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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Michael.

We begin with a timeline showing the creation of Saudi Arabia, the discovery of oil, the embargo in 1973 that crippled the US economy and the involvement of Saudis in 9/11 (with animation of a plane hitting the towers). Finally, it tells how the FBI is the lead agency for American incidents around the world.

We start with FBI agent Ronald Fluery (Jamie Foxx) at his son's elementary school, sharing the story of how the boy was born by c-section. We then jump to Saudi Arabia where a picnic is held at the compound for American workers and servicemen and their families. A group of men from a rooftop observe as two men in police uniforms walk up and shoot two officers dead. They then take their truck and race around the area, gunning down anyone in sight, scaring those at the nearby baseball game. Haytham (Ali Suliman), a police officer, rams the jeep off the road and ends up killing the attackers. Meanwhile, the families are running past another officer to their cars when the man sets off a bomb he's wearing, killing and wounding many.

Fluery gets a call from a good friend who's an agent on base (Kyle Chandler and while I can't remember his name here, almost every character has a subtitle underneath them when they're introduced, telling their name and position), telling him of the attacks. Night has fallen and the rescue efforts are beginning when an even more massive explosion detonates in the parking lot, blasting everyone aside.

At FBI headquarters, Fluery is briefing everyone on how there are over 100 killed and twice as many wounded. He mentions the death of his fellow agent which rocks everyone, particularly medical examiner Janet Mayes (Jennifer Garner) who was a good friend of his. The chief suspect is Abdulaik (I think that's how it was spelled), a notorious terrorist leader. Demolition expert Grant Sykes (Chris Cooper) talks about the bombing while forensic expert Adam Leavitt (Patrick Bateman) wonders if they'll be going in to investigate. The others say it's unlikely as the Saudis will want to handle this themselves and the US government won't want to risk more American lives.

Indeed, the Attorney General meets with the FBI director and Fluery to say they don't want more "boots on the ground" with Fluery disgusted by their inaction. When the AG says it's not wise to put more targets out there, the FBI director dryly observes that not going after criminals because you might get hurt is not Beaura policy.

Back in Saudi Arabia, Haytham is being tortured under the direction of a general who thinks he's involved. Colonel Al-Ghazi (Ashraf Barhom), believes Haytham, showing that he has extra uniforms because he sweats so much. The General tells Haytham to tell everyone that he was injured in the crash. He tells Al-Ghazi he has problems in his security force but the colonel replies "We all have problems, General." He and Haytham share a drink where Al-Ghazi tells the other man he knows he's loyal to his country and should use his anger at this to find those responsible.

After meeting the son of the agent who was killed, Fleury finds a reporter (Frances Fisher) and gives out a story that the FBI are going to freeze the assets of some Saudi families. As he planned, that gets him a meeting with a Saudi official where he manages to convince him that an American presence is needed. Soon, Fleury, Mayes, Sykes and Leavitt are on their way to Saudi Arabia while Al-Ghazi is told by a Saudi prince to keep them out of the way while the General handles the investigation. We also see the leader of the terrorists behind the attack with his followers delivering a videotape rant.

The team goes on their way, Leavitt nervous about it saying that when he said they should go, he meant "The FBI, not I." Sykes talks to Fleury, reminding him not to make this personal as they talk on their late agent friend's horrible ties as gifts. At the airport, they meet with Al-Ghazi and the coffins of the FBI agents killed are loaded, which nearly cracks Mayes. They drive from the airport at top speed for security which makes Leavitt nervous and an argument breaks out on how the team won't be allowed to study the crime scene at night.

They're soon led to their makeshift barracks at a local gym with Mayes getting a small curtain for privacy. Back in Washington, the AG is telling the FBI director that he intends to lodge a complaint with the Senate over the FBI's involvement. The director fires back that the AG must not have gotten the reaction he wanted from the President and gives a long speech on how after surviving Vietnam, the AG really can't threaten him.

Back in Saudi Arabia, the team comes to the site of the bombing but aren't allowed to go in themselves under orders of the Saudis. An embassy official (Jeremy Piven) shows up, telling them to make nice with the visiting Prince who makes it clear that the Americans are around purely for show and the Saudis will handle this themselves. During a break, the team find the terrorist's website showing video of the attack. They try to get back into the investigation but are blocked continually despite their expertise. Al-Ghazi does go with them to interview witnesses with one couple (the mom played by Ashley Scott) showing the safe room used to keep safe and the widower of another angrily blaming the Saudis for what happened. During the tour, Fluery tells Al-Ghazi that they need to check on a building that could have been the spot the terrorists shot the video from. That night, we see Al-Ghazi meeting with his family while Haytham sees to his ailing father.

The next day, the team is given permission to come to the building but some soldiers block them and a brief fight breaks out before the General lets them go in. On the roof, they find evidence the terrorists had been there for a while planning this and Fleury tells Al-Ghazi they need to handle this, giving him a piece of the bomb they found on the site. They mention the involvement of Abu with Al-Ghazi saying that he's like Robin hood to the people here and they'll never find him. Al-Ghazi tells them the Prince wants to meet them but Mayes isn't allowed as she's a woman and Fleury lets Al-Ghazi tell her himself.

The group meet with the Prince, Leavitt forced to hold the man's falcon as the Prince talks on how some falcons are born to hunt while others can't even with training. Seeing this as inspiration, Fleury tells the Prince that Al-Ghazi was the one who found the terrorist's spot and that he's a falcon who can hunt and should help them. The Prince agrees and the team is allowed to go on site at last to investigate.

Sykes pumps water out of the blast hole and finds that the bombers blew up an ambulance. Mayes examines the bodies of those killed, with a soldier protesting when she tries to fingerprint a man's body so Haytham does it for her. She finds pieces of metal in the bodies and puts them together to realize they're marbles. A witness identifies one of the dead terrorists as a man she saw wandering around. Al-Ghazi tracks down the ambulance and finds it had been stolen. A small scene has him telling Fleury he was inspired to become a cop by the Incredible Hulk and how he only hurt those who deserved it. He and Fleury go to a youth center where the teenagers play video games of killing US soldiers. They meet a former terrorist who cut a deal and was basically given community service. He tells them that Abu is a ghost but offers a clue by holding up his hand, which is missing a few fingers and telling them that "One who works with bombs will be bit by the snake."

Al-Ghazi finds that the ambulance was stolen by the brother of one of the terrorists killed by Haytham and they go on a raid. It looks like the place they're raiding is the place Abu and his followers and putting bombs in cars but it's somewhere different. All the young terrorists are killed but Al-Ghazi finds all of them still have their fingers. The Prince and the embassy official come in, acting like the whole case is solved, the embassy man telling the team they can go home but they know this isn't the end. On the way to the airport, Fleury talks about how the World Trade Center was bombed by amateurs in 1993 to set up the professional strike and fears they'll be back in a few years which Al-Ghazi agrees with.

Things happen very quickly from here on in as cars move to the convoy and then explode, sending the vans flying. Men in police uniforms drag Leavitt out of the van and to another car as the rest of the team starts a firefight, wounding the driver of another terrorist car. They all pile into another car and tear off after the terrorists in a high-speed chase through the city. The terrorists pile out to a nearby building taken a bound and gagged Leavitt with them while the injured terrorist is pulled in, leaving a trail of blood behind. The team pulls in with the car as an ambush is launched, an RPG blowing up a car before them. They stop as a grenade lands on their car, Fleury throwing it aside and a major firefight breaks out in the area with bullets flying everywhere. Fleury gets to the roof of a building to kill a terrorist and throws a grenade into a nearby room, causing the man inside to set off his RPG and cause a big explosion.

Al-Ghazi and Fleury go through a building while Mayes checks out a lower floor (tense scene). There's more room to room fighting as the terrorists plan to behead the captive Leavitt on camera. Mayes kicks open a door to see a young girl and her terrified family. She moves to another room and just as Leavitt is about to be killed, Mayes leans in from a hole above and shoots his captors. The terrorist leader attacks her, yanking her in and starts to beat the hell out of her, slamming her into walls. As Leavitt helps, Mayes grabs a knife and stabs the guy in the groin and the leg, finally slamming him face-first into the ground and burying her knife in his head (Big audience cheer for that).

The four go through the hallway back to the family Mayes saw before. She tries to make peace by handing a little girl a lollipop and the girl hands her a marble - the same type of marble that was used in the bombing. The agents look at each other and then at the old man lying on a cot nearby who's wearing the same white robe and red head covering as the terrorist on the videotapes. As Fleury checks out a blood trail on the floor, Al-Ghazi offers his hand to the old man who reveals he's missing several fingers and Al-Ghazi realizes this old man is Abu.

Suddenly, a young teen comes out with a gun and shoots Al-Ghazi in the head. Fleury shoots the boy as Abu pulls out a machine gun but the arriving Haytham guns him down. Abu's grandfather holds him while Mayes tries CPR on the boy and Fleury holds Al-Ghazi, who dies in his arms.

Later, Fleury goes to visit Al-Ghazi's family, telling his son that his father was his friend and a great man. The team gets on the plane to an honor guard of Saudi troops, Haytham giving Fleury some sort of religious artifact for luck. Back in DC, the Director tells the agents they'll be called on to testify for their actions but he's proud of them. Leavitt asks Fleury what he whispered to Mayes when she was crying during the initial briefing. We then cut to Saudi Arabia where Abu's grandson is asked what Abu told him before dying. The answer is the same for both:

"Don't worry. We'll kill them all."

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When an American facility is bombed in Saudia Arabia (the Kingdom), a team of FBI specialists headed by Fluery (Jamie Foxx) manages to maneuver around the bureaucrats to travel there and investigate the site. With the help of the Saudi Colonel Al-Ghazi, they manage to locate and kill several of the men responsible for the blast. The US government, fearing the team will be killed if they remain in the Kingdom, call it a victory and arrange to ship them back home even though the Team and Colonel agree the men they killed were underlings and other attacks are likely being planned.

As they drive out of town their convoy is attacked and Adam (Jason Bateman) is kidnapped. An impressive chase begins as the Team tries to rescue him. Janet (Jennifer Garner) shoots his captors before they can videotape his death and frees him. They kill the ringleader of the bombing attacks, but Al-Ghazi is shot and killed by a teenage boy.

The Team heads back to the US bloodied and shocked. As the film ends Fluery repeats a message of comfort he gave to Janet at the start of the film (her mentor was killed in the original blast), promising that they would "kill them all". As he does so, we see the granddaughter of the slain bomber repeat the same message, whispered to her by her grandfather as he lay dying in her arms.

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