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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Ixora and then updated by JT.

Our story starts with a typical day in a middle class American school where our boy, Shawn is being given the once over by the security detail. You can quickly tell he isn't really interested in anything but auto shop.

He doesn't really have any friends and looks at the pep rally after school with contempt. As he's approaching his car, the local high school hero's girlfriend flirts with him (in the Hero's car, a VERY nice 2007 Viper) and Clay (the Hero) notices this. They make fun of this car and how it's a pure crap (1960 Camaro) however John drives off. Then the local hero throws a baseball through the back windshield. Shawn steps out of his car with a wrench, but before he can attack Clay, Clay's girlfiends says she'll go out with whoever wins a race between the two, and as an added incentive, they're racing for pinks

The race is really a great scene through a new construction area and things are not going well for Shawn at first. However, he manages to take a side road and ends up beating Clay's viper in the end, after demolishing a house. Clay's girlfriend says "Looks like I have a new date for prom" and then Clay totals Shawn's car by ramming it with his own, thereby he can give him a wrecked Viper in the process. 

After getting booked by the police, Clay's parents and his girlfriend's get the two off, as they're well connected, but Shawn is looking to go to jail because they're willing to try him as an adult. Shawn's mother comes in, and after flirting with the officer interrogating Shawn, reveals that they've had to move several times due to Shawn's racing. She ends up exhausting her last option by sending Shawn to Tokyo to live with his dad, who serves in the American army's outpost there.

As Shawn arrives and rings the doorbell, dad ushers out the hooker he rented for the night. Shawn comes in and sees the tiny dump which will be his new home.

He wakes up to comically find a VERY formal looking uniform on his bed, and gives it another look of contempt.

Next, our boy is off to school, and he notices an attractive girl, named Neela, in his homeroom. Later, as he's eating lunch, another Army brat comes in and introduces himself as Twinkie (Bow Wow), who's doing cheap hustles with American goods (Jordans, Snickers, etc). After they leave school, Twinkie shows him his ride, which is a van that has basically been made to resemble the Hulk. Shawn asks where all the action is, and Twinkie takes him to an underground parking lot, where we see a bunch of souped up Silvias, RX-8, etc.

Shawn sees Neela, and they are talking while DK (the local drift king) and his business partner Han talk and wonder who this Gaijin (outsider) is. DK walks over and claims her. DK starts telling Shawn he doesn't know who he's messing with, and Twinkie grabs Shawn and as he's pulling him aside, reveals that DK's uncle is Yakuza. Shawn doesn't back down though, and DK offers to race him. Han gives Shawn the keys to his ride, and the race is on.

At the very beginning, Shawn has a big lead on DK, but DK continues to smile at Shawn. Shawn sees a very sharp turn, but doesn't go around in time, and smashes Han's ride. But DK on the other hand pulls off some perfect drifts, and before we know it, he's miles ahead of Shawn. DK ends up winning in a blowout, and afterwards, Han just tells Shawn not to leave town. Han also reveals he's been doing business with DK, and that DK is trying to prove his worth to his uncle by helping the money laundering.

Shawn gets home late and gets in trouble with dad. He agrees to follow Dad's rules after he threatens to send him back home

Next day, Shawn gets picked up Han, who tells Shawn that he will be working with him to pay off smashing Han's ride. Shawn is sent inside a public bath/sauna, and is forced to ask a Sumo wrestler for money, and after getting tossed outside, the wrestler gives Han his money.

Later that night, Han is driving down the highway and as he takes the off-ramp, two cops register his speed around 197 km/h but Shawn notices that they don't give chase. Han explains that the cop cars are jsut stock models, and can't go over 180, so they don't bother to try and catch you. Shawn asks Han why he doesn't drift, and he says that there is rarely any good reason to do so. Shawn asks why people do it then, so Han shows him by doing donuts around some girl's car, and she proceeds to give him her phone number.

Han takes Shawn to a party, with lots of beautiful girls, and takes him to his garage inside. Han gives him an Evo, and later on the roof, Han tells Shawn that "Life is simple, you make choices, and never look back".

Next is a quick scene where DK's righthand man starts beating up Twinkie for selling him a broken IPod, but Twinkie says he doesn't give refunds. Shawn breaks it up, and gives the guy his own IPod, but Twinkie is pissed and tells him that everyone will want refunds now.

Shawn begins to learn how to drift with the help of Han. This is hilarious as we see the pioneer of drift racing (Kunimitsu Takahashi) making snide comments about Shawn's initial technique. However, he starts getting better and before we know it, he's racing DK's righthand man, and smokes him easily. DK is noticeably mad because earlier he promised Han a 1970 Skyline if Shawn beat his friend.

In class later, Shawn sends Neela a message on her laptop in class, asking why she never shows him her drifting. She responds with "You never ask" and next, we see them in Neela's RX-8, where she tells him that her mother was pretty much a prostitude, and she died when Neela was young. Neela reveals that DK's grandmother took her in, and as they grew up, they came to the current mountain she's drifting on, watching the older kids drift.

Next day, DK pulls up to the harbour where Shawn is practising drifting, and beats the crap out of Shawn, and tells him to stay away from Neela. At school, Neela notices his bruises, and confronts DK in his shop, and tells him that they're done. DK though says that she owes him, and that she'll never be anything except her mother if it weren't for him. She slaps him, and promptly leaves. She comes to Han's garage, crying, and Shawn immediately holds her and takes care of her.

Meanwhile, DK's uncle comes to see him and we see that DK is basically his bitch. His uncle tells him that there is a discrepancy with their funds, and that Han must be cheating them of money. His uncle sighs that "I wish your father was here", but starts to laugh, indicating his father possibly did the same thing as Han, and payed the price. DK starts to cry a bit.

DK confronts Han in garage, and after pulling out a gun, tells Han that he put his honor and reputation on his line. Han tells him that "this is what we do", and DK cocks his gun. Twinkie thinks fast, and starts a distraction. Han escapes, and Shawn takes Neela in his Evo, and there's a great car chase through Tokyo streets. DK shots at Han long enough to distract him and he's hit by another car. His oil starts leaking, and then his car explodes, killing him.

Shawn and Neela go to his dads, however DK follows and points his gun at them. Shawn's dad however pulls his gun on DK and tells him to leave, but DK says he won't unless Neela goes with him. They leave, and his dad wants him to leave that night however he says its his mess and he has to fix it.

Twinkie meets Shawn and tells him that Han gave him some money for Shawn, which he believes was to be used in case he was caught. Shawn takes it to the local Yakuza club, and gives it to DK's uncle. He goes to tell him that he's willing to race DK and loser has to leave town because they've both dishonored him. DK's uncle agrees.

Shawn goes back to Han's garage, but all the cars are gone, except for the Skyline he ruined in the beginning of the movie. They take all of it's parts, and put them into his dad's Dodge Charger, which he was fixing earlier. We find out the race is on the mountain Neela took him too, but that DK has the advantage because he's the only one to ever make it down in one piece.

The race is an amazing sequence on the hills with many twists and turns and at every turn kids with cell phones monitor the progress. On the last turn, Shawn forces DK off the mountain, and wins. DK's uncle tells him that he's free to go

In the end, we see Shawn in the underground parking lot, and Twinkie comes up and tells him someone wants to race the new DK. He says the guy has been beating every one in Asia, and that he considered Han to be family. Shawn pulls up, and we see that it's none other then VIN DIESEL (Dominic from TFATF 1). Vin asks Shawn if he's ready, and Shawn tells him its no 10 second race. He responds with "Time is one thing I got enough of" and they go off.
Credits roll.

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