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We stand in front of a safe as Robert DeNiro tries to break into it. He is inside a beautiful home while there is a party going on outside. Just as he is about to crack the safe, a couple sneaks into the room to make love. DeNiro hides behind the couch. An argument between the couple sends the man away. DeNiro grabs the girl and tells her to not to move. He opens the safe, grabs the diamonds, and gets out of there.

The next scene we see DeNiro in Montreal, Canada where he lives. He owns a nightclub. Marlon Brando meets DeNiro there.

DeNiro gives Brando the diamonds. Brando gets him jobs and DeNiro does the safe cracking. Now, Brando comes with a new proposition and a heist worth almost $30 million dollars if DeNiro will take it. The plan is to rob the safe located deep in the basement of the Montreal Customs House. The safe contains a French scepter worth $30 million. But, DeNiro is not up for it, he is trying to quit. Brando tells him to think about and he leaves.

The next day on the street, a mentally challenged young man approaches DeNiro for directions, he is Edward Norton. Norton tries to get DeNiro involved in the heist as well. DeNiro is outraged that Norton approached him on the street (who was sent by Brando).

DeNiro goes to Brando’s house and Norton is also there. DeNiro still says he wants no part of the heist. Norton introduces himself and he is not mentally challenged, but he acts that way as a cover up. He tries to befriend DeNiro, but DeNiro doesn’t like Norton. Finally, after a couple days of convincing by Brando, DeNiro says he’ll do the job for 6 million, but he wants total control of the operation. Brando agrees to this.

Brando, DeNiro, and Norton meet and they go over the floor plan of the Customs. Norton works there as a janitor, and everyone thinks he has cerebral palsy, (he puts on a perfect act.) Norton has actually been scoping the place out, but needs DeNiro to crack the safe.

That night, DeNiro plans out the way he is going to enter the basement, which is through sewer tunnels underground with the help of Norton who is above ground with a map.

We also meet Angela Bassett, a flight attendant and DeNiro’s girlfriend.

DeNiro knows that if he pulls this off then his bank robbing days are over. He wants to spend the rest of his life with Bassett. But, she wants him to promise there will be no more jobs. He can’t do that just yet until this one is over.

Norton and DeNiro now work on shutting down the cameras and inferred beams, which guard the safe. Also, DeNiro has to figure out a way to blow the safe, which is top of the line. They need pass codes to control this from the company that controls the security system. DeNiro calls a guy he knows right away. This young man is a computer hacker who never sleeps. He tells them that he can get the pass codes because he hacked into the company’s system, but a guy on the other end, hacked back and said the guy on the other end wants money for the info. Now, things are starting to get messy, but DeNiro says fine. The pass code guy is to meet Norton in the park. Norton gets the pass codes for the safe and the geeky hacker gets 50,000. They do the exchange and the pass codes are good.

Now, it is the night of the big night. Before it starts, DeNiro tells Norton that he is to finish his shift and don’t take off after the heist, unless someone might notice something. Norton is not happy with this and they argue about it, but Norton then agrees.

Norton goes to work that night at the Customs House. He hides a gun in his boom box that comes apart. Since he plays the cerebral palsy act, he has to work closely with another janitor, an older man. While Norton and the other janitor are mopping floors, DeNiro is coming up through the basement.

Norton acts like he spills ammonia so he must get some more. He runs off and goes to the control room where there are laptops there that are going to control the cameras so DeNiro can zoom past them. Norton and DeNiro communicate, as he gets closer to the safe. Norton then permanently disables the camera. The guards in the other control room notice that the TV screen is fuzzy and try to fix it. DeNiro is working quickly to get the safe open. At the same time, the older man janitor goes looking for Norton, and he finds him in the control room. Norton has no choice now but to pull a gun on him, because his cover is blown. And, the older man is shocked to find out Norton was never retarded, but a brutal thief. Norton puts the older man in another room and blocks it off. He then gets back to work. DeNiro is ready and with a push of a button the safe explodes. DeNiro gets in the safe and gets the scepter out.

Now, the guards in the control room who can’t fix the blanked out TV get nervous and call the company. Time is running out, because now the guards are heading down to the basement too.

Norton also heads down there and he gets there first. He confronts DeNiro with the gun and tells him that he was never going to be the guy on the sidelines and he wants the scepter for himself. Alarms start going off and the guards are getting closer. DeNiro tells Norton that this is crazy and he is not going to be left out of anything. But, Norton is crazed and shoots near DeNiro, he tells DeNiro to give him the scepter or else.

DeNiro gives the black bag, which holds the scepter. Norton takes off, the guards arrive and DeNiro takes off back underground. There are police everywhere, but both DeNiro and Norton get away, DeNiro gets through all the tunnels and to his car. And, Norton, changes clothes quickly and runs about 2 miles to what seems to be a train station.

Norton calls DeNiro to gloat, but also to tell him that he had to do it, no hard feelings. DeNiro tells Norton to go to hell. Norton tells him to calm, because he has what he wants and he will work out a deal. DeNiro asks Norton what it is that he’s got, since he thinks he is so smart. Norton’s face drops, he quickly yanks the bag off his shoulder and rips it open, there is NO 30 million dollar gold scepter inside, and it is just a long medal pipe. Norton never checked the bag, and DeNiro gave him the black pipe bag in the basement.

At the end, we see DeNiro with the scepter and the love of life, Bassett.

And, we see Norton’s picture plastered all over the news as WANTED.


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