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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Spectre

We open up in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our hero, rookie cop Rama (Iwo Uwais), gets up early in the morning to pray (he’s a Muslim) and train. We can tell he is a proficient fighter. He gets dressed when his wife wakes up. She says he should have woken her, but he says she needed her rest. He kisses her and her pregnant stomach (he’s about to be a father) and says he will see her soon.

Rama goes out to leave, he sees his father waiting for him. “I’ll find him,” Rama tells him.

Title sequence

Rama gets into a SWAT van with 20 other men. They are being briefed by their leader Sergeant Jaka (Joe Taslim) about their mission. They are going to an apartment complex deep in the Jakarta slums to arrest a powerful drug lord Tama (Ray Sahetapy). Tama is protected by his two trusted lieutenants, Mad Dog (Yayan Ruhian) a psychotic but proficient fighter who loyalty is unquestionable to Tama, and Andi (Doni Alamsyah) the rational one who keeps Mad Dog from always going off the rails.

We catch a glance of Tama’s ruthlessness. He has taken five men into his office and has put them on their knees over a plastic tarp. Tama takes a revolver and shoots them in the head one by one. When he gets to the last man, he runs out of bullets, and appears he is going to spare him. He places the gun on the man’s shoulder and goes to his desk for a hammer.

“Now, where we were?” Tama asks the horrified man. He proceeds to beat the man to death.

Rama asks Jaka why they are attacking the slum now, especially when others, including the gangs have tried to take him out and failed. Jaka tells him to get his head straight; they have a job to do.

The van heads to the building where they are met with Lt. Wahyu (Pierre Gruno) who apparently approved the mission. Wahyu speaks to Rama and scolds him for having inexperienced men on the raid. Rama says he will watch over them to make sure they don’t screw up.

The squad breaks up into two groups. Jaka is leading one and Rama leading the other. They take out the sentries outside and make it to the front door. There, they come into contact with Budi, one of the few if only non-criminal tenants of the building. Budi needs to get upstairs to his sick wife and mentions he lives in room 726 (important later). Jaka doesn’t care, but Rama says they will get back to his wife. Jaka scoffs and tells Rama that Budi is his responsibility.

The squad goes door to door, floor by floor and arrests everyone they find. On the 5th floor, they see a kid who a spotter. Rama tries to calm him, but he runs. Wahyu shoots off a room, and it kills the kid but not before he tells his friend that the police are here.

The squad races to catch the other kid on the 6th floor. As for Budi, he runs off to get back to his apartment on the 7th floor. Jaka pursues the kid, but the kid is able to get to an intercom before Jaka can grab him. Jaka looks at it in horror, hoping the message didn’t go through.

No such luck. Tama looks at the squad via his security cameras. He sets a plan in motion.

Two snipers set up at a nearby building. They shoot two of the SWAT members stationed outside. One doesn’t die outright, and the sniper tells his partner to let him scream.

The drivers of the van are parked nearby chatting, when a bullet whizzes inside and hits the driver in the neck. His passenger looks at him in shock and sees three men right outside with assault rifles. They pepper the van with bullets, killing them both and disabling the squad’s transportation.

Two SWAT members are in a sixth floor room when they hear the screams of the man outside. One of them goes to the window and is promptly shot in the head. While his teammate checks on his condition, they man they had detained flexes his arms around to the front of his body, so he can move better. Grabbing a machete stashed under the table, he races for the other man, bringing the machete down hard on his head.

As the rest of the squad waits on the sixth floor hallway unaware, the power is cut leaving them in darkness. Tama comes on the loudspeaker, speaking to his “residents.” He tells them that they have an infestation problem and any resident that helps end it will be rewarded with free rent for the rest of their lives. The group looks to each other in horror. They are sitting ducks.

Two men see a door behind them start to open. One man raises a shotgun and begins to fire. Jaka tries to stop him, but it is too late. He fires on the door, the muzzle flash illuminating them to a group of armed men on the seventh floor. Having the high ground, they ruthlessly fire on the team, killing half of the men. Rama, Wahyu, Jaka and the others take cover, firing back to little success.

Tama and Mad Dog are watching the massacre from the penthouse room. Andi comes in and scolds them for killing cops and asks what they will do if more come. Tama says they will be no reinforcements and points out Wahyu, explaining that this is a personal vendetta for the man. Andi looks at the screen and recognizes one of the cops. Fear washes over his features.

The cops are still being cut down though they manage to kill a couple of the shooters. Rama sees Wahyu cowering and asks when he is calling for backup. Wahyu says they won’t be any. Rama is enraged, realizing this was not a sanctioned mission and no one knows they are here.

Rama locates a room for them to hole up in, and the survivors barricade themselves in there, fighting a few tenants in the room. One of the tenants is even thrown through the window by one of the SWAT members. Rama studies the floor and finds a weak spot. He grabs and axe and cuts at the floor so they can have an escape route if they are overrun. Wahyu and Dagu (Eka “Piranha” Rahanadia) jump down and start fighting with tenants.

The tenants try to get into the room, so Rama, Jaka, and another man take a gas canister and stuff it into a refrigerator. They push it to the door, though the other man is shot and killed. Rama primes a grenade and they turn the fridge around, so it will make an improvised explosive that kills many of the criminals.

The remaining SWAT men split up. Rama takes watch over Bowo (Tegar Satrya) who was wounded in the massacre on the 7th floor, while Jaka, Wahyu and Dagu stay on the 5th floor.

On the 7th floor, Rama tries to find room 726 where Budi lives as he is the only safe room in the whole apartment complex. Rama is found and swarmed by numerous criminals. Putting his training to use, he grievously wounds, if not outright kills many of the tenants. Bowo drags himself on the ground, stabbing two criminals when they try to kill him. They reach room 726.

Budi sees them, but his wife doesn’t want him to get involved. Budi’s conscience gets the better of him, and he lets them in seconds before reinforcements arrive. Budi places the two of them in a crawlspace to hide.

Meanwhile, Dagu, Jaka, and Wahyu are hiding on the 5th floor from a gang of tenants in a bathroom. One man is getting close to finding them. Jaka preps his knife. Luckily, the man gets distracted by other things and leaves, giving the three men time to breathe and escape to a safe room.

Mad Dog and Andi are leaving to do sweeps of the floors to handle the problem personally. Mad Dog orders that two men go with Andi. Andi goes down in the elevator with them, but stabs them to death when their guard is down. No one can know about what he is doing.

A gang of tenants wielding machetes bursts into room 726 looking for Rama and Bowo. Budi tries to dissuade them, but they search the room anyway. The leader even stabs at the wall with his machete where Rama and Bowo are hiding, cutting Rama’s face. However, they find nothing and leave. Rama leaves Bowo with Budi and his wife, saying he will be back as soon as possible.

On the 5th floor, Jaka is arguing with Wahyu. Jaka wants to go find Rama and Bowo, but Wahyu counters that they are most likely dead anyway and they shouldn’t risk their lives to find corpses.

Jaka, enraged at the Lt.’s incompetence that got them in this mess in the first place, slams him into the wall and asks how much was he paid for this “hit,” realizing too that this wasn’t an officially sanctioned mission. Wahyu declines to give details. Jaka says they will find them, and when it comes to HIS MEN, Wahyu needs to shut the fuck up.

Rama goes to leave the 7th floor when he is pulled into a room by Andi. It turns out he and Rama are brothers. Andi says he shouldn’t be here, but Rama counters neither should he.

Jaka, Wahyu, and Dagu are about to go search when they are ambushed. Wahyu runs and Dagu is ordered by Jaka to protect him. Jaka is about to get back up with his knife when he has a gun held to his head by Mad Dog. He is told to drop the knife and is ushered into a room.

Mad Dog then empties the gun of bullets and places it down. He explains that he hates using guns as he gets no pleasure in shooting someone. If he is going to kill someone, he rather use his fighting skills. He gives Jaka a moment to compose himself and get ready for battle. Basically, Mad Dog is giving Jaka chance to live; defeat me and you go free.

Jaka and Mad Dog fight. Though Jaka puts up a noble effort, he is no match for Mad Dog’s skills. Mad Dog gets the upper hand and snaps Jaka’s neck.

Rama and Andi talk more. Rama mentions he hasn’t heard from his brother in 6 years then saw his face on the arrest board during the mission briefing. He promised their father he would bring him home. Andi says he won’t go back since his father thinks he is already a failure and coming home will just make it worst; besides working in the criminal enterprise suits him, he’s good at it.

Rama tells him that he will an uncle in two months as his wife is about to give birth to a son. Andi is surprised and almost is swayed but declines. Andi tells to wait until it is safe and then get the hell out of the building. Rama says he will not leave without the rest of his team.

Andi and Mad Dog meet at the elevator. Mad Dog is dragging Jaka’s corpse, which Rama sees. Andi tells Mad Dog that the man is not Rama, who they are looking for, but Mad Dog is unconvinced and says he is least bringing something for Tama unlike him. They get on the elevator.

Rama goes to leave but is spotted and chased by more men. He fights them but is soon under fire by snipers. Having no choice, he grabs one of the men and jumps out of the window, using the man’s body as a shield. He crashes into an awning and finds himself back on the fifth floor or so.

Andi and Mad Dog meet with Tama, who is displeased Andi brought nothing back and wasted his time. Giving a nod to Mad Dog, Mad Dog kicks Andi’s feet from under him and Tama stabs his hand. Tama shows him that he had him under surveillance and saw that he pulled Rama away from harm. Tama wants to know why Rama is so important to him. “Fuck you!” Andi screams. Tama gives Andi over to Mad Dog (who hated him anyway) to kill him.

Rama regroups with Dagu on the 5th floor, and they learn of Jaka’s death. Rama says they will storm the penthouse floor and arrest Tama, so that the entire raid wasn’t for nothing. He lets Wahyu that he will helping and not run away anymore. He got them into this mess and caused all their men to be killed, so he will do his part.

The three of them race up the floor having to face men at a drug lab on the 14th floor. Rama and Dagu fight, while Lt. Wahyu who had been shown to be a coward the whole movie, shows some initiative and takes on a few guys.

As they head up the stairs to the 15th floor, Rama sees his brother beaten by Mad Dog. Wahyu and Dagu go ahead to get Tama.

Rama enters the room where Andi is strung up by Mad Dog. Mad Dog sees him and brings Andi down and allows Rama to free him. Mad Dog intends to fight them both. The fight begins, each brother taking turns fighting Mad Dog. It is pretty even in spots, though Mad Dog starts to wear them down. However, in beating up Rama at one point, he knocks him into the lighting, breaking some fluorescent light tubes. Andi picks up one jagged piece and jams it in Mad Dog’s neck. Down but no out, Mad Dog continues to fight the brother’s but is eventually brought to the ground. Rama grabs the glass tube and pulls it across Mad Dog’s neck, slitting his throat and killing him.

Dagu and Wahyu hit the 15th floor, coming across a man with a revolver. Wahyu disarms him and shoots him in the head. Tama is alerted as 2 more guards come up, but Wahyu kills them too. Bursting into Tama’s office, Wahyu gets the drop on Tama before he can get to his gun. He orders Dagu to zip tie cuff him then promptly shoots Dagu in the head, showing that he was in league with other corrupt cops who did business with Tama. Wahyu says Tama is his ticket out of the building.

“Amazing…” Tama notes surprised that there is someone even more corrupt than him.

Wahyu starts to walk Tama down and fires on Rama and Andi when he sees them. Rama is surprised that Wahyu is shooting at them. Tama, still thinking he has control, tells Wahyu that he probably thought he was sent to kill Tama and “they” (corrupt cops he works for) would reward him. Tama mentions “Reza” which is enough to shock Wahyu. Tama reveals that he was tipped off about the raid from the first moment. He was ordered to kill Wahyu instead, as the others saw him as a liability and they liked Tama because he bribed them well. Enraged, Wahyu shoots Tama in the head.

Wahyu goes to kill himself, but his revolver is out of bullets (killing 3 thugs, killing Dagu, a shot at Rama, and killing Tama). Wahyu looks at the gun in sadness knowing he will not get away easy. An enraged Rama with Andi not far behind approach him.

Andi gets on the intercom telling the remaining tenants that the problem is over, and they should return to their rooms.

Andi, in penance for his previous actions, and so that all the cops that died were not in vain, gives his brother a list of dirty cops and a name of a trusted officer to reveal the information too, noting that not every cop is dirty.

Rama recovers Bowo and restrains Wahyu. As they walk out the courtyard, Budi sees them and smiles.

Rama pleads with his brother to come home with him, but once again, Andi declines, saying he can better protect his brother on this side of the law. Rama says that the police will send a full force raid on the building soon, but Andi notes they will be gone before they ever get there. Andi notes that he will be a criminal the same reason his brother will stay a cop; because the uniform “fits.”

Andi makes the guards let Rama, Bowo and the now under arrest Wahyu pass the gate (as with Tama and Mad Dog dead, Andi is now under control of the syndicate and has the authority). Andi turns to leave, smiling at the fact he not only reunited with his brother but saved him from harm, though his future is now unclear. Rama passes through the gate, takes one last at Andi, then leaves to report back to headquarters.

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