"Bree is a conservative transsexual woman who takes an unexpected journey when she learns that when she was a he, she fathered a son, now a teenage runaway hustling on the streets of New York. Bree is a highly educated, conservative, transsexual woman who passes as a G.G., living in a poor section of Los Angeles and working two jobs to save money for her final sexual reassignment surgery. When she receives a phone call from Toby, a jailed teenage runaway looking for his father, she realizes she must confront her past. She flies to New York to bail Toby out of jail and offers him a ride cross-country, secretly plotting to abandon him with the stepfather he ran away from. "

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NOTE: This Spoiler was sent in by Leigh T.

Bree (Felicity Huffman) is a pre-operative male-to-female transsexual. In the opening shots, we see her practicing speaking in a higher register along with a woman on a videotape, getting dressed and putting on her makeup, and walking to a bus stop. In voice over, she lists all the surgeries she's had so far, until we see she's talking to a doctor. She needs this doctor to sign an authorization form for her to be able to get her final surgery, turning her penis (which she says disgusts her) into a vagina.

We see her washing dishes in a Mexican restaurant and doing telemarketing from home. As she's making her calls, she gets an incoming call from someone in a New York jail asking for "Stanley" (Bree's old name). The caller is a seventeen-year-old who claims to be Stanley's son. He's in jail and says his mother is dead. In shock, Bree hangs up the phone, then makes another telemarketing call, her voice cracking.

Bree visits her therapist Margaret (Elizabeth Pena), who provides the final signature Bree needs for her surgery. We learn the surgery is to take place next week. Margaret asks Bree about her week, and Bree tells her about the call from the boy claiming to be Stanley's son by the only woman he's ever been with (back in college). Margaret points out that she is Stanley and Stanley's past is Bree's past. When Bree says she might contact the boy after the surgery, Margaret says she needs to confront this before going through with the surgery. She says she won't turn in the form for Bree until she deals with her son. Bree says the surgeries are booked a year in advance and if she misses it, she'll have to wait a whole year. She leaves the office in tears. That night, she calls the jail in New York.

Bree arrives at the police station in New York and identifies herself to the clerk as the boy's father, showing both her new and old drivers licenses and explaining that she changed her name. The clerk says the boy, Toby, was arrested for shoplifting a frog and had a suspicious white powder in a bag, though they weren't able to recover it for identification. Bree is horrified he might be an addict. The officer also reveals Toby has been working as a prostitute on the streets. The bail is set at $1. Bree starts to say she can't possibly afford that before realizing what he said.

An officer brings Toby (Kevin Zegers) to Bree. When he assumes she's from a church group, Bree says she's from "The Church of the Potential Father." She buys him lunch at a diner, where he waits for her to say grace. She asks him about his family. He says he's from Calikoon, Kentucky, and he has a stepfather, but they don't get along. When Bree asks why, Toby says it's TMI (too much information).

Toby takes Bree back to the place where he's been staying. It's a crappy room in a flea bag hotel, and he's shares the room with two (or three?) other people. Feeling guilty, Bree gives Toby a hundred dollars, which he puts in a book (Encyclopedia of Dogs) he has. When she says she has to catch a plane to Los Angeles in the morning, Toby says maybe he'll see her out there. He's going to L.A. to find work in gay porn and find his father. He points to a picture of his parents. Bree is stunned to see it. She calls Margaret, saying everything is going well, they're getting along great and Toby's thinking of visiting her in Los Angeles after her surgery. Now she wants to come back and hopefully get back to work so she can recover some of the money she spent on the trip that she was saving for her surgery. Margaret knows she's lying and calls her on it. Bree tells her Toby has a stepfather and she might be able to affect a reconciliation. Back at the room, Bree tells Toby her superior at the church thinks it's important that she get him away from New York's sinful atmosphere and offers to drive him across the country to Los Angeles.

The next day, Toby and a friend are cleaning out a rundown old car the friend hopes to sell to Bree. The friend sells Toby two small packets of drugs before Bree arrives. Bree tells them she already arranged for a rental car. When the friend mentions Bree could sell the car for a profit when they get to Los Angeles, Bree can't resist the opportunity to recoup some of her surgery money. She buys the car.

Toby and Bree hit the road. As they drive, they share some funny conversations that show they're bonding. Bree mentions going to Calikoon more than once. Every time Toby says he doesn't want to go there. At one point, they stop for gas and Toby asks her for money for food. He puts the change in his book instead of giving it back to her.

While Toby's asleep, Bree pulls off the highway and drives to Calikoon. When they arrive, she tells him she thought it would be a shame if they came so close without stopping. Toby gets out of the car and tries to run away, but a lady sees him and hugs him. She takes Toby and Bree back to her house, where Bree learns Toby grew up just two houses up the road, where his stepfather still lives. The neighbor tells Bree about how Toby used to carry around a stuffed monkey when he was little.

Bree goes to Toby's stepfather's house and brings him back to the neighbor's house. Toby is obviously uncomfortable to see him, but Bree tells him to hug his stepfather. When the stepfather says he missed him, Toby whispers in his ear that he knows what he really missed: his mouth and his ass. It's obvious the stepfather molested him. When Toby keeps making comments like that, the stepfather starts punching him. The neighbor lady grabs a pink case (suitcase or makeup case?) Bree's been carrying around and hits him on the back of the head.

Bree and the neighbor carry the unconscious stepfather back to his house and drop him in a chair on the lawn. Bree finds Toby in his stepfather's garage and says this wasn't her fault because he didn't tell her why he didn't want to see the man. Toby grabs a sleeping bag and leaves without saying a word. Bree finds Toby's old stuffed monkey in a box and takes it.

The next morning, the neighbor lady wakes up Toby, who spent the night sleeping outside, and offers him breakfast. She goes back to Bree and tells her Toby took off for the highway to hitch a ride. She says he did the same thing after his mother killed herself. Bree is shocked his mother committed suicide. The neighbor lady says she closed herself in the garage and left the car engine running. Toby found her when he got home from school.

Bree catches up with Toby on the road and pulls up next to him. He gets in without saying a word. In the car, Toby tries to snort his drugs. Bree slams on the brakes and won't let him.

They stop at a restaurant where the waitress refers to Bree as Toby's mother. They both say she's not his mother.

Later, they stop for gas and Bree says they should find a motel for the night because she didn't get any sleep the night before. Toby says he's going to camp out. They stop for camping equipment (where Toby shoplifts some liquor), then camp out next to a lake. When she needs to use the restroom, Bree is nervous that there might be snakes. Bree asks for a swig of Toby's liquor to take her hormones; when Toby asks about them, she says they're vitamins. She tells him a story about how she used to have a stuffed rabbit when she was a child until her parents said she was too old for it and took it away. Then she gives Toby his old stuffed monkey. Toby throws up and falls asleep with his head on Bree's knee.

The next day they stop at a restaurant in Arkansas. Toby sees a baseball cap he likes and strikes up a flirtation with a teenage girl. Bree is at a table looking at the menu. A young girl at the next table stares and asks her if she's a boy or a girl. Bree calls Margaret in tears. Outside the phone booth she sees Toby kissing the teenage girl and tells him to knock it off. The girl's father comes to get her and tells Bree to watch Toby before he gets some poor girl in trouble; Bree shoots back that he should watch his daughter before she ruins some poor boy's life. She orders Toby back to the table. After he waits for her to say grace again, he tells her about the hat (which he says cost $10 when it was only $1.99). She says he can have the hat if he agrees not to do drugs anymore. He agrees and they shake on it.

The next shot is of Toby snorting drugs in the bathroom wearing his new hat.

Bree is cleaning up the car when Toby comes back, saying he has a present for her. Bree is touched until she sees it. It's a baseball cap that says, "I'm proud to be a Christian." Bree reluctantly puts it on.

They stop at a house in Texas, where Bree explains a friend arranged a place for them to stay for the night. The house turns out to be full of transsexuals there for a get-together. Bree pulls aside the homeowner, a female transsexual, and says Margaret told her the woman was "stealth" (living as one gender without revealing she's a transsexual). The woman says she's stealth in public, but not in her own home. Bree wants to leave but Toby acts like it's no big dead, so they stay for the party. The homeowner spreads the word that Toby doesn't know Bree's a transsexual so no one reveals it.

Afterward, Toby comes to Bree's room while she's in the bathroom. She comes out in her underwear, screams when she sees him and runs back inside. He gives her her robe and she comes out (he didn't see anything). Bree explains the pills she's taking work as a diuretic, so she has to urinate frequently. When Bree apologizes for bringing him to a house with all those "phony" women, he says he thought they were nice. Toby asks her about her family; she says they're dead.

The next night, Bree and Toby are driving when she has to make a pit stop. He pulls over to the side of the road and she squats behind the car. When she hears an animal's howl, she abruptly stands up, allowing the audience to see her penis. She continues to urinate standing up. Toby sees this in the rearview mirror and gets angry. When Bree gets in the car, he gives her the silent treatment. This continues in their motel room that night.

The next day, Bree tries to make conversation. Toby notices a sign for a roadside souvenir stand and finally says he wants to pull over there. He's really rude to her, until the man running the stand tells him to be nicer to his mother. Toby says she's not his mother; she's not even a woman--she has a dick. Humiliated, Bree walks back to the car. Toby follows her, calling her a lying freak and asking why she didn't just tell him. Bree says she didn't want him to humiliate her in public even sooner and she doesn't blab her genetic history.

As they're arguing, a hitchhiker asks if they can give him a ride. Bree wants to say no, but Toby says yes, because it's the "Christian' thing to do. The hitchhiker is a hippie who's impressed when Toby reveals Bree is a transsexual, thawing her toward him. When Toby spots a mountain lake, they stop so the two boys can go skinny dipping. After the hitchhiker gets out of the water, saying he says something he wants to show them, Bree asks if Toby still believes what he said about her being a freak. He says no. She's not a freak; she's just a liar. Then they hear the hitchhiker starting up the car and driving away, with Bree's purse containing her hormone pills and Toby's dog book with all his money inside. (Toby's stuffed monkey fell out as the hitchhiker got in and is all that's left).

Bree and Toby walk down a dirt road, Bree wearing the "Proud to be a Christian" hat. Toby says he can sell the bag of drugs he has left. They catch a ride in the back of a truck with some migrant workers.

At a rest stop, Toby catches the eye of a truck driver who comes on to him in the restroom. They go back to his truck and start to have sex. Meanwhile, Bree pulls herself together in the woman's restroom, then has a seat at the counter. She's tempted to steal a tip lying on the counter. When she notices a Native American man (Graham Greene) also seated at the counter watching her, she takes some fries from an abandoned plate next to the money instead. He introduces himself as Calvin Manygoats and asks her if she had a rough day. They get to talking and he buys her a burger. When Toby returns to the table, Bree tells him she saved him half a burger and that Calvin offered them a ride in morning. Toby pulls Bree aside and gives her the money he got from having sex with the trucker. She thinks he got it from selling the drugs and is relieved he doesn't have the drugs anymore.

They spend the night at Calvin's place. In the middle of the night, Bree gets up and goes to sit with Calvin, who's outside playing the guitar. He sings "Beautiful Dreamer' to her and offers her some strong alcohol he says will put some hair on her chest. She responds that she hopes not. Toby listens to them talking.

The next morning, Calvin puts some of his horses in a trailer and the three of them hit the road. When they stop so Bree can go to the bathroom, Toby warns Calvin that there's a lot she's not telling him. Calvin says every woman's entitled to some mystery. When Toby says she's a Christian who might try to convert him, Calvin says she can "convert' him any time.

Calvin drops them off at a house in Phoenix. He gives Bree his number and asks her to call him if she's ever in New Mexico. She says she will. He also gives Toby a cowboy hat that belonged to a friend of his before driving away.

Toby asks whose house they're at. Bree says it's her parents. When he points out she said her parents were dead, she says it was wishful thinking. First Toby goes to the door to ask for Bree's sister Sydney while Bree hides. Bree's mother (Fionnula Flanagan) answers the door and says Sydney isn't in. Finally, Bree gets up the courage to knock herself. Her father (Burt Young) answers and doesn't recognize him. Bree says it's him, Stanley. Her mother comes to the door, is horrified and closes the door in her face. Bree bangs on the door until they let her in before the neighbors can see her.

Bree's parents are rich and their house is very nice. Bree's mother is horrified at the way she looks and even grabs her crotch to prove she's still a male. Bree grabs her mother's hand and puts it on her breast to show she's just as much a woman. When they try to call her Stanley, she says her name is Sabrina, or Bree, now. She goes into the kitchen and starts to make sandwiches, saying she'll wait for Sydney outside. Sydney comes home, commenting on the scruffy looking kid waiting outside. At first, they all think he's Bree's boyfriend. Bree reveals Toby is actually her son, but Toby doesn't know and she doesn't want him to. Excited to have a grandson, Bree's mother runs outside to see him. Bree barely manages to stop her from saying she's his grandmother. They all bring Toby inside. Bree's mother dotes on him.

Bree looks through her mothers closet for something to wear. When Sydney joins her, Bree asks her for $1000 so she can get back to L.A. in time for her surgery the day after tomorrow. Sydney says she doesn't have that kind of money; their parents watch every penny she has ever since she got out of rehab.

In the living room, Bree's parents, sister, and Toby are sitting around. Toby is wearing nice clothes. Bree's mother fusses over him the same way she does her little dog. Bree enters wearing an evening gown. Bree's mother tells her she looks ridiculous. Toby tells her she looks nice.

They go out to a restaurant. Another diner mistakes Bree for Toby's mother; Bree's mother hisses that Bree's not his mother. Bree asks her parents for a loan, promising she will repay it with interest. She gets in a fight with her mother, who says she never finishes anything (ten years of college with no degree) and who's to say she won't change her mind about this. Bree says she won't change her mind. They get into a fight about her parents' attempt to have Bree committed. Bree's mother says they did it because she tried to kill herself; Bree says she tried to kill herself because they tried to have her committed. Bree's mother says she misses her son; Bree bluntly says she never had a son.

Back at the house, Bree's mother says she can have the money if Toby agrees to stay there. Later, Bree and Toby have a conversation by the pool where they talk about her suicide attempt. Bree says she wishes her parents would just 'see" her for once. Toby asks her if she thinks he should stay. Bree says he can come stay with her; it won't be as fancy, but they'll make it work. Later, Toby comes to Bree's room and comes on to her, saying he "sees" her and he wants to marry her. He takes off his robe, offering to "do what he's good at." He tries to kiss her, but Bree pushes him off. She shows him a photo album she was looking at. It has the same photo of Toby's mother and father he had back in New York. Bree says she's Toby's father. Toby runs out of the room. Bree follows, apologizing for not telling him the truth sooner. Toby punches Bree in the face and hisses, "You are not my father," before stomping out. Bree's mother comforts her.

The next morning, Bree has a big bruise by one eye. Bree's mother and sister tell her Toby left, taking the mother's purse and a figurine. Bree's mother starts to call her Stanley, but stops, showing she's starting to accept her. Bree files a police report, telling the officer she's Toby's father. The police tell her if a kid doesn't want to be found, he'll usually stay lost. Bree gets into an airport shuttle. Her family says goodbye, with her father giving her a kiss on the cheek.

Bree walks down a long corridor at the hospital for her surgery. She walks into an office where Margaret is waiting with her authorization form signed and ready. We see Bree on a gurney being wheeled into surgery, then lying on a bed in a hospital room afterward. A nurse tells her the operation was a complete success. Bree puts a hand over her crotch where there's a bulge from a bandage and kind of smiles.

Bree is hobbling around her hospital room when Margaret comes for a visit. Bree says she feels like she's a medieval heretic impaled on a big spike with splinters. Margaret notices the "I'm proud to be a Christian" that Bree is holding and asks her about it. Bree says it was a present. Margaret notices Bree is unhappy and reminds Bree she said this would be the happiest day of her life. Bree starts to cry and says she messed up. Bree sobs in Margaret's arms.

We see Toby sitting at the beach watching some surfers. He looks at his bag of drugs, now empty.

Bree takes a bath, and we see that she really is all woman now.

Bree is now working as a waitress at the Mexican restaurant. The owner speaks some Spanish to her, which she repeats, showing that she's more outgoing and learning to speak the language.

We see Toby on the set of a porn movie, his hair now dyed blond. He and the other actor begin to kiss when the director calls cut and orders one of the stagehands to ?help? Toby out (he gets down on his knees and is obviously helping giving Toby a blow job to help him get an erection off screen). The director says Toby needs to concentrate more.

Bree answers a knock at her front door; it's Toby. He says this doesn't mean he forgives her, he just wanted to know if she had the operation. She confirms she did and invites him in, saying she has something for him. She asks him how he's been. He tells her about the porn movie and gives her a flyer for it (the title is "Cowabunghole'). Bree acts impressed. She tells him she's thinking of going back to school, getting her degree and going into teaching. She goes to her closet and gives Toby the hat Calvin gave him. When she offers him a Coke, he says he'll take a beer instead (obviously challenging her). Bree agrees. Then she hears him put his feet up on her coffee table, stops and tells him to take his dirty shoes off her new coffee table. Toby does. Bree smiles and goes into the kitchen.

The camera pulls out on a shot through Bree's living room window as they sit down together on the couch with their drinks and start talking, "father' and son.

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