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The movie begins as we see Keanu Reeves climbing out of bed one morning, ignoring his girlfriend and climbing into the shower thinking of nothing except his new "hot dog" advertising client. His girlfriend tells him they need to talk but he has other things on his mind. He's a cocky, highly paid advertising executive and has won many awards for his campaigns.

He gets to work in a high rise office in downtown San Francisco and barks out orders to his staff, trying to put the final touches on the proper way to sell a hot dog. His secretary reminds him that he has a 1:00 appointment at the DMV and he can't break it.

He reluctantly goes down to the DMV office and prepares to take the written test. Charlize Theron sits in a chair beside him and makes a spectacle of herself, dropping groceries and making quite a disturbance. Keanu gets stumped on one questions and whispers to Charlize for help. She whispers back that she hasn't gotten that far yet. The instructor hears her and kicks her out of the class.

When Keanu finishes and goes to his car, Charlize is there waiting for him, sitting on his Mercedes. He offers to give her some money to "buy redemption" but she won't take it. Keanu orders her off his car and drives away.

That night, Keanu's bellman calls up to his room to say there is a strange woman there asking for him. He goes down to find Charlize. She wants a ride and when Keanu refuses, she starts making a scene. To quiet her down, he agrees to take her to wherever she wants.

She directs him all the way to Oakland and has him park his car in a warehouse area. She puts on a wig and glasses, takes his keys and runs inside. Suddenly alarms start going off and she runs back to his car carrying a bag with a couple puppies. Turns out they were going to be used for experimentation and she rescued them.

He drives her home and she tells him that if he comes up for some cocoa, she will call it even. He says no, so she says, okay, see you tomorrow at 8:00. He goes upstairs and she tells him of her plan for him. She explains that he is living in a dark box. She wants him to spend the entire month of November with her so she can open the box and let some light into his life. He decides she's nuts and leaves.

The next day he presents his "hot dog" sales pitch and it is quite dramatic ending with a couple almost pornographic images of girls and big hot dogs. The Hot Dog executives aren't at all happy and decide to take their business elsewhere. Keanu is fired and when he gets home, discovers that his girlfriend is leaving him. He has just hit rock bottom.

His bellman rings and tells him he has a package for him from "that crazy girl." He opens the box and finds one of the puppies that she earlier rescued. He races to her apartment and has it out with her once and for all. One thing leads to another and they end up making out on the couch. They get into another argument and he begins to leave when she finally convinces him to spend the night.

The next morning he meets her downstairs neighbor Chaz. In fact, she has thrown out his clothes and replaced them with some of Chaz's jeans and sweatshirt. He leaves (again) and when he gets outside finds a wierd young kid, a strange neighborhood and realizes he is in a real predicament. He finally concedes to stay for one day.

They spend the day roaming the beach, walking dogs, eating ice cream and just having a great time. He is starting to fall in love with her.

He set up a meeting with the areas top advertising firm and is very impressive at lunch. The man offers Keanu a job but he is also very rude to a waitress. Keanu, with the training that Charlize has given him, realizes that he could never work for a man like this and turns him down.

He rushes to meet with Charlize and she is very hurt because she's sure he accepted a new job. He tells her that he turned the job down, gives her flowers and proposes to her but she says no. This was only supposed to last a month. Any shorter wouldn't be enough and any longer would lead to... well, marriage proposals.

They are invited to dinner and dancing at Chaz's house. Keanu is shocked when he discovers that Chaz is a transvestite and he and his "girlfriend", another transvestite have a wonderful dinner prepared for he and Charlize. Charlize isn't fealing very well and they skip the dancing and leave early.

Charlize is always having headaches and is over-medicating herself (behind Keanu's back). When Keanu confronts her he discovers all the medicine and demands to know what is going on. She starts vomiting and is rushed to the hospital. There he learns through Chaz that she was diagnosed with cancer a year ago and refuses any treatment. She wants to live each day to its fullness. She has Keanu take her from the hospital and he carries her home. She tells him to leave because she doesn't want him to see her like this... it's over between them.

At a thanksgiving dinner with Chaz and some of her neighbors, Keanu appears at the window wearing a santa outfit and carrying a big bag of presents. Everyone leaves while Keanu gives her presents, one at a time.

They spend the night together again but in the morning, she is packing. She tells him that her condition is getting worse and she wants all his memories of her to be happy ones. She is going to leave and be with her family. She runs out the door and he chases after her. They get outside and have another little talk. She blindfolds him (a game they played earlier) and he starts walking toward her. He stops, takes the blindfold off and she's gone.


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Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron in Warner Brothers' Sweet November - 2001
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