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In the beginning a sleazy toy store owner steals Woody from a garage sale. When he is taken back to the man's building he discovers that he is a part of a collection of toys called Woody’s Round Up. After meeting the other toys of the group, Jessie, Bullseye, and the Prospector, he decides to stay with them and go to the museum and not to go back to Andy. You see, if he stays, he will be part of a collection that will live forever, but if he goes back to Andy, his new friends will be put back into storage since the set wouldn't be complete without Woody. Buzz and the gang see Woody get stolen and they go out after him. In the end Buzz confronts Woody, which makes Woody reconsider his thought of leaving and decide to go home with Buzz. But Woody’s Round Up do not want Woody to leave because they don't want to go back into storage. Come to find out, the prospector has been sabotaging Woody's escape attempt because he doesn’t want to be forgotten he wants to be seen by everyone at the museum. They find that out and send the prospector off with a stranger by stuffing him in a girl’s backpack at the airport. Woody finally convinces Jessie and Bullseye to come home with him because Andy would play with all of them.

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