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Supernova starts out with the crew of the Nightingale flying through space without any real mission. They just sit around, not doing anything, and having sex. James Spader is a new member, a former drug addict who just kicked the habit and is starting over.

The ship receives a distress call from an ice moon and they decide to make the "jump" to that part of space to rescue the sender. In order to make a "jump", they have to get into pods that put them into a sort of Alien-esque deep sleep. When they wake up, they discover the old captain is dying, (a malfunction in his pod) making Spader the new captain. When they pick up the survivor he turns out to be in great shape.

Soon they discover why he was alone on the moon. It had been abandoned months earlier and he was scavenging for treasure. When they discover this, Spader says he's going to dump the one precious item that the survivor brought on board into space.

This doesn't sit to kindly with the scavenger, so he goes about the routine of killing off one member of the crew at a time.

Eventually Spader and Angela Bassett find a way to defeat him, even though he has superhuman strength and speed. They killed him by using the artifact he found, which was actually a bomb that produced life while killing all the other life around it at the same time. Kind of like the Genesis bomb in Star Trek: II. They put it in a room without gravity and as he went to get it, they blew it up, killing him.

Unfortunately, he had destroyed all of the stasis pods before they killed him, except for one, so now they have to share it for the jump back home. Spader lectures about the insane risk involved in this jump, but all that eventually comes out of it is they exchange 2% of their genetic material during the jump. Basically, one of his eyes changes to black, while one of her eyes changes to blue. Wow.

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