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Episode III
Revenge of the Sith

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NOTE: this spoiler was sent in by KILLERMANS and is taken from the just released NOVEL. The actual movie will be slightly different - but not by much.


Revenge of the Sith

WAR! The Republic is crumbling
under attacks by the ruthless
There are heroes on both sides.
Evil is everywhere.

In a stunning move, the fiendish
droid leader, GENERAL GRIEVOUS,
has swept into the Republic
capital and kidnapped
the Galactic Senate.

As the Separatist Droid Army
attempts to flee the besieged
capital with their valuable
hostage, two Jedi Knights lead a
desperate mission to rescue
the captive Chancellor...

At it's beginning, we our introduced to the "greatest heroes in the galaxy," Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, who are facing an entire Trade Federation fleet in an attempt to rescue the kidnapped Chancellor Palpatine. Throughout this space battle, Anakin shows his arrogant side, pulling off suicidal maneuvers, while Obi-Wan attempts to reach Palpatine's captors. His ship is then covered with Spider droids from an exploding missile's debris. His ships functions are destroyed, and Anakin has to save him. With a little help from R2 (with many new functions) and the wing of Anakin's fighter, all of the little droids are destroyed, but Obi-Wan's ship can't fly. Anakin physically hits Obi-Wan's ship towards the hangar of the ship. Obi-Wan ejects before impact, and is quickly surrounded by droids. Anakin comes to save him, and R2 gives the directions to Palpatine's whereabouts.

The ship Chancellor Palpatine is captive of belongs to the vicious Jedi killer General Grievous; an alien fused with robotic material, but more robot than anything living, he appears skeletal in form. He keeps the lightsabers of those he's killed, with many at that. He serves Count Dooku. In the hangar, Obi-Wan and Anakin make their way the General's Quarters, where Palpatine is being held. Dooku gives Grievous the orders to "lead" the Jedi to his trap. Dooku then speaks with Lord Sidious, his Sith master and the instigator of the entire Clone War. The plan is to destroy Obi-Wan and use Anakin's anger from this moment to convert to the dark side. Lord Sidious is then revealed to be a shackled Palpatine in a chair.

Obi-Wan and Anakin destroy many robots and are led through several maze-like corridors and elevator shafts before finally reaching the "trap." Obi-Wan and Anakin reach Palpatine and attempt to free him, but are confronted by Dooku. He appears stronger and boasts that his strength has doubled since they last met. Anakin too boasts this and they continue to fight. Anakin shows great strength in the force by hurling tables and such towards Dooku, who deflects them. As Dooku fights Obi-Wan, he catches him off guard and knocks him down stairs, leaving Obi-Wan unconscious. Anakin fights Dooku alone and seems overpowered, until Palpatine begins cheering Anakin. "Kill him, strike him down." Anakin soon overpowers Dooku, and the situation turns deadly when Dooku is near death with 2 lightsabers crossed at his neck. Although Anakin hesitates, Palpatine supports this situation. "Kill him, Anakin. He tried to kill you and he took your hand." Anakin gives in, and Dooku's head rolls onto the floor.

They escape, with Anakin carrying an unconscious Obi-Wan, much to the Chancellor's "mental" dismay, seeing Obi-Wan as a burden to escape. Their path leads them to a closed and unfunctional door leading to the hangar. When Anakin tries to open the control panel, a shock sends all 3 of them off of the ledge, with Anakin barely hanging on. The Chancellor and a now conscious Obi-Wan are also hanging on while Anakin attempts to reach R2 who he orders to "open every elevator door" so they can reach an open hatch to escape through. During this, Grievous sends his 2 Jedi killing IG robots after Obi-Wan and Anakin. When they get through the hatchway, the 3 are boxed in by a force field and surrender to Grievous.

Upon meeting the vicious murderer, Obi-Wan seems normal and unfearful of the situation. Grievous threatens to kill Obi-Wan with his own lightsaber, until Obi-Wan orders to R2 to spray Grievous' leg with a special molten liquid, able to melt Grievous duranium covering. Obi-Wan manipulates Grievous' now exposed wires and takes back his lightsaber. Anakin and Obi-Wan face the IG robots and are nearly overpowered, but end up destroying them. Grievous cowardly escapes through the front of the ship, able to cling on to the outside of the ship with his magnetic feet. Anakin is forced to pilot the ship, which is nearly destroyed from the Republic Star Destroyers, led by Lieutenant Commander Needa. Through patience and the force's assistance, Anakin pilots the ship and makes it back to Coruscant.

Upon landing, he meets Mace Windu and Bail Organa, among several others, who congratulate Anakin on destroying Dooku, which may just have won the Republic part of the war. Anakin searches around for Padme, but only spots a now Golden C-3PO. C-3PO 'unofficially' tells Anakin that Padme is waiting in the hall. Anakin meets her and they speak of what’s happened since they last met. Padme reveals that she is pregnant. Anakin is joyful, but Padme fears that this may reveal their secret relationship. Anakin is then summoned to Chancellor Palpatine's office.

Mace Windu and Obi-Wan discuss Palpatine's dealings, who Windu does not trust. Windu reveals that the building nearby the site where Anakin landing is rumored to be housing a Sith Lord. A Sith Lord is supposedly advising the Senate, but who the Sith Lord is they cannot discover. Yoda enters the picture and advises Obi-Wan, requesting that Obi-Wan tell Anakin to report of the Chancellor's dealings with the Senate and what he does.

Upon their meeting, the Chancellor and Anakin discuss the Jedi matters. Palpatine suspects the Jedi of disbelieving his cause and suspects that they may rebel against him. Anakin discards these things as they way of the Sith, but Palpatine supports the Sith, as strong and quick to decide. The Jedi protect 'everyone,' while the Sith protects the Sith. Anakin then discusses the dreams he has been having of Padme. He dreams that she dies during labor. Anakin ponders this, and leaves unscathed by Palpatine's Sith-ly intentions. Palpatine then allows Anakin to take a spot in the Jedi Council.

The Jedi Council declare that it would be most useful indeed if Anakin reported the Chancellor's dealings, since Anakin considers Palpatine as a "father." Obi-Wan has doubts, since he too thinks of Anakin as a brother, the closest friend ever. Nearby, at the Senate Building, Bail Organa discusses the political conflict and how the senate is about to vote for control over the Jedi. He discusses with Mon Mothma who should be trusted in the Senate to form a rebellion against the Senate.

Anakin enters the Jedi temple, angry that he was not part of the recent Jedi discussion. Mace Windu complies with Palpatine's order of allowing Anakin into the council, but states that Anakin will not be given the title of Master. This angers Anakin and he arrogantly screams that no Jedi is a match for his powers and it is an insult to question them. Obi-Wan pleads, kindly, that Anakin sit, and Anakin apologizes to the council for his outbreak. The topic of the droid invasion in Kashyyyk is brought to their attention, and Yoda quickly volunteers, as is the subject of who will pursue Grievous, which Obi-Wan is given alone. Anakin and Obi-Wan talk alone. Anakin wonders why he is not a 'master.' Obi-Wan tells him that his friendship with Palpatine is troublesome and it may prove most unwise to grant him that ranking. Obi-Wan requests that Anakin spy on the Chancellor's secret meetings. Anakin describes it as treason, but goes along anyway. He then begins to defend Palpatine, as a great man and leader. Obi-Wan says Anakin must do this for protection, to protect Palpatine from Sidious, who they must draw out.

Obi-Wan then approaches Yoda and Mace Windu. He discusses the trouble that lies ahead and how hard it is to deal with. He brings up the past he's had since an infant with Yoda, the training, and how if he had to end this war, even one day early, he would sacrifice even Yoda, but with Anakin, he could never. Anakin was too close, and this apprenticeship with Palpatine seemed to be changing him into something worse.

Anakin meets with Padme, much to her disapproval, in the daylight. He discusses the matters, the spying that he must do on Palpatine, his appointment to the Jedi Council, and Padme is happy, at first. Anakin is disappointed that no one trusts the Chancellor - that Palpatine's policies and declarations are what the galaxy needs. Padme's thoughts on the matter anger Anakin and he leaves to visit the Chancellor.

Anakin approaches the Galaxies Opera and enters a small boxed area with only a small amount of seats. In the center of the massive Opera building was a gigantic sphere of shimmering water, surrounded by a ballet of various aliens. Around Palpatine in the VIP boxed area sat the speaker of the senate, the blue, horned Mas Amedda and Palpatine's administrative aide, Sly Moore. Palpatine orders them to leave so he and Anakin are alone. Palpatine tells Anakin the tale of Darth Plagueis, a Sith Lord who had the power to save people from death. His apprentice then killed him. Ironically, the master could stop death, but not his own. Anakin desires to know if it is possible to learn this power, so he can save Padme from death. Palpatine states "not from a Jedi."

Obi-Wan visits Padme and wonders if she has noticed anything unusual with Anakin. He fears for Anakin and Padme's safety is concerned. Upon departing to Utapau (Grievous' location) after Mace Windu's holographic orders, Padme asks "Obi-Wan, you love him, too, don't you?" "Please do what you can to help him," he said, and left.

In the Jedi Council, Anakin is amongst the physically present Jedi, sitting around the holo-silhouette of the barren planet Utapau. He argues over the appointment of Obi-Wan to capture Grievous, and that Anakin should accompany him also. A vote is made for who should, and it remains unanimous in Obi-Wan's honor. Outside, Anakin approaches Obi-Wan, who is about to leave. He apologizes for all the trouble he has caused and the anger he has shown. Obi-Wan forgives him and tells him that he is the greatest friend he has ever had, with the greatest heart and courage. Anakin feels the same but does not show it. He waves and Obi-Wan leaves with the clone troopers to Utapau.

Anakin visits Palpatine and wonders why he would request him to visit. Palpatine reveals to Anakin that Obi-Wan has been visiting Padme, and what they may be doing could anger Anakin. Anakin is angered that such a close friend would do this. He visits Padme, who openly admits that Obi-Wan visited, but only to question her thoughts on how Anakin has been acting. Both act under stress, and both Padme and Anakin have to attend a meeting at the Chancellor's office, with Anakin as Palpatine's bodyguard. They attend the meeting separately. The topics discussed are of peace talks and corruption. The Chancellor has no plans to adopt any new policies and the meeting quickly ends.

Obi-Wan finally reaches Utapau, and is greeted by the master of port administration, Tion Medon. Obi-Wan questions him, asking him is Grievous is here on the planet. Tion Medon steps forward. "He is here. We are hostages, we are being watched!" Tion Medon was ordered to alert Obi-Wan of their presence and make him leave, but instead gives Obi-Wan Grievous' location on the 10th floor, surrounded by tens of thousands of droids. Obi-Wan sent his ship off, to give the impression that he was leaving, and worked his way up. He came upon a large number of creatures, almost dragonlike in appearance. He was given a saddle, and one of Dragonmounts to ride, named Boga. They came upon the 10th floor, and Obi-Wan sent Boga off.

At this exact moment, in Coruscant, Anakin discusses the current affairs, how Obi-Wan has found Grievous, but Palpatine's attention is focused on something else. A petition has been signed, against him. Anakin knows that Padme's name is on the list, and Palpatine discusses their marriage. He has known since they first married, since he has been great friends with the civil clergy of Naboo. He talks of Anakin's life as a Jedi, that he doesn't need to be so dedicated since he has lived outside of the Jedi Council, for most of his life. He begins to corrupt Anakin, telling him he could have anything he wants, just by asking. In exchange, Palpatine simply wants Anakin to do what he wants, anything he wants, to make up his own mind. Palpatine then recalls the story of Darth Plagueis. "Darth Plagueis was real. He was my master. He taught me the key to his power. Before I killed him." Anakin realizes that Sidious is Palpatine, has been Palpatine the entire time. Anakin becomes exhausted with shock, but Palpatine calms him.

Obi-Wan comes upon Grievous and his 4 IG bodyguards. "You're under arrest!" Grievous does not comply to Obi-Wan's demand, and all of the droids hidden in the ceiling come alive. Obi-Wan kept his composure. Grievous orders the 4 IG droids to attack. They do and Obi-Wan takes them out with ease, using to force to dislodge a beam that destroyed 3 of the 4. The other 10,000 or so droids began to fire. Obi-Wan deflected their fire and began cutting high-tension wires and 'flying' around the room, destroying droids with their own blaster fire and letting the wire do the rest. Almost half of the droids are destroyed. Obi-Wan encounters Grievous, he still asks to surrender. Grievous does not begin to worry, until thousands of clone troops begin to land in the main city of Utapau. Grievous turned back to Obi-Wan. "To the death" He threw back his cloak to reveal the four lightsabers on his belt. His widespread arms split, revealing four arms and hands, now equipped with four lightsabers. "I have been trained in your Jedi arts by Lord Tyranus himself!" Obi-Wan smiles. "Do you mean Dooku? What a curious coincidence. I trained the man that killed him."

Anakin is still confused and hesitant. "I will turn you over to the Jedi Council," he warns Palpatine. But Palpatine does not worry. Anakin leaves for the temple.

Back in Utapau, Obi-Wan is faced with the quadruple-armed Grievous, whose arms all move at the same moment, almost too quick to be seen. Obi-Wan was too good, though, he almost seemed to know where each blow would meet its destination. After Obi-Wan began to tire, he took defense to his aid, and parried after Grievous made a lunge. One swipe resulted in the loss of one thumb and forefinger of one of Grievous' hands. Then two other hands were quickly followed. Grievous runs away, with Obi-Wan far behind. He spotted Grievous entering a ring-shaped ship, with 2 large wheels surrounding a small pod area for sitting. He couldn't catch him, until he heard a familiar noise. Boga approached him, and she along with Obi-Wan gave chase to Grievous. They caught up to Grievous and Boga's tail destroyed Grievous' ship's thrusters. They then began to race up a mountain and through a packed tunnel. Obi-Wan sliced up the wheel of Grievous' ship. Grievous answered back by hitting Boga with his electrostaff. He went for Obi-Wan, who was forced to drop his lightsaber and he entered Grievous' ship. He destroyed the control panel with the staff, and both pilots were thrown out onto a landing platform. Grievous took out a hidden blaster and began firing. Obi-Wan caught the blaster fire with the staff and after a brief pause between both, jabbed the staff into Grievous' armor, with no success. Grievous lunged and went to strike down with the staff, but Obi-Wan caught his wrist, using the force as his strength. Grievous arm was destroyed by this maneuver and Obi-Wan followed by jabbing his elbow into Grievous' clavicle, revealing his green and grey organs. With anger, Grievous grabbed Obi-Wan and threw him against the mountain. Out of breath, Obi-Wan laid still as Grievous charged, staff in hand. Using the force, the gun flew to Obi-Wan's hand, and the blast from it hit Grievous' organs, instantly killing him. Obi-Wan contacted Commander Cody, his clone trooped friend, and announced the victory. But this whole entire act to get Obi-Wan to Utapau was a trap. To separate the galaxy's greatest Jedi, Kenobi in Utapau and Yoda in Kashyyyk. Something was going to happen in Coruscant.

Anakin makes it back to the Jedi Temple. He finds Mace Windu and reveals to him what the Chancellor just announced only to him: "Palpatine is Sidious. The Chancellor is the Sith Lord." Windu is guilt-stricken. The Republic he has fought so long for was a lie. Anakin is worried. He does want Mace Windu to kill Palpatine, just to arrest him. Windu only does "as much as I have to." Windu contacts Yoda on Kashyyyk and reveals this to him. Windu has to go after the Sith Lord. Mace Windu is joined by three other great Jedi for this task. Kit Fisto, the green-tentacled alien; Saesee Tiin, the 2-horned alien; and Agen Kolar, who (like Darth Maul) was a humanoid, horned alien. Worried, they all departed and headed towards Palpatine's office. They were greeted by the now evil presence. "Master Windu, what a pleasant surprise."

At the temple, Anakin soon left also, but Shaak Ti, left behind to protect Anakin, did not want this to happen.

The situation Windu and the 3 other Jedi were about to face was lethal. Palpatine made sure that this entire incident would be recorded and used to accuse the Jedi. The parts of the recording that were truly Palpatine doing something evil were made to sound as if the Jedi were making an unprovoked attack. IN TRUTH: Mace Windu and his Jedi entered the office. Palpatine appeared helpless. "Master Windu, what a pleasant surprise." All four of the Jedi ignited their lightsabers. "You're under arrest, Chancellor!" declared Windu. "Are you threatening me, master Jedi? Master Tiin--you're the telepath, what am I thinking right now?" Before Saesee Tiin could respond, a red blade erupted from the Chancellor's table, and the Jedi master's head was gone. Agen Kolar's soon followed. Palpatine began screaming for help, but in truth, it was just to get the Jedi in more trouble. He winked after this clever trick. Anakin, outside, reached the office and saw purple, red, and green. Soon, he only saw purple and red. He entered the office and saw Kit Fisto, his head, on the Chancellor's broken table. He looked up and saw a blur, but in reality it was Palpatine fighting the master of the art of Vaapad, Mace Windu. His art allowed him to use darkness as an advantage, and even live through it. He sensed Anakin's presence, but continued to fight. The fighting led to the ledge outside in the rain. Mace Windu's speed led to the destruction of Palpatine's lightsaber. Though he seemed helpless, lightning erupted from his hands. Windu caught it with his blade, but it was strong. The Blade repelled Palpatine's lightning, and his face seemed to melt, but this pain fueled his anger, so it continued. Anakin appeared. Palpatine ordered him to destroy Windu. "Destroy him. He is an assassin." Anakin hesitates. Mace Windu also screams. "You're the chosen one, Anakin!" Mace Windu overpowered Palpatine and he became, again, a helpless, old man. Windu went to kill him. "You can't just kill him, Master!" But Windu had to, relating the situation to Anakin and Dooku's. But Anakin needed him alive. "I need him to save Padme!" Windu went to strike the Chancellor without thinking, but lost his hand to Anakin's blue lightsaber. Palpatine took this as his opportunity and sprayed lighting towards the unprotected Jedi. Mace Windu was knocked off of the building, into Coruscant's never-ending nothingness. Anakin was in shock. "What have I done?" "You're following your destiny, Anakin!" They went inside and Anakin was disgusted by what stood where Palpatine once had been, a normal old man was now scarred and frightening. Palpatine began to tempt Anakin, covering him with the darkness of the Sith, until Anakin gave in. "yes, I want your knowledge!" Anakin feels betrayed by the Jedi. Sidious laid his hand on Anakin's head. "From this day forward, the truth of you, my apprentice, now and forevermore, will be Darth..." A Pause. "Darth Vader" This made him feel strong and unstoppable. "Lord Vader?" "Yes, master?" "Rise!" Sidious declares that all Jedis are now enemies of the republic and they must be eliminated. First, he must dispatch of those at the Temple, the clones will get the rest. After the extermination of the Jedi, Anakin is then ordered to eliminate the remaining Separatists on Mustafar.

Anakin entered the temple, searching for Shaak Ti. He was spotted by the gate master, who questioned his whereabouts. All he knew was that Anakin, now apparently evil, was being followed by several hundred clone troopers. Jurokk, the gate master, was quickly eliminated by Anakin.

Obi-Wan reached Commander Cody and the rest of the clones' positions. Com. Cody had a gift for Obi-Wan: his dropped lightsaber. After thanking him, Obi-Wan departed on Boga. Immediately after, the comlink was activated. "It is time. Execute Order Sixty-Six!" The Clones sole mission was realized. Kill the Jedi! Across the galaxy, the orders have been given. Ki-Adi-Mundi and Aayla Secura fall to the troopers. Yoda narrowly escapes with the assistance of several Wookies on Kashyyyk.

Bail Organa approached his vehicle when he sighted it. The Jedi Temple was on fire. He alerted Captain Antilles and made his way to the temple. Troopers were guarding the temple. When he questioned their authority, a youngling arose from the Temple rubble and attempted to kill the troopers, only about 3 successfully, before being gunned down. The troopers turned to Organa, the witness, and began to fire. Bail Organa narrowly escaped, calling for Antilles to get his Tantive IV ready for departure from the planet.

As Obi-Wan and Boga begin to depart for his ship, something startles them, an explosion. Boga purposefully took the brunt of it, saving Obi-Wan, also making him seem dead also. Commander Cody seemingly succeeded in destroying Obi-Wan, who landed in the ocean's mouth nearby.

Anakin visits Padme and refreshes her mind on what has been going on. Mace Windu attempted to assassinate Chancellor Palpatine and the Jedi plotted it. Padme is near crying and in shock. Anakin feels as if nothing has happened, and he wants to stay in Naboo with Padme forever. First, he has to go to Mustafar, for some unfinished business.

Obi-Wan took out his mouthpiece to breathe underwater, to appear dead, and felt saddened, because of the loss of Boga, who seemed to have known that something was happening. He sinks in the water and gets carried to the shore where a ship lies.

Aboard the Tantive IV, Antilles and Organa search the computers to see if any Jedi are alive. They spot a pod escaping Kashyyyk, but the inhabitant is not a Wookie. Back on Utapau, Obi-Wan reached Grievous' starfighter, and set off the planet, also spotted by Organa's ship. Both aboard the ship, they are witness to the HoloNet display on the bridge. The Chancellor is calling for the Senate to unite, for something big. Organa knows that they must go back to Coruscant. When they arrive, Obi-Wan and Yoda head for the temple.

Anakin arrives on the burning planet of Mustafar, with lava constantly streaming from volcanoes. The Separatists in their 'secret' bunker spot his arrival, just as they receive a transmission from Sidious. Sidious orders that Nute Gunray deactivate his droids. For this act, Sidious congratulates the Separatists, and informs them that their gift is being delivered by his apprentice, Darth Vader. Vader arrives, and they all notice who he once was and what he is about to do. San Hill welcomes him, and loses his head.

Yoda and Obi-Wan, disguised, infiltrate the temple, dispatch of their would-be saviors, the clones, and reach the center of the temple. Bail Organa, on the other hand, along with Padme and Jar Jar Binks, stood at an opening to the Senate Arena. Chancellor Palpatine declares that the war is over. He wants to united the galaxy under the first Galactic Empire, and in turn he wants to be declared the Emperor of this galaxy. Organa and Padme know that there is nothing in their power that they could possibly do to stop this victory.

Back in Mustafar, the Separatists haven't fully received their gifts. Poggle the Lesser of Geonosis made an attempt to flee, but his head was soon lost. Shu Mai, president of the Commerce Guild, was split in half. Wat Tambor and the two Neimoidians attempted to escaped, but it was a dead end in the conference room. Nute Gunray, Rune Haako, and Wat Tambor were soon without their heads.

In the temple, there are several reports of two elusive characters. Several troops believe the temple is haunted. Obi-Wan searches through the temple and finds the body of the 'troll' who taught him how to a wield a lightsaber, who Yoda also taught before. He wasn't killed with a gun. Obi-Wan and Yoda realize who did this. Obi-Wan views the hologram computer, to see what happened. He sees several of the younglings gathered into a room. Then a lightsaber enters the picture. Obi-Wan's teacher attempts to stop this attacker, but is killed, along with the younglings. Then the character is seen kneeling before Sidious, and the character is Anakin Skywalker.

Obi-Wan visits Padme. He wonders where Anakin went. She will not reveal where he went, knowing Obi-Wan will kill Anakin. Obi-Wan leaves. Padme takes out a small necklace, the snippet of Japor that Anakin, as a little boy, had given Padme on Tatooine. She holds it to her and prepares to leave to Mustafar, with R2 and C-3PO. She calls for Captain Typho, to prepare her ship. As she took off, a certain Jedi jumped and barely made it onto the closing ramp. He contacted Yoda through a comlink and wished him luck for what he was about to face. Yoda awoke from meditation and he was welcomed by the Senate Building he had entered.

Padme reaches Mustafar. Anakin sees her and puts back on his "good" face, so as not to frighten her.

Yoda came upon the holding office of the Supreme Chancellor, where there was one small podium, which rose into the vastness of the Senate Arena. A holographic image disappeared, and a Sith Lord arose. He questioned Yoda on who he sent to kill Vader. Obi-Wan he answered, much to Sidious' delight. He unleashed the lightning from his hands and the battle started.

Padme jumps down the ramp to meet Anakin's arms. She is terrified from what Obi-Wan said, and she tells him everything. Anakin believes Obi-Wan is a traitor to the Senate. Anakin begins having delusions of grandeur. He believes that Palpatine will become the most hated man ever, and when he does, he and Padme can rule together. Anakin looked up as Padme was crying and spotted him. "You..." Obi-Wan ordered Padme to move back. Anakin, now Vader again, felt betrayed. He clenched his fists and Padme began to choke. Obi-Wan tried to help, but could not, Vader was too powerful. Then she was lifted and thrown hard into a wall.

Both Yoda and Sidious now clashed, with sabers in hand. The podium ascended into the Senate Arena, where the dark and empty vastness was lit up with green and red.

Obi-Wan checked Padme's pulse, but was threatened not to touch her by Anakin. Obi-Wan begs for Anakin to stop this treachery, he does not want to kill his best friend. Anakin's blue lightsaber ignited, as did Obi-Wan's. They met each other in the air. While this occurred, C-3PO and R2-D2 found Padme unconscious. They dragged her aboard, fearing for her life.

Yoda's battle with Sidious grew intense. Sidious began yanking pods from their holdings and hurling them towards Yoda, who dodged them with ease. But Sidious was barely trying. He used the pods as hammers, battering rams, and catapults. Yoda realized that he could not win this battle. The Jedi had been defeated, but not eliminated. Yoda could not fight the dark, for everything in this war had become dark already.

Anakin and Obi-Wan fought for two different reasons. One for the respect of the other, and one to lose the respect of everything good. The entered the control center, where Obi-Wan attempted to throw computers and consoles at Anakin, who threw them right back. Anakin used the dark force, and repelled Obi-Wan against the wall. Obi-Wan attempted the same trick he used against Grievous. He manipulated the wiring in Anakin's hand, which only angered Anakin. Anakin used the force to repel Obi-Wan once more, and he got of hold of Obi-Wan's wrists. He felt almost as if his arms were being ripped from his sockets.

Yoda was physically repelling Sidious' lightning, but he was getting weak. Sidious flew to a nearby pod, followed by Yoda, but too late. Sidious shot out lightning at Yoda, still in the air. He felt its impact, crashed against the Chancellor's podium, and fell. He reached the base of the Senate finally and hit the ground with elegance, like an angel on a cloud, an dashed out the exit. Sidious was once more and old man, clutching the rail for balance, and he could not spot Yoda anywhere. Yoda used the service accessway below the Arena. Yoda cut through the wall, and went through the floor facing the Republic Plaza of Coruscant. He dived into the night. With the force, he was able to right himself into Bail Organa's speeder, right on time.

Anakin tightened his grip. Obi-Wan dropped his lightsaber, drawing Anakin's gaze. He removed his other hand and recovered his fallen lightsaber, just in time to reflect Anakin's. Obi-Wan knocked Anakin back and through the thin wall. They fought above the lake of fire below. Anakin began to drive Obi-Wan back towards the edge. All that was there was a thin power conduit. Obi-Wan had no choice but to jump on and continue the fight for his life. Anakin also hopped on the conduit and the fighting continued. Their fighting grew stronger. Obi-Wan could sense the hatred emanating from Anakin. Obi-Wan flipped back onto a ledge, followed by Anakin. Obi-Wan deflected everything Anakin shot his way, avoiding the splashing lava from under a sheet of durasteel. They both grabbed handing cables and met each other in the air. Obi-Wan lifted his legs and slashed through Anakin's cable, but Anakin already spotted another dangling cab! le, and made it there. He was a step ahead of Obi-Wan, and he began taunting him. The control plant was beginning to sink and rock violently. Anakin could not spot Obi-Wan, but Obi-Wan's foot spotted him, and Anakin seemed lost to the lava. Obi-Wan made it to another nearby platform, and was faced with Anakin, who survived that previous attack. Obi-Wan dived towards Anakin, using his lightsaber as a spear. Anakin missed a cut at Obi-Wan's legs, but Obi-Wan did not. He got both of Anakin's knees, then his left arm. Anakin fell and held on the edge of a sinking mountain, but the strength in the robotic hand crushed the mountain, and he slid down into the black sand. He was burning alive. Struggling made Anakin sink even more. "You were the chosen one!" Obi-Wan yelled. He still loved his padawan, but not what he saw in that molten pit. "I hate you!" screamed Vader. Obi-Wan sensed the approach of the Sith Lord Sidious, and he ran. C-3PO and R2-D! 2 beckoned Obi-Wan to get aboard the ship, Padme was hurt badly. Below, Obi-Wan saw the Chancellor arrive. His droids found the limbless Skywalker and carried him aboard Sidious' ship. Vader was alive.

Yoda sat in an observation dome on the planet of Polis Massa, meditating by looking at the stars. He heard an all too familiar voice, that of Qui-Gon Jinn. They talk of the end of the Jedi, the survival and resurrection of the evil Sith. Qui-Gon Jinn knows that there is still hope. He reveals Yoda the ability to join and become one with the force, yet retain consciousness. You can join your light to it, and soon, your physical self. This was goal of the Sith, but they could not achieve it. Yoda was now a student to Qui-Gon, ironic. Bail Organa saw Yoda and sadly stated that Padme was dying.

Padme was in labor, but she could barely speak. "If it's a girl.... name her Leia...." The doctor declared it was a boy. She smiled. "Luke..." Then came another. A girl. Padme smiled again. She had twins. Padme called for Anakin. She was so sorry that she had lost him to evil, she wanted him here so badly. Obi-Wan came to her side. She whispered to him that Anakin still had good in him. Her head fell to the pillow, and Obi-Wan was shooed out of the room. He had her necklace from Anakin in his hand. Yoda feels it best that they bury it with her. They plan to send her body to Naboo. They also decide to split the children. Bail Organa and his wife desperately wanted a child, but could not. Adoption was their only solution. Organa felt it his duty to take Leia as his daughter on Alderaan. The boy, Obi-Wan decided, should go to his closest family, the Lars family on Tatooine. Organa asked Yoda if the twins could defeat Palpatine. "Only Hope, we can." But Yoda only feels that they should be taught when they find the force. Then Yoda smiles and acknowledges Obi-Wan. "In your solitude on Tatooine, training I have for you. I and my new Master." "Your new Master?" "Yes. And your old one..." It was then decided that Captain Antilles get the droids. Organa also decides it best to have C-3PO's mind erased.

In the Emperor's Surgical Reconstruction Center on Coruscant, several droids and robots operated on the 'dead' Jedi. "Master, he lives!" The Emperor smiled. The table began to rise forward, with the first successful project strapped to it. It was black, with a surrounding helmet and a humanoid face, too scary to call human. The breathing was labored and raspy. It calls for Padme, but not in Anakin's voice. "She's dead" says the Emperor, with a grin. Vader screams. He knows that he killed her. He reaches through the force and the room begins to collapse and the robots begin to explode. The straps that held him split apart. He stood and felt better than ever, a fire burning hotter than the lava was.

On Naboo, at the Palace Plaza in Theed, several white gualaars draw a flower-draped open casket through the Triumphal Arch, carrying the dead Senator. In her hands, the necklace a boy she once knew gave her on Tatooine. On the jungle planet of Dagobah stood Yoda, inspecting the swamp for a place to hide. From the bridge of a Star Destroyer, two Sith Lords stand with a sector governor named Tarkin, and survey the growing skeleton of a spherical battle station the size of a moon... But good is also abound in the night. On Alderaan, the Prince Consort delivers a baby girl into the arms of his Queen. And on Tatooine, a Jedi Master brings an infant boy to the homestead of Owen and Beru Lars -- Then he rides off into the Jundland Wastes, toward the setting suns.


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