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The movie begins with the narrator (John Larroquette) says how the film is a true story based on a series of murders known as the Texas Chain Saw Massacre.  He then says that nothing compares to the footage from the officers recording the crime scene.  We then see old black and white footage of an officer being filmed as he walks down the basement, showing hair and marks from scratching at the wall.

We then get into the movie in 1973.  In a van, there are Erin (Jessica Biel) and her boyfriend Kemper (Eric Balfour), Morgan (Jonathan Tucker), Pepper (Erica Leerhson) and her boyfriend Andy (Mike Vogal). 

They are all heading to a Lyndrd Skynrd concert in Dallas.  Andy, Pepper, Morgan and Kemper pass around a joint and Erin is refuses it when they offer it to her.  Kemper says that the entire time while they were in Mexico she didn't smoke anything or drink anything.  She says its because she didn't want to be smashed the entire trip.  Erin throws the joint outside.  Morgan says it doesn't matter cause they have 2 pounds of it.  Erin is mad that they bought marijuana in Mexico. She also mentions how she expected a diamond ring (presumably an engagement ring) from Kemper.  He says she'll get one soon.  They kiss and Kemper almost runs a girl over in the road.

They stop and pick the girl up.  She looks beaten up and is not talking much.  She says 'they're all dead', 'I just want to go home' and a few other things very subtly and scared.  They say they are going to take her to a hospital and drive past a BBQ place sign.  The girl sees this and tries to stop him, grabbing the wheel.  They stop her and stop the car.  She says she refuses to go 'back there' and pulls out a gun.  She puts it in her mouth and pulls the trigger.  Blood is everywhere and there is a hole in the back window.  The 5 are freaked out, throwing up and everything.

They try to figure out what to do.  They decide to throw the marijuana out into a field and they will go report this.  So they get rid of the pot and drive to the BBQ place.  There is an old woman there who calls the sheriff.  She says the sheriff will meet them at a nearby farm.  They are mad they have to do that, but eventually go anyway.

They get there and wait.  There is nobody.  Morgan says they should just leave the body and says they should vote on it.  Morgan and Andy say yes, Erin and Pepper say no, and Kemper is unsure, but he sides with his girlfriend.

Eventually they see something move inside a barn.  They go through looking and find a little boy, Jedidiah (David Dorfman), who looks homely and has disfigured teeth.  While the others treat him like a freak, Erin is the nicest to him.  She asks if he knows where the sheriff is.  He says he's probably at home getting drunk.  They ask where he lives.

We then see Kemper and Erin going through woods to get to the house.  The other three are back at the van.  They knock on the door of the Hewitt house.

A rude, old, legless man comes out and says that the sheriff doesn't live there.  He tells Erin she can go in and call, and only Erin.  The woman on the other end says the sheriff will be at the farm in half hour.

At the same time, Sheriff Hoyt (R. Lee Ermey) then comes to the van.  He acts very oddly, wrapping the head up in saran wrap and tells Andy and Morgan to put it in his trunk.  He also takes the gun and puts it in an empty gun holster on his leg.  He then leaves as the three wait for Erin and Kemper.

Erin is done with her call and the man isn't in sight so she yells thanks to him and he asks her to come and help.  He is sitting on the bathroom floor and asks her to help him up into his wheelchair.  She helps him (as he cops feels) when we see a figure quickly pass by them.

Kemper is getting impatient and goes inside, looking around.  He hears at TV on in a closed room.  He peaks in and knocks something hanging on the door off.  He bends down and picks it up.  That's when Leatherface very quickly comes up behind him and shoves an axe in his back and drags him by it behind a steel door and slams it shut.  Leatherface messes with Kemper's body and after he's done hangs it over a tub, where a diamond rings falls out.

Erin hears the door slam and leaves the man there, looking for Kemper.  She can't find him (but does see an eyehole on the steel door which follows her).  The man tells her that Kemper isn't in his house and she leaves.  She goes back to the van to tell them that the sheriff will be there in a half hour, but her friends tell her that he came already and took the body.  They also haven't seen Kemper.  Suddenly they hear a blaring car horn.  One of the abandoned cars at the farm has a stick between the seat and the horn making it go off.  They take that out and find a photo of the girl who killed herself and a picture of her family.  They find it odd.  They fret about missing their concert but Erin and Andy refuse to leave Kemper, so Erin and Andy go back to the house.

Erin distracts the man as Andy searches inside for Kemper.  Leatherface spies on Andy through holes in the wall as he searches.  He makes something fall, causing a loud crash.  Erin runs inside to him.  The man comes in yelling at them.  He then says they are deader than they know, when Leatherface slams open the steel door with his chainsaw roaring.  They stumble out of the house running.  As Erin runs back through the woods, Leatherface chases Andy through clothes lines and eventually chops off half of his right leg, carrying him inside, alive.  Andy tries to resist, scratching the walls, breaking off his fingernails.  Andy is placed on a meat hook on the wall over a piano.  Then Leatherface sews up some skin he got off Kemper.

By now it's pretty dark.  Erin gets back to the van, crying about Leatherface.  They try to leave but the car wont start.  That's when the sheriff startles them.  She tells him about the killer but pot on the dashboard distracts him.  They try to deny that it's theirs but he doesn't listen and forces them out onto the ground.  Erin tries to tell him, but he is being really inconsiderate.  He accuses Kemper of killing the girl and running off.  They say that's not what happened.  He grabs Morgan and brings him into the van.

He tells Morgan he has a bad imagination so he has to show him how the girl died.  He has to sit where she sat (he is disgusted because of the blood on it).  The sheriff cocks the gun and gives it to him.  Morgan is terrified.  He puts it to his chin, but the sheriff tells him there was no bullet hole there and the shot must have been coming out of the mouth.  He forces him to put it in his mouth.  He then tells him he has to put his finger on the trigger.  Erin gets off the ground and sees what is happening.  She yells asking what he's doing.  That's when Morgan takes the gun out of his mouth and points it at the sheriff.  Pepper tells him to shoot as Erin tells him not to.  It is a moment of indecision until he pulls the trigger.  It wasn't loaded.  Sheriff Hoyt says he's taking him in for attempted murder.  In the car ride, he smashes a bottle in Morgan's face, seriously hurting him, and calls on his radio telling the person on the other end to leave now because the 2 girls are there waiting.  He takes Morgan to the Hewitt house and kicks him around outside.

Pepper is watching as Erin tries to use her knife to start the car.  The knife broke.  She then hotwires it, but as they begin to drive, the tire falls off.  Leatherface, wearing Kemper's face, then uses his chainsaw and breaks the back window.  They begin screaming and yelling as he cuts up the back window and the driver seat window.  They go to the center of the van and he cuts through ceiling.  He cuts Pepper in the arm and grabs Erin.  Pepper runs out of the van and Leather face chases her instead, killing her.  Erin runs through the woods as he chases her.

Erin sees a trailer, bangs on the door, and runs in when it opens.  She locks the door and inside is 2 ladies, a really fat one and a really skinny one.  They tell her that Leatherface is such a nice boy and knows not to come around their trailer.  They also say they don't have a phone.  One of the ladies forces Erin to drink tea, practically shoving it down her throat.  She yells at the lady saying she doesn't want tea.  Then she hears a baby crying and the skinny lady goes into the other room to take care of it.  Erin sees a photo of the dead girl's family, and a baby is in the photo.  A phone rings.  The skinny lady answers it, as Erin gets dizzy.  Erin yells, after she hangs up the phone, that the baby isn't hers and that she stole it.  Erin then passes out.

She wakes up surrounded by the old lady from the BBQ place, the old man and the sheriff, who hold her down on the couch.  They are all family.  Jedidiah is at the window and feels bad for Erin.  They tell Erin that Thomas (aka Leatherface) is such a nice boy but they are the kind of people who made fun of his skin disease (he has no nose) as a child.  Erin begs for help, and the family calls for Leatherface to get her out of there.  He grabs her and throws her into the basement.

She sees dead skeletons and other stuff that disgusts her and a barely alive Andy.  He is trying to press piano keys with his foot.  Erin tries to help him, but he tries to tell her not to do that.  When she presses down the piano keys to help him get off, he is impaled more (the keys are connected to the hook so it is raised as the keys are pressed).  He asks her to use the knife on the table to kill him.  She refuses but he begs her to.  She is very resistant, but shoves it through his heart, and cries after doing so.

Leatherface is watching her from upstairs through a hole in the floor.  Erin walks around the basement and sees Morgan hunched over in the tub.  She touches him and he jumps, still alive.  Jedidiah then appears in the basement, saying to come quick through a way out.  Leatherface rushes after them as Erin helps Morgan, who is limping, stumbling, and wearing handcuffs.  They make it through a tunnel and get to a staircase.  Leatherface is just about there and almost gets them, but Jedidiah bites him, giving them time to get away.

They run into a nearby and broken down guesthouse and block the door with a couch.  They each get hiding spots.  Leatherface saws his way into the house and looks around where they are.  They are both looking at him through holes.  He almost leaves when he hears mice squeaking since they're being pushed away by Erin.  He disappears from the room as Erin looks.  Erin stands up and looks out, but he bursts through the door behind her.  He shoves her to the ground and she is about to get it, but Morgan jumps out and saves her.  Leatherface drops the chainsaw.  Erin gets up and fights him too, but Leatherface gets her away and hangs Morgan on a chandelier by the cuffs and slices him upward.

She runs through the woods to a meat processing plant they passed earlier.  He almost gets her as she is going in, but she kicks him constantly and gets ahead of him.  She hides in a meat locker.  He goes in there after her.  He can't find her but pulls something that makes the meat move.  She says 'ow' when it hits her and he goes after her.  She runs and finds a knife.  She hides in a row of lockers.  He passes her but she yells for him from the locker.  He goes to a locker, which has something moving inside, and he opens it to find a pig.  She then bursts out and hacks his arm off.  His arm, along with the chainsaw, falls off and she runs out.

She runs down a road.  She sees a big truck and stops it.  She doesn't talk and he takes her in his truck.  She babbles saying 'they're all dead' and 'I just want to go home' just like the girl.  They pass the BBQ sign and she does the same thing as their hitchhiker.  He stops at the BBQ place and goes inside.  Erin gets out and looks in the window.  The whole family is there, with the baby in a height chair, and the trucker is telling them about the girl he found.  They all go out to see, leaving the baby.  Very briefly later, the skinny lady goes back inside and sees the baby is gone.

We then see Erin hotwiring as the sheriff is inching closer to opening the driver door.  He opens it to reveal nobody.  Then the lights for the sheriff's car goes on and Erin drives into the sheriff.  She goes in reverse over him, then once more over him and keeps driving with the baby next to her.  Then, out of nowhere, Leatherface swings his chainsaw at the car with his other hand and hits it, but Erin keeps driving.

We see the rest of the investigation footage from the beginning.  The officer makes his way down the steps and in one quick moment, he screams, falls, and the camera goes too.  We briefly see a casket being carried out of a church in the old footage.  The narrator says, as we see 3 single frames of the fallen camera, that the images seen are the only real-life pictures of Thomas Hewitt aka Leatherface.  He then says that the case was never solved…


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