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The movie starts off with Alex ( Guy Pierce) writing on a chalk board. He's a professor at Columbia in New York. It's set in the past although I'm not sure exactly what year though. His friend Philbee comes in and reminds him that he has a date with his girlfriend Emma. When Philbee and Alex are outside Alex tells Philbee how everyone there is the same because every single man on the street is wearing a long black jacket a bowler hat and that's not what he wants for his students.

When Alex and Philbee get to Alex's home Philbee sees a picture of New York but it's a new design with more buildings and bridges and very clustered. Philbee wonders if humans will ever go too far. On his way to meet Emma, Alex sees a man on a steam powered cart that doesn't need horses to make it move only it keeps jerking really fast and breaking down constantly. The man driving it offers Alex a ride but Alex goes to meet Emma at an ice skating park instead.

Emma asks him where are the flowers he promised her. Alex says he forgot but he wants to ask her something else. When they're away from the rest of the skaters he asks her to marry him and she says yes.

A man comes out of the bushes and robs them but Emma won't give up her ring and the robber shoots and kills her and she dies in Alex's arms.

The movie starts up again 4 years later and we find out that Alex has become somewhat of a recluse and blames himself for Emma's death. Philbee comes by and invites him to dinner and Alex tells him they'll have dinner in 1 week. When Philbee walks out Alex says that in a week their conversation will never have happened. Alex opens up a curtain and there's his time machine. It's made of glass and brass and very shiny and pretty.

He gets in the machine and starts it up and goes to the same day that he was to meet Emma. Instead of walking to the park they go to a flower shop and she asks him to get her some flowers since he forgot. On the way they see the man with the steam cart but he ignores it. When he goes inside to get her flowers there's a loud crash and a scream. Alex has a look of disbelief on his face. He can't believe that Emma has died again. Later when he's at the hospital Philbee comes to see him and says he's sorry about Emma. Alex tells him that he doesn't understand. That he could come back a thousand times and watch her die a thousand different times. This is when he decides that he'll go into the future to find out why Emma will keep dying every time he goes back.

When he's in his time machine they show everything again and being moved it's very cool actually. He accidentally drops his picture of Emma and he watches it age and wither in seconds. When he stops for the first time it's 2037 and the world is very clean. He goes into a library and asks for information about time travel to a hologram computer, Vox (Orlando Jones).

Alex asks him about time travel and Vox says that Alex can't change the past because one cannot travel into the past.

Alex gets fed up and thinks he hasn't traveled far enough yet into the future so he gets into his machine and goes maybe 15 or so years further and the world is in total chaos. When he looks up at the sky he sees that the moon has fallen apart and is trailing behind itself kind of like a comet. When he gets out of his machine these officers try to arrest him. He asks them what happened they tell him that there was some kind of mission to the moon that was screwed up and they accidentally blew up the moon. What they don't tell him and just in case you didn't know this Earth needs the moon to keep spinning properly.

Alex runs away from the cops and gets in his time machine but he knocks his head and hits the travel handle all the way forward. When he finally wakes up he's gone 800,000 thousand years into the future. He wakes up in his underwear and the first person he sees is a little boy with shaggy hair. He follows the little boy and he's in a village built on the side of what could've been the grand canyon. Mara (Samantha Mumba) comes up to him and talks to him in English while everyone else speaks this other language they was created over the years.

She's the only one of the people who speak English fluently because her parents were the ones who taught their village.

While Alex and Mara are out in a boat he asks her where are all the older people. There doesn't seem to be anyone in the village over 30. She says they're all gone from this place. Not that they died but that they've gone and that they remember them by these huge windmills. After Alex and Mara find his time machine she asks him to take her brother back with him to the past but she won't say why. Next there's this horn going off and these creatures (the Morlock's) are chasing the villagers through the forest and hitting them with darts that contained black tar. Once the people were hit with the dart a different set of Morlocks would be able to track them down easier. Mara and her brother both get hit by darts and Alex is able to distract the monster chasing after Mara's brother but another Morlock gets Mara and brings her underground. Alex is upset that the whole village just ignores that their people are taken and they do nothing about it. Alex gets Mara's brother to show him where she was taken even though the younger brother knows they're not supposed to talk about it. They also find Vox whose computer managed to survive. Vox is upset that the village people have no wish to learn and never come to see him even though they know he's there. He tells Alex that he remembers everything that happened and for a while he had a companion but he died. He tells them that to find Mara all they had to do was listen.

Alex eventually finds the place and tells Mara's younger brother to wait for him outside. Alex gets in and falls down and gets knocked out. When he wakes up he's in front of the Uber-Morlock (Jeremy Irons). who has no skin color. His skin is white/blue and his eyes are white because he lives underground along with the rest of their race.

Alex finds out that this man can read minds and that he was a part of the people who survived the past. Some people were able to survive above ground and others went below but when the people who went below tried to go back up to the surface they couldn't survive the sun so they went back underground. The one race created sects. One would be the hunters, one would be the controllers and the last group would work on their brain power. Alex is talking to one of the people who worked on their brain power.

Mara is in a cage in front of the Uber-Morlock, not moving or speaking even though Alex tries talking to her. The Uber-Morlock tells Alex that the reason Emma keeps dying is because if the time machine wasn't built before she died she would keep dying. The Uber-Morlock shows him his time machine and Alex gets in but as soon as it starts he grabs the Uber-Morlock and goes in the future. Alex and the Uber-Morlock fight and he manages to push the Uber-Morlock out while the Uber-Morlock is still choking him and the Uber-Morlock's body ages in seconds. Alex goes back to Mara's time. He frees her and sets his time machine to go but sticks his watch in the way. Alex and Mara just barely get out and Alex's time machine goes off and time explodes from the ground and makes all of the bad guys underground age in seconds but nothing bad happens to the people above ground. Mara tells Alex she's sorry about his machine and he says it's ok it was just a machine.

They cut to a while later and the children of the village are learning about the past from Vox. Alex tells Mara and her little brother about New York and at the same time a split screen of Philbee is on asking Alex's maid to come and work for him. When Philbee walks outside he throws off his Bowler hat in honor of Alex even though he's not there.

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