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NOTE: This short spoiler was sent in by Rage. Not much to a movie like this so here's the quickie spoiler.

Morgan Spurlock decides to only eat McDonalds food for 30 days. He goes to some doctors and they tell him he is in excellent health. He decides he can't exercise for the 30 days also.

He starts to eat McDonalds food. It makes him feel good at first and then he starts to get sick. There are lots of pictures of fat people and talk about how fat America is getting. He eats a Big Mac meal and throws up out of the car window.

He gains 10 pounds per week. He gets depressed and he can hardly walk up the stairs to his apartment anymore. His girlfriend is a really annoying vegan chef. She talks about how he's not so hot in the sack anymore. She says, "And I have to be on top" (Like that's such a bad thing!!)

His doctors are appalled at his ill health. His dietician tells him to eat a vitamin pill and he replies that McDonalds doesn't sell vitamins.

He takes a road trip. He goes into a school cafeteria and sees how the kids only buy candy and french fries for lunch. He tries to call someone from McDonalds to interview and they won't talk to him.


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