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Tom Hanks discovers that his prisoner, John Coffey is able to perform healing miracles by taking the "bad" out of people, and then disposing of it into the air. He does this to heal Tom Hanks' urinary infection, and later, heals the Warden's wife 's brain tumor. After he heals the wife, instead of disposing the bad, he saves it and places it inside the evil jailer, Percy. The jailer then shoots and kills crazy "wild bill" and is placed in a mental institution. The one he was to be transferred to.

When Hanks questions John as to why he did it, John explains that Bill has a lot of evil in him. He then gives Hanks a piece of his "gift" so he can see for himself, why Wild Bill was such a bad man. It seems that Wild Bill is the killer of the two little girls that John Coffey is accused of killing. John was caught with the two girls while he was actually trying to heal them, but was too late.

Hanks agonizes over the fact that he had to electrocute John Coffey. How could he put to death an innocent man who can perform miracles? He is forced to struggle with this for the rest of his life, which turns out to be longer than normal. Along with the "gift" that Hanks (and the mouse "Mr. Jingles") received from Coffey was the "gift of life". This explains why Hanks is really 108 years old and why he walks up to the woods every day with a piece of toast (to feed the mouse).

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