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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by j.blackwell who saw the film at a preview screening about a month before the film's release. "The studio rep said the ending had already been changed once due to comments at an earlier screening, but strangely they never asked us about the new ending or anything else about how we liked the film. Personally, I thought the movie was mildly-enjoyable fluff, with no surprises and nothing to make you think very hard. *shrug* Some people are willing to pay money for that sort of thing. I prefer the original movie."

Keep an eye out for Shawn Fanning, the creator of Napster, in a funny little cameo.

The Italian Job starts in Venice where Charlie Croker [Mark Wahlberg] and John Bridger [Donald Sutherland} are discussing their next (and last for Bridger) heist.

The job involves using explosives (applied by explosives expert Left Ear [Mos Def] and weasly guy Steve [Edward Norton] with the help of computer expert Lyle [Seth Green]) to drop a safe through the floors of a building and into the canal below. Then, while a boat with a dummy safe (driven by Handsome Rob [Jason Stratham]) draws the police away, Charlie & Bridger crack the real safe at the bottom of the canal and retrieve the gold hidden inside. After the job is successfully completed, the gang meets in the mountains to toast their success. On the way out, however, they are double crossed by Steve, who takes the gold, kills Bridger and nearly kills the rest of them. They survive by hiding underwater in their sunken van and sharing a scuba tank.

Cut to one year later. Charlie has located Steve in Los Angeles after getting word of someone fencing gold bars with an imprint of a balinese dancer (the loot from The Italian Job). Steve believes the rest of the gang to be dead, so Charlie recruits Bridger's daughter Stella [Charlize Theron], who happens to work as a legal safe cracker.

The gang decides to knock out Steve's cable so that Stella can pose as a repair woman and do some reconnaissance. To get access to a uniform and repair van, Handsome Rob seduces a real repair woman [cameo by Cameron Diaz?] to steal a uniform and keys. When she is in Steve's house, Steve hits on her relentlessly (not know who she is and that she knows he killed her father). She finally agrees to a date she has no plans on keeping.

In order to remove the gold from Steve's house, the gang hires Wrench [Franky G] to customize three Minis with increased suspension and horsepower. They plan to drive the cars through the wide halls and doorways of the house, load them with gold and drive them away. To speed their escape, Lyle has hacked the LA traffic control computers in order to give them green lights all the way. But when the night of the robbery comes, it turns out that Steve's neighbors are throwing a party and there are too many witnesses around. They realize that Stella will have to keep her date with Steve in order to get him out of the house on some future date.

On her date with Steve, Stella uses an expression that her father used to use all the time, and Steve realizes who she is. The other members of the gang reveal that they are alive as they come to her aid. Steve informs them that they will never get what is left of his gold, and Charlie decks him.

Meanwhile, the fence for the stolen gold begins to realize that it is from the Venice heist. Steve kills him to be on the safe side (which a bad move considering that the fence is a member of a Ukrainian gangster family).

Steve decides to move out before they can rob him. He hires three armored cars, one to carry the gold and the other two to act as decoys. He follows the armored cars in a helicopter. Charlie's gang, however, is able to figure out which armored car riding lower and is thus weighed down with the gold. They use their control of the traffic system to steer the armored car over a tunnel and then blast the street below to make the armored car come tumbling down.

Down in the tunnel, Stella is forced to crack the safe the old-fashioned way but does succeed. They load the gold into the Minis and head out with Steve following in the helicopter. After a long chase, they think they have lost Steve and load the Minis into train cars. Steve has tracked them, though, and sees them walking away from the train car containing the Minis. But when he opens the train car, he finds the Ukrainians and Charlie waiting for him. Charlie gives Steve to the Ukrainians along with some gold, Charlie's gang keeps the rest, and everyone lives happily ever after (except for Steve who they imply will be tortured to death).

The final scene shows Charlie and Stella snuggling together in a gondola in Venice.

-- J. Blackwell


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