The Beginning

NOTE: One helluva great spoiler sent in by Marcus.

The film begins in Texas, with an obese woman working in a meat factory. She gets pains in her stomach (she’s pregnant) and asks her boss for another break. He won’t let her, and we see her water break, along with a lot of blood flowing down her legs. She collapses on the floor. The boss rushes over to her and thinks she’s dead. She pops up, screaming in agony when she gives birth to a boy. She dies, and the boss is left with the ugly baby. Next, we see a young Lude Mae going through the garbage cans outside the meat factory, looking for food. She hears something in one of the garbage cans and finds the bloodied baby in it, crying. Lude Mae takes the baby back to her house and says that the baby is the most beautiful thing, while a young Charlie says that it’s the ugliest thing he’s ever seen. The opening credits come up as we see pictures of Thomas Hewitt aka Leatherface (Andrew Bryniarski) and him cutting up meat. We see him cut off the faces of animals and wear them, along with a newspaper headline that the town is dying (along with a draft for the Vietnam War).

Back to the meat factory – the boss had to let go all of his employees. He’s closing it up for good and leaving the town, along with everyone else. The only employee who’s still cutting up the meat is Thomas, who seemingly refuses to go home. The boss gets another employee to force Thomas to go away, but he winds up making him angry by insulting him. Holding a meat cleaver in his hand, Thomas drops it and walks away. We are introduced to Eric (Matthew Bomer) in a motel’s pool, holding a knife in his teeth. He tells his girlfriend Chrissie (Jordana Brewster) that’s how they move in the water in Vietnam. Eric has already served over there, and is on his way to re-enlist. Eric and Chrissie playfully discuss how many kids they’re going to have, and what their names will be. Meanwhile, inside the motel room, Eric’s brother Dean (Taylor Handley) is tied to a bed by his girlfriend Bailey (Diora Baird), who tells him that she’s going to use her tongue in ways that wouldn’t make god proud. Dean’s not very into it, being distracted over thinking about the trip. Turns out Dean’s being drafted and is on the trip so that he can sign up with Eric. The only thing though is that he doesn’t want to sign up. Eric doesn’t know this, but Bailey does and tells him that he’s got to tell his brother. The kids pack up their belongings and drive from the motel in their jeep.

The boss of the meat factory is packing up his things when he sees Thomas in his office. He orders him to go home, but Thomas won’t move. Thomas is holding a sledgehammer, and hits the boss with it. The boss falls onto the floor and crawls underneath his overturned desk to call the cops, but Thomas bashes his legs until they’re broken. The boss managed to call the operator, but she can’t understand what’s going on. Thomas breaks the man’s face with the sledgehammer, killing him. He then picks up a chainsaw and walks down the road. Sheriff Winston (Lew Temple) drives up to the Hewitt house, where Charlie (R. Lee Ermey) answers the door. Winston knows that Thomas murdered a man and is now looking for him. Charlie doesn’t know where he is, and Winston asks for Charlie to accompany him in his search because he’ll probably need him. While they’re driving around, Winston tells Charlie that he should get out of the town along with his family. Nearly everyone’s gone, and Winston is the last law enforcement left before he leaves next week. They spot Thomas walking down the road with the chainsaw. Winston tells Charlie to stay in the car. He gets out and orders Thomas to drop the chainsaw. Charlie grabs a shotgun from the police car and shoots Winston dead. He likes the sheriff’s badge, and rubs the blood off it. Charlie then drives back home, where the sheriff’s uniform is washed up and a new name tag is put on it. Lude Mae (Marietta Marich) gets after Charlie for killing the sheriff, but he tells his mother that from now on she’s going to call him Hoyt. Sheriff Hoyt.

At night, the Hewitt family gathers at the dinner table for supper. Hoyt tells Lude Mae and Monty (Terrence Evans) that they won’t abandon their birth place, and that they will stay in the town. There’s nothing they can’t handle. People might not remember what they say that night, but they’ll remember what they do. And thanks to the dead sheriff, they won’t go hungry again. They cooked the sheriff’s corpse and made soup with it. They feast on their dinner, and the next day Hoyt drives out to the middle of the road, holding his shotgun and surveying his new territory. The kids stop at a convenience store, where the girls think they can get souvenirs for the boys. Chrissie and Bailey go inside but don’t find much, apart from a lot of animal heads hanging from the wall. They ask Lude Mae, who’s behind the counter smoking a cigarette, where the bathroom is. Chrissie and Bailey pass by two bikers, one female and one named Holden (Lee Tergesen), and walk towards the back where they are scared by a gang of bikers. Dean starts to talk to Eric about going to Vietnam, and what’s it like. Eric tells him that he wouldn’t believe what he could get used to (the killing, the smell, e.t.c…). Bailey tells Chrissie that she’s going with Dean to Mexico, and Chrissie is surprisingly supportive. When Bailey asks her why she’s letting Eric go back there, Chrissie replies that it’s just who he is. The girls come back to the jeep before Dean can break the news to Eric, and they drive off.

In the jeep, Dean starts to burn his registration card when Eric notices it and grabs it from him. He finally tells his brother that he doesn’t want to go to Vietnam, which makes Eric upset. While they argue, the female biker drives up behind them with a sawed-off shotgun. She tells them to pull over, which freaks out everyone. Eric takes out his pistol and aims to kill her when they hit an animal in the middle of the road, which explodes on impact. The jeep loses control and flips over a couple of times. When Eric comes to, he notices that Chrissie is gone. Bailey’s arm is stuck in the jeep and she can’t get out. Dean is fairly banged up as well. Eric gets out and looks for Chrissie when the female biker walks up to them and holds them all at gunpoint. She wants to rob them of everything they’ve got when a cop car pulls up to the wreckage. She orders them to play along or she’ll either kill the cop and them. Sheriff Hoyt walks up to them and blasts the biker dead with his shotgun. He then asks the kids if they’re okay. It becomes clear that he really doesn’t care, and orders everyone out of the jeep. Hoyt notices Dean’s burnt registration card, and orders the two brothers front and center. There’s obviously no fire in the car accident, and so someone purposefully burnt their card. He demands to know which one is the coward Dean. Eric says that he’s Dean, which makes Hoyt insult him and point his shotgun underneath his chin. He orders them all to get inside his car while he props up the corpse of the biker in the front. Chrissie has been watching all of this from the field, and Eric motions for her to not make herself known. The kids try to figure out what to do when Hoyt enters the car and drives off with them, ordering Monty to come collect their jeep.

Chrissie comes out of hiding, confused and scared. She tries to start up the jeep, but its dead from the crash. She then remembers Eric’s pistol and looks for it when Monty pulls up with his tow-truck. Chrissie hides in the backseat and sees the gun, but Monty takes it first and keeps it for himself. Unaware of someone still being in the car, Monty attaches the jeep to his truck and begins to tow it back to the house. The kids ask Hoyt where he’s taking them upon seeing the house. He tells them to shut up and gets out, shouting for Thomas to come out. Eric immediately tries to grab the shotgun on the dashboard, but Hoyt comes back and snatches it. They try to open the doors, but they won’t budge. Thomas comes outside and walks towards the car. Bailey asks “what is that?”, and Thomas startles them all when he retrieves the dead biker girl’s body. Thomas puts the two boys in the barn, tying their hands to wood and hoisting them up in the air. Lude Mae is not exactly thrilled that Hoyt brought back the kids, since people will be looking for them. He reassures her that no one will be looking for them, as they’re all worthless.

Monty pulls up to the house and gets out of his truck. Chrissie crawls underneath the truck and prepares to move again when Monty suddenly steps into view, peeing on the ground in front of her. Chrissie sees the boys in the barn, and hears Bailey screaming inside the house. She runs through the woods and comes across a road. She sees someone coming, so she flags them down and runs up to them. It’s the biker Holden, who Chrissie informs of her kidnapped friends. Holden, not really caring, starts to drive off when she mentions that his biker friend was also taken to the house. Now that he’s interested, Holden pulls out his gun and tells Chrissie to lead him back to the house.

Hoyt has some fun with the boys, spraying them with a hose and making fun of them. He wraps plastic around Eric’s head, since he thinks that he’s a coward. Dean pleads with him to stop while Eric starts to suffocate. Eric passes out, and Dean tells Hoyt who he really is. This gets Hoyt even angrier, since he was just sitting there letting his brother get killed. Dean tells him to cut a hole in the plastic, and Hoyt does (he stabs Eric through the mouth). Hoyt takes Dean down and tells him that today’s his lucky day. He’s free to go, if he can do 10 push-ups. Dean gets on the ground and does one, and then Hoyt starts to beat him as he attempts to do the others. He explains that he was a POW in the Korean War, and that there weren’t rules as they are today. Rations were scarce, and every week a poor soul was chosen to be eaten. It was eat or be killed. Eric screams that he’ll kill him as we see Bailey inside the kitchen, tied to the bottom of the table. Lude Mae is cleaning the blood off her face, since she wants her to look good for company that’s coming over. Bailey listens as Hoyt continuously beats Dean. He also uses a whip on his elbows and legs. Dean finally does 10 push-ups, but Hoyt beats him over the head a couple a times. A man of his word, Hoyt tells Dean that he can go, though he tells Eric that he doesn’t think he’s going anywhere. Eric urges Dean to get up, but he’s much too weak from his brutal beating. Eric manages to break free and rushes over to Dean.

The Tea Lady (Kathy Lamkin) comes over to the Hewitt house and has some tea with Lude Mae as they talk. Bailey tries to shake free from underneath the table, but is unsuccessful. As the Tea Lady is talking about her favorite chocolate, Eric bursts into the kitchen. Lude Mae leaves and calls for Hoyt, who grabs his shotgun and rushes over. Eric blocks him from entering by pinning the Tea Lady against the door with the table. He sets Bailey free and they grab a set of keys from the counter. Eric tells Bailey to get the car running as he retrieves Dean. Hoyt calls out for Thomas, who grabs a meat hook and comes upstairs. Eric gets Dean from a hiding place while Bailey gets Monty’s truck started. Hoyt’s too late to stop her as she drives off. The door won’t stay closed though, opening and closing. Turns out Thomas is on the side of the truck. He stabs Bailey in the chest with the meat hook and shoves her out of the truck. Eric sees this, and sees Hoyt coming near them. He tells Dean to make a run for it and turns around to face Hoyt. He then starts to insult Hoyt, telling him that he’s a pathetic soldier and to shoot him. Hoyt orders Eric to move. Dean runs right into a bear trap, which snaps on his foot. Eric hears this, and is knocked out by Hoyt with the shotgun.

Meanwhile, Chrissie and Holden are lost in the woods trying to find the house. By night, they finally find it. Holden says that he’s going to get his girl back, but has no interest in trying to rescue any of Chrissie’s friends. Hoyt says that maybe Eric should spend some time with Thomas, who picks him up and carries him to the basement. Thomas holds him down with shackles, hammering them into the table so that he can’t move. Holden starts to sneak into the house via window upstairs, while Chrissie finds Dean still in the field outside. Dean tells her to go get help, but she says that there’s simply no help coming. They’re on their own. She promises to come back for him and sneaks into the house via window downstairs. She almost gets seen by Lude Mae and sneaks around the house. Monty hears the floorboards creaking, so he goes to investigate when Holden shoots him in the leg. He asks where his girl is, but Monty doesn’t know. Monty calls Hoyt, who comes and thinks that he shot himself in the leg. Holden knocks off Hoyt’s hat with his pistol and asks where his girl is. As Hoyt takes Holden upstairs, he yells for Thomas to come out again. Thomas is a bit preoccupied though, slicing the skin off of Eric’s arms. Eric sees that the dead biker girl is hanging behind him, minus her hands and feet. Thomas eventually hears Hoyt and goes upstairs with his chainsaw. Thomas doesn’t see Chrissie, who was right by the door to the basement. She starts to make her way down.

Hoyt brings Holden upstairs, where Bailey is seen tied to the floor. Holden tells him that it’s the wrong girl, and again asks him where she is. Thomas comes out of the shadows and hits Holden’s arm with the chainsaw. Holden is beaten by Thomas and Hoyt, winding up being pinned down on top of the chainsaw. Hoyt orders Thomas to crank it, and Thomas gets the chainsaw working. He slices up through Holden’s entire body, killing him and splattering blood all over the very happy Hoyt. Chrissie finds Eric on the table and sees the missing skin from his arms. They again talk about how many children they’ll have as Chrissie tries to free him. It’s no use, and they hear Thomas coming back downstairs. Eric tells her to hide, and she gets underneath the table. Thomas keeps on touching Eric’s face and then touching his own. He then cranks up the chainsaw and rams it down through Eric’s body, killing him and covering Chrissie in Eric’s blood underneath the table. Thomas then cuts off his face with a knife and makes a mask out of it while Chrissie watches.

Monty is wailing in pain over his shot leg. Hoyt comes downstairs and says that he likes Thomas’ new face, and his new toy (chainsaw). He tells him to follow him upstairs with his toy. Hoyt tells Monty that he loves him, and if he doesn’t do something the wound will get infected. Monty trusts him and tells him to do whatever he plans to do. Hoyt asks Lude Mae to hold Monty down, since he’s not going to like what’s going to happen. Thomas walks in with his chainsaw, and cuts off Monty’s leg with it. Hoyt tells him to “even it out”, and so Thomas cuts off Monty’s other leg. Lude Mae, a bit upset, asks Hoyt if that was necessary. He replies that he had to make it equal. While Thomas and Lude Mae tie up Monty’s legs so that he won’t bleed to death, Chrissie comes out from underneath the table and sees the bloody mess that used to be Eric. She walks upstairs in shock and gets ready to leave when she hears Bailey screaming upstairs. She decides to go upstairs for her friend. At one point it looks like Hoyt is staring straight at her, but he’s really looking at his own reflection in a window, cleaning the blood off his face. Chrissie finds Bailey and tries to untie her, but Bailey tells her that they know she’s there. Chrissie turns around to find Hoyt standing in the doorway, telling her that since she’s there she best stay for supper.

Chrissie wakes up dazed in the kitchen, seeing Bailey and Dean are also on the floor. Lude Mae is cooking dinner, using someone’s severed fingers and Holden’s tongue along with other body parts. When Chrissie wakes up again, she’s strapped down to a chair in the dining room. Lude Mae is cutting Bailey’s hair while Bailey shows no emotion. Dean’s body is slumped on the table and Monty is barely conscious after his blood loss. Hoyt gets up and says a blessing before he serves everyone. Lude Mae feeds Monty the human soup, since he has to eat. Chrissie insults them all, trying to belittle them and what they’re doing. Hoyt gets pissed and calls in Thomas, who walks in still wearing Eric’s face. Hoyt strokes Bailey’s throat, and Bailey opens her mouth in pain (we see that her mouth is full of blood). Thomas pulls her head back, grabs some scissors, and slits her throat open. Bailey slumps forward dead, and Chrissie cries out for Dean to help but Hoyt tells her that she’s all alone. He orders Thomas to take her downstairs, and she struggles as he lifts her over his back. Chrissie grabs a knife and stabs Thomas in the back, which makes him drop her. She tries to leave through the front, but Hoyt blocks her way. Chrissie desperately jumps through the window and runs across the field away from the house. Lude Mae and Hoyt watch from the door, with Lude Mae being concerned that now she’s going to tell people what they did. Thomas runs past them with a chainsaw and gives chase to Chrissie.

Dean wakes up on the dinner table to immediately see Bailey’s corpse staring back at him. Monty is hardly awake, and is of no threat. Hoyt blocks him from leaving, but Dean hits him in the head (which causes Hoyt to fall face-first in front of the door). Dean bashes Hoyt’s head on the floor, telling him to do 10 push-ups. He repeatedly bashes his head on the floor so much that Hoyt spits out his broken front teeth. Dean hits him over the head again and runs off to find Chrissie, who winds up at the meat factory. She grabs a knife and hides as Thomas comes inside with the chainsaw. He looks around for her, and she eventually comes out of her hiding spot and slices his face with the knife. He’s got her trapped in a corner, and cranks the chainsaw (raising it over his head). Dean finds them just in time and makes Thomas focus on him instead of Chrissie. Thomas impales Dean through the back with the chainsaw, raising him above the ground and throwing his corpse against some lockers. Taking some keys from the boss’ office, Chrissie starts up a car parked outside and drives off. She sees that she’s leaving their county, and sees a police officer that has pulled over a driver. She’s happy to be safe, but Thomas pops up from the backseat and rams the chainsaw through her body, killing Chrissie. This causes her to lose control of the car. The car hits and kills the police officer along with the driver standing in the road. Thomas gets out from the backseat and walks down the road at night with his chainsaw. The narrator says that the Hewitt family went on to kill more than 30 people, and that their crimes would forever be known as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The End.