and the two bond since they hardly know each other. The two meet John at a coffee place near the docks. The 3 get a call saying that a second body has been found. Jessica goes to the crime scene and looks over the dead body and notices that its another one of her old boy friends, and YES there is a cigarette burn on the victims hand.

Jessica and Mike go back to the police station and compare notes with the other cops. One cop (Ray, another one of Jessica's old boyfriends) says that Jessica could be the killer since the clues all point to her. Jessica kicks Ray. After a long stressful day, Jessica goes home and starts to drink and she blacks out. The next morning Jessica goes to Mike's house to talk. Mike tells Jessica what Ray said was totally stupid. Jessica agrees and takes a ride to Rays house. She finds him dead in the hot tub with red water and face all smashed up.

Later that day, Jessica goes back to her therapist and says that she is feeling lost and stressed out lately and that 3 bodies have showed up and that she slept with all 3 of them. Jessica goes back home and finds that someone broke into her apartment. It's her old boyfriend who says that he wants to get back together. Jessica says no and that she wants him to leave. The old boyfriend gets rough and starts to touch her and Jessica takes a stick and hits him in the nose until he bleeds. He calls her a psycho and leaves. Jessica starts to drink again and blacks out. The next morning Jessica wakes up and finds the man dead in her bed all bloody.

Jessica goes down to the station and is under arrest and they think Jessica is the killer. John comes by and bails her out of jail.

Jessica and John take a ride to Mikes house, On the way John says that Mike has been missing and that he has been acting strange lately. Jessica says that she hasn't seen him for a few days. They finally arrive and Mike is sitting down drinking wine. John gets all aggressive and starts talking to Mike about the murders. John goes in Mikes kitchen and pours Mike a glass of wine but he slips some sleeping pills into the drink. Mike drinks it and slowly passes out. John ties him up to the chair. Jessica starts to question herself and thinks that John may be the killer. John starts to get aggressive to Jessica too and smacks her in the face. John turns around and notices that Mike isn't tied to the chair anymore. Mike runs outside and jumps into the water under the docks. John is looking for him and finds him. Just before John shoots Mike, Jessica comes out with her gun pointed at John. John says that Jessica's dad wasn't killed in a car crash in fact John killed her father and the mother. John said that he killed her dad because the dad was treating the mom bad. Then John killed the mom because John likes killing.

John said that its time for Jessica to join her dead parents but the police arrive at the scene because Jessica was on the phone with them at the time. John tries to shoot Mike but Jessica shoots John in the heart. His body falls into the water. Jessica tells Mike that she is sorry for thinking he was the killer. Mike smiles back at Jessica and says that it is OK and is happy to be friends with a good person like Jessica


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