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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Corwin2 who says... "Some of the scenes may be slightly out of order. The main characters (or victims) don't interact very often and it doesn't matter in terms of understanding the movie.."

A boy in a bedroom is afraid of the dark. He asks his mom to stay with him and when she refuses and says there are no monsters, he asks her to leave the door open. It is raining and thundering. His door closes. His closet door opens. He grabs a flashlight and hides under the covers. The flashlight flickers out. He yells for his mom repeatedly but the thunder drowns out his cries. Eventually he is yanked by something towards the closet door.

A blonde (Julia, played Laura Regan) walks around in very dark or dimly lit rooms for a while. A news report talks about power shortages and rolling blackouts.

She sees her boyfriend (Marc Blucas) and they start to kiss when she gets a call.

She goes to see a near hysterical guy who also had night terrors as a child. He babbles and tells her that he was marked as a child and now They have come back for him. It is raining. The lights in the diner flicker. A baby starts crying and he tells her that babies and children can sense Them. He shoots himself in the head.

At the hysterical guy's funeral she meets a brunette (Dagmara Dominczyk) and a painter guy (Ethan Embry) who also had night terrors as children. They have a notebook with that the hysterical guy wrote in. It is about the same as what he told the blonde.

(At some point)

The blonde is walking around in dark rooms again. She opens the medicine cabinet and there are dark uneven walls extending on a tunnel. She screams and is woken up by her boyfriend. It was a dream.

She goes back to see her childhood psychiatrist about her night terrors. He usually only treats children but since her symptoms are the same and he has treated her in the past he agrees to start seeing or treating her again.

The brunette and the painter are in an apartment together. The painter goes for some more paint and the brunette hears something in the vents. She takes off the cover and crawls in with a light. The flashlight flickers and goes out. Something keeps making sounds in the vent. It seems to be coming toward her several times and it is seen in a flash for a fraction of a second. Se manages to back out ok.

The brunette is in a locker room. The brunette has dark star shaped mark just like the hysterical guy did. She takes a shower with her swimsuit on. She goes swimming and the guy in the pool leaves. The lights start going out, almost as if the darkness is chasing her. Something seems to go into the pool after her but she manages to get out of the pool. The door she tries to use doesn't work so she goes for another door and bolts it behind her. But no use. She is grabbed and dragged even though the door stays bolted.

The painter calls the blonde and tells her the brunette is missing.

The blonde wears bikini underwear and asks her boyfriend to look for a mark. He doesn't find one.

The blonde and her boyfriend are in bed together. One of her boyfriend's roommates comes in as she is getting up and the boyfriend yells at him to get out. (For those of you interested in nudity it is a very quick side back shot which shows less nudity than the NYPD Blue tv show does.)

The painter is painting with many candles lit. The sprinklers come on and dowse his candles. He takes the elevator to get out of the building and after several floors he hears a noise as if it was grabbed or dragged for a short distance. He gets out of the elevator which has stopped in the middle but then he is dragged under the elevator.

The blonde can't get in touch with the painter and she is worried. She goes to her psychologist. Since she is studying psychology or psychiatry he asks her to diagnose herself and she explains everything away as someone whose childhood fears and stresses were re-awoken by the trauma of seeing a friend kill himself and the power of suggestion from the friend talking about the childhood fears that they shared.

She is so nervous that she fails an oral defense of the paper she had written to get her degree.

The blonde is going down a street and the lights are flickering and she is hearing sounds. She finds some bleeding in her hair and pulls out a dark splinter or bone. She has the mark.

She eventually gets to her boyfriend and he puts something in her water to make her sleep. (Yeah, it's kind of condescending. I think her boyfriend is supposed to be in health care because earlier he trivalizes her fears by talking about people being injured and dying.) She is terrifed of falling asleep so she runs out. She gets into a subway. She barely misses an empty train and then she runs for the exit but it closes. The lights keep flickering and going out and she keeps trying to run for a lit area. She gets onto another empty train but it stops in the middle of the tracks and the lights on the train start going out. She is pursued along the tracks and then the train starts and she chases it futilely. She tries to climb a ladder but can't get out and is dragged back down to the tracks. Then she keeps getting dragged by the the dark shapes and briefly escaping. Finally she grabs onto a piece of glass and starts slashing just as several searchers or workmen arrive with flashlights. In total fear, she is slashing at her erstwhile rescuers.

She is put into a mental institution by her boyfriend and psychiatrist. The psychiatrist and an orderly lock her up in a padded room by herself. The inner door to her room has a window and there is a solid outer door. When both doors are closed the lights flicker and the glass portion of the inner door breaks and she is dragged off.

Her psychiatrist and an orderly hear the noise and go into the room and she isn't there. They open up the closet and she isn't there. But from her perspective she sees them and there is a shimmering barrier preventing her from getting to them and there are dark shapes moving behind her. She is leaning against and pounding on the barrier and is yelling for help but the psychiatrist and the orderly don't see or hear anything and they don't reach their side of the barrier because they are looking into an empty closet from their perspective. When the psychiatrist closes the closet door she is in complete darkness and the dark shapes start to devour or grab her.

Throughout the movie, the monsters are dark strands which cannot be seen clearly in quickly cut scenes. Perhaps when the movie comes out on DVD and someone does a frame by frame advance they will be recognizable as something other than dark strands.

The scenes seem to go on and on with false climaxes which become annoying after a while.


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