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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by lulabelljane who says..."It's a cute movie. It has a few weak spots here and there, but overall it is enjoyable. Reese shines in the role as Melanie."

The movie starts out with two kids running on a beach. It's a boy and a girl both ten years old. It's raining and lightning is striking every couple of seconds. Jake looks over at Melanie. He tells he wants to marry her. She asks him why. He says so that he can kiss her whenever he wants. He leans into kiss her just as lightning is about to strike the very spot were they stand.

Flash forward many years.

Melanie now lives in New York and is a famous fashion designer.

She is putting the finishing touches on a show for later that night. She goes to her apartment and there are rose petals all over the place. She smiles since she knows they are from her boyfriend Andrew. There's a message from him saying he'll see her at the show. After the show, Andrew takes her to a surprise place before going to an event for his mother who is the mayor of New York. He takes her to Tiffany's and proposes and she accepts. They decide to keep it quiet for a couple of days but Andrew's mother finds out and blabs.

Melanie later tells Andrew she wants to go to Alabama to tell her parents in person. He tells her he would love to go since he has never met her family, but she insists on going alone.

Melanie is now in Alabama. Her first stop is Jake's. He doesn't recognize her at first. But when she tells him she wants a divorce he gets memory back fast. He tells her he will not divorce her.

Later on she goes to see her parents who thrilled to see her for the first time in seven years. One day she goes to the local bank to get some money. The bank teller says just get it out of your joint account with Jake. She does and decides to redecorate his house. He is not too happy with this.

She tries several more times with Jake to get him to sign the papers but he won't change his mind. One night she decides to go to the local bar owned by Jake's mother. She runs into many old friends. She decides to have little fun and has a few drinks. She few too many and spills many secrets about her friends that people in town didn't know. She lets it slip that Bobby Ray her best friend from high school is gay. He runs out of the bar. Jake is angry with Melanie. He tells she can't treat people like that. He puts her in his truck to take her home. When she wakes up the next morning the divorce papers are laying on her bed signed by Jake. She mails the papers.

She decides its time for her to leave town. She goes and works everything out with Jake and Bobby Ray. While she is in town she runs into an old friend from School. She tells Melanie that Jake went to New York a year after she left to try and find her. He still loved her and wanted her back. Melanie is shocked at the news. Later that night she goes to into town. She has a long talk with Jake about why the marriage didn't make it, about the baby that they lost and why she left. Jake gives Melanie his blessing for her new life with Andrew.

The next day, a fancy car is driving down the road. Out gets Andrew. He has stopped at what he thinks is Melanie's house. Jake has also stopped at the house. They talk and Jake finds out that it is Melanie's boyfriend. He doesn't tell Andrew who is though. Jake and Andrew meet up with Melanie, where Andrew soon finds out that Melanie is married to Jake. He runs off angry after learning that Jake is still in love with Melanie.

Later on Melanie is back at her parents house. Her father walks in with Andrew. Andrew tells Melanie how sorry he is. He says she still wants to marry her. The wedding plans go on. Andrew's mother comes down from New York since they have decided to have the wedding in Alabama. The big day has arrived. As Melanie is walking down the aisle, an older man is running after her. She recognizes him as her lawyer. He tells her that she didn't sign the papers. She gets a pen to sign them but realizes that she still loves Jake and doesn't want to marry Andrew. Andrew says he feels the same. They brake off the wedding and she goes in search of Jake. She finds him on the same beach as in the beginning of the movie. She tells him she didn't marry Andrew because she wanted to stay married to Jake. When he asks her why, she tells him it is because she wants to kiss him whenever she wants. They do kiss. They then go to the wedding reception where friends and family wait.

During the credits-

It shows that Jake has moved to New York with Melanie and has opened his own business. She continued with her fashion design. They end up having a daughter.


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