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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Streetsk8r1109 who says..."This film is too short (90 minutes) and is really thought provoking... read on...."

The film begins with a man on a motorcycle riding through a small town, and he drives up to the front of a huge house, this man is Jesse Tuck (Jonathan Jackson). As we see his face with him taking his helmet off, he smiles.

Now, it is the very early 1900's, like 1914 or 1913, around the time the Titanic sunk, in that very same town. A narrator tells us that this girl that lay in a field of flowers is Winifred Foster (Alexis Bledel).

Then we see the town, a dirt road with wooden shops of antiques (which were new then) and Mae Tuck (Sissey Spacek) is in town to visit her two sons and husband after 10 years. Jesse and Miles Tuck (Scott Bairstow) see her and run to her, and while Jesse is giving her many gifts, we see Miles and her are very detached. Then they go home, where Angus Tuck (William Hurt!!!!) is and they all have a fun time until Miles says that a man has been following them.

In a flashback of Jesse and Miles running to the back of train away from The Man In The Yellow Suit (Ben Kingsley), we see that he is menacing and mysterious. That kills the fun of everything as they all begin to fear they will be found.

Back to Winifred, better known as Winnie, we see that her life is boring and very much sophisticated. She always wears a dress, plays croquet, plays piano, is pushed around by the regular children in town, and hardly gets to leave her house in search of something better. The Man In The Yellow Suit talks to her outside of her gate one night and asks her if she knows any family named Tuck round here. Before she could answer, her mom chases him away.

Her mother and father (Amy Irving and Victor Garber) are like parents we see in film today, very strict and unfair. Believing that they know best for Winnie, they tell her that they are sending her off to a kind of boarding school, against her will, 500 miles away.

She then runs away into her family's woods and runs into Jesse drinking from a little hole on the ground against a tree, and he chases her away. After that, she bumps into Miles who takes her on a horse to their house. There, we learn that Tucks should not be living there, and she should not leave now. So, Mae and her, that night, talk about how good it is to have another woman in the house and all of that, and Jesse hears it from the room above, smiles and falls asleep. Early that morning, Jesse gets her and tells her she can see the Eiffel Tower if they leave now, so they do. But this Eiffel Tower is taller than the real one, and is made of rock, this is Jesse's favorite place, the view of the forest and the mountains is truely breathtaking.

That night, after a bar fight which TMITYS (The Man In The Yellow Suit) noticed and recognized Miles, Miles walks in on Jesse and Winnie making out after a nice talk, he told her the truth, and Miles tells her the story. The Tucks, over 100 years ago (because climbing the "Eiffel Tower", Jesse tells Winnie he is 104, she thinks he was joking until now), how they all took a sip of the perfect water and how it tasted like Heaven. Miles was married once as well, and before his wife and kids could drink the water, they left him. He had two kids, a boy and girl, and a beautiful wife, they died before he could see them again. Jesse also once fell from 30-feet on a tree to the ground, right on his neck, and got up within a second of falling. Their horse, who drank the water, got shot over 5 times and got back up without a scratch. Their house even was burned down and they came out of it untouched. Now that she knows, in the morning, with TMITYS spying on them, Angus and Winnie have a talk on a rowboat in the lake they live by. He tells the coolest and most important line in the film :"Do not fear death dear Winnie, yet fear the unlived life."

Ma and Pa Foster worry that Winnie is kidnapped and have a search party search the woods, and they find a piece of dress that was ripped off early when she was running from Jesse. TMITYS wants the forest in return for Winnie, so after getting documents signed, he goes back to the Tuck's house and threatens them. He is frightening here because he tells of how his grandma once told him that a crazy woman yelled about a family called the Tucks who will never die, this is Miles' wife long ago. She went to the looney bin because of the truth. TMITYS shoots Jesse in the stomach with a gun and he gets back up untouched and TMITYS laughed. So he puts the gun to Winnie and tells them to bring him to the water and then... BAM! Mae knocked him in the back of the head with a big shotgun, killing him.

After that, the Fosters and cops come and arrest Mae and Angus. Jesse and Miles just escaped. Mae is charged with murder and will be hung, but since she cannot die, a crowd will see this and find out. JJesse climbs up to Winnie's room window and tells her this and to come with him.

At the Police Station, Winnie runs to the sherriff and screams bloody murder, telling him she will be taken away again, and he should go outside and kill the TWO men who are after her. This is a particular funny scene, where Jesse and Miles are dressed in black and red and are yelling at the Sherriff, telling him he will go to Hell now and they are taking him there so he shoots them both and they get up again, he freaks out and runs like Hell. This gives Winnie time to free Angus and Mae.

At the wagon with all of their stuff, Mae tells Winnie she wishes she was her daughter, and before he leaves, he tells Winnie to go and drink the water and stay at the house until he returns, which could be whenever, and they kiss and he says he will love her until the day he dies (by the way, he is 17 forever). Now we see her at the water, putting her hands in it and thinking about how Jesse tells her he will return and he loves her. She believes it, but then she thinks about how Angus explained to her that they have something she shouldn't have, they don't, they just are. Now, she is worried about what she will do and we never see what she does.

It is the first scene all over again, we see Jesse ride to the house, but now we see him walk into the woods and to the tree where the stream was. Yet sadly, we see a tombstone where the stream was. The tombstone reads: Winifred Foster, 1899 to 1999, Dear Wife-Dear Mother. She lived for 100 years...


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