Step Up
NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Chalowan.

The movie starts with scenes switching back and forth between a graceful ballet practice in the afternoon to a group of people street/ hip-hop dancing at night.  Then it introduces brothers Mac and Skinny and friend Tyler Gage played by Channing Tatum dancing at a house party.  Their friendly and brotherly banter creates comic relief throughout the movie.  Tyler is dancing with a girl which catches the attention of her boyfriend, PJ, who gets up in Tyler's face and they start to fight but Mac breaks it up when PJ pulls out a gun.  The three boys leave and after fooling around a bit Skinny accidentally breaks a window of a building and he tells the other boys to follow him.  They go inside and find out that they are in the Maryland School of Arts.  They find the performing arts stage and vandalize the props on stage justifying what they're doing by saying that the rich kids have money to pay for everything they broke.  A security guard finds them, though, and everyone gets away except for Tyler.

The next scenes shows Tyler receiving 200 hours of community service which he has to pay back to the school.  You find out that he's been in trouble before and that he lives in a foster home with two younger siblings.  He meets the principal of the school, Director Gordon, who tells him that the amount of property he damaged is equivalent to the tuition for one student.  Tyler doesn't seem remorseful and just wants to get his community service over with.  You see Tyler doing the whole janitorial thing such as vacuuming, washing windows, and fixing the lights.  As he's taking out the trash, he watches a dance class and that's where he meets Nora (Jenna Dewan).  He watches her dance and says "Hey" to her.  He's just about to go talk to her when her boyfriend, Brett, comes in.  As class ends Nora's friend Lucy says that she likes a man in uniform. 

Tyler goes outside and Mac and Skinny roll up in one of their cars.  They usually get their money by stealing cars for a guy named Omar and they talk about Tyler having to drop off the car later.  They make fun of Tyler for being at the school and then Tyler dances for them (like in the trailer) and he catches Nora watching them.

Nora is a senior at the school and she's been practicing a dance piece for a performance where dance scouts will be there.  Her partner Andrew ends up breaking his ankle and she sets up auditions for his replacement.  As Tyler watches there are some funny scenes where none of the guys can either pick her up or dance with her.  After auditions are over and Nora is resting, Tyler goes up to her and says that he'll do it.  She's a little reluctant but tells him to catch her which he does.  Nora asks director Gordon if Tyler could be her replacement for a few weeks until Andrew gets back on his feet.  Director Gordan is a little hesitant but allows it.  Nora tells Tyler to meet her at 2:30 the next day and to bring tights.

The next few scenes show both Tyler and Nora dancing together and learning the routine.  Lucy is surprised that Tyler is Nora's new dancing partner and jokes about Nora liking Tyler even though she has Brett.  Nora jokes about Lucy liking Miles (played by singer Mario) who mixes beats for Nora even though Lucy has an older boyfriend.  You get that Brett and Tyler don't get along very well as Brett doesn't think highly of him. 

One day Tyler misses practice by an hour and finds Nora listening to Brett and Mile's recording session.  She's mad at him but he doesn't really see the big deal.  Brett asks Tyler to leave because everyone's working and they are taking their music and art seriously where as Tyler doesn't seem to take anything seriously.  The next day shows Nora still waiting for Tyler and he doesn't show and when she finally gives up she sees him back in his janitor uniform sweeping outside.  She asks him where he's been and he says that he doesn't think this whole dancing thing is for him and that she was doing fine on her own anyways.  Nora freaks out because now she has no dance partner.

Mac, Skinny, and Tyler are playing video games and Mac mentions how Tyler always gives up on everything he does.  Tyler takes that into consideration and ends up going back to Nora and apologizing.  He says that he'll do anything to dance with her again and the following scene show him practicing ballet with a bunch of kids.  They both get closer and closer as they dance together everyday.  Tyler's always busy at practice and ditches Mac and Skinny a bit which irritates Mac.  Nora breaks up with Brett after finding out that he got a recording deal only after he ditched Miles saying how Brett just uses people and throws them away once he gets what he wants.  Also Tyler goes and asks Director Gordan if it's possible if he could finish out the rest of his school year at the Maryland School of Arts.  She says he has to earn it and show her that he really wants to be here.

There's a party and everyone gets together.  Tyler and Nora dance and Miles and Lucy sing on stage.  You can see there's chemistry between Miles and Lucy but Lucy has an older boyfriend who they see later kissing another girl.  Lucy brushes it off and Miles is upset that she can't see that she deserves better and she abruptly leaves.  Tyler and Nora get their first kiss here.  There are scenes of them practicing some more and bonding and walking each other home and just a whole bunch of smiling and giggling and dancing. 

In one of their practices Mac comes in and sees Tyler dancing and he gets upset.  He can't believe that Tyler would leave him and Skinny hanging while he dances and especially for a girl.  Right after that Tyler walks back into the school to find out that Andrew is doing much better and he's ready to dance again.  Nora doesn't know what to do because Andrew is also a senior and this dance recital means a lot for him too.  Tyler gets pissed and says that she's just like Brett, uses people and then ditches them and so he leaves.

There are clips of both of them moping around, her calling him and him pretending that he's not home.  It also shows that Andrew definitely doesn't look as good as Tyler when he dances (he's more lyrical or ballet-ish and Nora and Tyler's routine includes some hip-hop dancing and Andrew doesn't look comfortable doing it).  Eventually he hurts himself AGAAAAAIIIIN and says that he can't dance with Nora which leaves her partner-less AGAAAAIIIIN. 

Meanwhile Tyler is back with Mac and Skinny.  After leaving Skinny at home (mom told him he's not allowed to go out) both of them go to another house party hosted by Omar.  They hang out there for a little bit and then Skinny shows up because he didn't want to be stuck at home.  After Mac tells him to leave, Skinny walks back towards home but sees PJ from the beginning of the movie.  PJ has an Escalade.  Earlier in the movie Omar said something about the boys stealing him an Escalade to get back on his good graces (they were mouthing off to him).  When PJ runs into a corner store to pick up something Skinny runs over and steals the escalade.  He drives back to the party where Tyler and Mac yell at him to get out of the car (they know who the car belongs to).  Skinny's about to leave when PJ comes rolling up in another car and shoots Skinny to death.  After the funeral Mac and Tyler talk about how they want their life to be better than what they have now.  This encourages Tyler to run back to Nora just in time for the recital.

Nora, Lucy, and Miles are preparing for the recital.  Tyler comes back and begs Nora to let him dance again, he's fighting for what he believes in and so on.  Nora lets him dance and they do a great job.  Nora's mom is happy, Director Gordan and Mac look proud, the scouts look impressed, smiles from both Lucy and Miles, and lots of applause and so on.  At the end Nora and Tyler make up, Mac congratulates him, Lucy and Miles kiss, the dance scout wants to talk to Nora about being in their dance program AND she's interested in Tyler and Director Gordan wants Tyler to finish out the rest of his school year at the Maryland School for the arts.