The film begins with a scene of Lara Croft (Angelina Jolie) climbing down a vine into a tomb, in search of some sort of relic. Suddenly, she is attacked by a robot monster and for the next few minutes darts around the cave, firing guns two at a time, flipping, doing cartwheels until finally destroying the robot by ripping out its wiring. We then see the room right next door and discover that this is all taking place in her mansion and the robot is just a training tool to keep her on her toes, (much like Kato would do in the old Pink Panther movies).

The next scene is a meeting of a secret society where the "Illuminati" are meeting to make sure their plan is working. Seems they are in search of 2 halves of an ancient triangle that when put together, can control time. Problem is, in order to find these pieces, they need a clock-like key that can only work every 5000 years when the planets are all aligned. They have enlisted Manfred Powell (Iain Glen) to find this key.

The next night, Lara is dreaming of her deceased father, Sir Richard Croft (Jon Voight) when she is awakened by a ticking sound. She tracks the sound to beneath her stairway, breaks through the walls and discovers an old clock. When she and her assistant break open the clock they find the key that the "Illuminati" are looking for. Unfortunately, she doesn't know what it is so she takes it to an old friend of her fathers who tells her it's something very rare but doesn't know what it is.

He calls Manfred who sets up a meeting with Lara. Lara shows him photos of the clock she found and later that night, Manfred and his swat team storm Lara's mansion and take the key.

Lara discovers a note that her father left her explaining all about the key and the 2 pieces of the triangle. He tells her that these pieces must never be found and if they are, must be destroyed. They had been placed on opposite sides of the world so they could never be put together again.

Somehow Lara figures out that the first piece is in a Cambodian jungle. When she gets there, she finds Manfred and his men there also, trying to break down the sealed entrance to an ancient cave . She sneaks around and discovers a back entrance to the cave and while climbing around inside, finds where the key needs to go. Manfred and his men finally make their way in and find a different key hole. With time running out, they are about to use the wrong key hole and Lara shouts out to them that they are making a mistake. They are shocked to find her there but realize she may be right. Manfred tosses her the key and she opens up the correct lock. A huge pillar starts swinging down and comes close but not close enough to puncture the sphere that probably contains the triangle piece. Lara jumps aboard the pillar and helps to swing it further until the sphere is broken.

All hell breaks loose as ancient statues come to life but are easily destroyed by smacking them. In all the confusion, Manfred ends up with the key again and Lara ends up with the first half of the triangle.

We next travel to the other side of the world where its a race to get the 2nd piece. You see, the planets are only aligned for about a week and it's only during that week when the key can be used.

Manfred has convinced her that with the two pieces, she can turn back time and be with her father. The two team up and head to the site of the original triangle in the arctic somewhere. There, the head of the "Illuminati" is waiting for them. Inside there is an elaborate model of the planets spinning around a center sphere. Lara, using the key, enters the sphere and gets the final piece of the triangle.

She hands the two pieces to the head of the Illuminati but just before he can put it together, he is shot and killed by Manfred. Manfred then tries putting them together but nothing happens. Lara grabs the pieces and uses a final piece of the key that she kept from Manfred and the time warp begins.

The next minute or so is somewhat confusing but during this time, Lara meets her Dad momentarily and we discover that he was also a member of the Illuminati and was killed by Manfred when it was discovered that he was trying to destroy their plans to control time.

As the time warp is ending, Lara catches a knife that Manfred has thrown at her, turns it around and it flies back, stabbing Manfred. The two have a small fight but in the end, obeying her father's wishes, Lara shoots and destroys the triangle which starts the whole area crumbling down. Manfred and his men are killed in the rubble and Lara escapes as she "water skis" out of the ice palace using her dogs to pull her.

She has saved the world.

In the final scene she is back at her mansion in England, walking down the stairway in a nice "girlie" dress. The butler, holding a covered tray, is so proud to see her finally being a woman. Suddenly, a new robot appears and the butler lifts the cover off the tray revealing two shiny new handguns. Lara grabs the guns and the game is on...


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