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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by snowrider666 who says... "Ok, first of all, this movie had the BEST action, it was so much better than fast and the furious, if you love action see this movie!!"

We start off and we see two cars racing in the middle of the desert. Biker Cary Ford (Martin Henderson) pulls up on his motorcycle and trys to pass them. He finally does and stops at a diner which his old girlfriend Shane (Monet Mazur) owns. There are pictures all over the wall of Cary and Shane back when they were together. Cary takes one of the pictures. He goes back outside and the two punks who didn't let him pass show up. The three get into a fight but Cary beats the crap out of both of them.

Next we see Cary meet up with his two best friends Dalton (Jay hernandez) and Val (Will Yun Lee) They take a ride back to town to see a motorcycle party. Cary sees Shane and the two begin to talk. Shane is saying that she is mad that Cary left. A biker gang pulls up which contains China (Jaime Pressly) and Henry (Matt Schulze). Henry is saying that he is pissed at Cary for stealing his bikes. Cary tells Henry that he stole the bikes to pay off bills and his own bike. The gothic biker gang leaves and Cary, Dalton and Val all take a ride on their bikes.

Another bad biker gang who is friends with the gothic bikers pull up. The black biker gang. This gang contains Trey (Ice Cube) and Junior (Fredrio Starr). The gang says that Cary better stop stealing bikes or he is going down.

Cary and his two friends and Shane arrive at a big club where tons of biker gangs hang out. The three gangs run into each other and cause a big brawl. Junior is scared and runs into the bathroom. China and Henry are in the bathroom also. Junior says that he is sorry for not paying Henry back for whatever. China and Henry kill him. Cary, Shane and the two friends go back to a motel to stay for the night. We see Cary and Shane in the back of the motel flirting and talking.

At the murder scene where Junior was found dead, two cops show up. A women, Henderson (Justina Machado) and McPherson (Adam Scott). They say they will take care of the case and find out who killed Junior. China says that she was a wittness to Junior's death (obviously she is lying). She says that Cary Ford killed Junior. Trey finds out and tells his biker gang to catch Cary and kill him.

Next we see Cary, Shane and the two friends at a diner. Shane sees on the TV that Cary Ford is wanted for killing Junior. Shane tells Cary and the four leave the diner and hit the road. Trey's gang pulls up at the diner and chases the four. The four ride into a forest full of palm trees to get away. Trey's gang meets up with them in the forest. Cary tells Shane and the friends to split up. Cary rides out of the forest into a desert. Trey follows. Here at the desert we see a train. Cary jumps up onto the train and Trey follows riding on top of the train (this had to be the best scene of the movie). After a while Cary jumps off the train and Trey follows. Trey slips and falls in front of the train and his leg gets caught on the tracks. Cary decides to help Trey. (He helps Trey because Cary must tell Trey that he didn't kill Trey's brother, Junior). Cary saves Trey and gives him his bike. Shane, Dalton and Val meet up with Cary and the four find a cave for the night to stay.

Cary talks it out with his friends and Cary says that he should call the two cops to tell them that he is innocent. Cary calls them and McPherson picks up the phone. He says that he doesnt believe Cary but Henderson does. We next see that it is morning and the four leave the cave and find a huge truck and hop in the back of it. The trucker doesn't know that the four are in the back. As the truck is driving it gets stoped by the cops. The four in the back hear the cops and take what is inside the back of the truck....a fast car. Just before the cops open the back of the truck, Cary and Shane bust out of the truck in the car and the two friends on their bikes. The four drive onto a highway. The two cops follow and so does Trey.

The next scene takes place on the highway with tons of other cars. Cary jumps out of the car and jumps onto Val's bike and tells Val to ride with Shane. Trey and the two cops follow. The two cops aren't paying attention and their black Hummer hits a construction pipe and flies into the air and lands upside down. The two cops are ok though. Trey rides his bike into Cary's and the two crash. Cary explains to Trey that he did not kill Junior. Trey believes him and Trey says that he wants to find out who killed Junior. Cary says that it was China and Henry.

We next see trey and Cary at a hang out garage. Cary calls Shane and tells her that he wants her and Val and Dalton to come and meet him at the garage. Just after that, the two cops bust in and tell the Trey and Cary to get down. Henderson says that she wants an explaination since she believes Cary is innocent. Cary tells them and the two cops believe them. McPherson turns and shoots Henderson. She falls to the floor. (big twist here) McPherson says that he is working with China and Henry. Guess who shows up at the garage...yup China and Henry. They tied up Cary's three friends with chains. Cary says that Henry can take the bikes back but Henry wants to kill Cary and Trey.

There is a big fight scene here. Henry and China leave the garage. Cary unties his friends and they leave the garage. Just before they do Henderson gets up and tells McPherson that she is wearing a bullet proof vest. She tells Cary and his friends to leave the garage and they do. Henderson blows up the garage killing McPherson. Out side of the garage we see China meet up with Shane. The two fight on their bikes.

Shane kicks her off her bike and China goes flying into another cars windsheild, killing her.

Finally we see Cary catch up with Henry on the street. (Great bike chase here). Henry's bike is leaking gas and Cary drops a match causing Henry's bike to blow up, killing him. Cary drives back to the blown up garage to find Shane and his friends. He finds out that the girl cop, Henderson is ok and that she didn't die in the explosion.

Cary and Shane get back together and decide that the four need a vacation.

From a distance we see the four ride off and the credits role...ah yes everyone in the theater clapped and everyone loved it...


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