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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by EDGEMAN who says... "Very cool movie. Trek fans will love/hate it (you’ll see why later), and non-Trek fans will enjoy a really good action film."

The movie opens on Romulus, where Senators are debating a proposed measure from someone named Shinzon. Members of the military are trying to persuade the senate to do whatever he’s proposed. The head senator tells them that the measure has been voted on and rejected. Another senator, a female, gets up and leaves, saying she has to meet with someone else. She leaves something on the desk, and it opens after she leaves. A green misty particle substance comes out, and as the head senator is calling for security, his and everyone else’s skin in the room starts to rot and dry up. Everyone dies.

The next thing you see is a close-up of Picard talking about duty. As the camera pans back, you can see he’s delivering the best-man’s speech at Riker and Troi’s wedding. (By the way, for all the Wil Wheaton fans who were upset that his scenes got cut, you DO at least see him sitting at the table, though he doesn’t have any lines.) Back on the ship, the Enterprise crew plans to head to Betazed to have Deanna’s home planet’s wedding ceremony, where everyone has to be naked. Worf doesn’t want to participate, but Picard says everyone will do it, then says he’s heading for the gym.

The ship picks up a signal from a remote planet near the Romulan neutral zone that shows a positronic signature (android, like Data). They go to investigate (on a bitchin’ space dune buggy), and find pieces of an android that looks like Data, but is an earlier, more primitive model. They collect the pieces and get attacked by the residents of the planet, and Picard drives the buggy off a cliff into the open shuttle-craft (NOT the only James Bondish stunt in this movie!) They reassemble the android and download all of Data’s memory files into its brain (IMPORTANT LATER).

It tells them it’s name is B-4, but it doesn’t know much or talk much.

Picard gets a message from Admiral Kathryn Janeway (from “Voyager”) telling him to go to Romulus to meet with some Remans (Remus is kind of a sister planet to Romulus) to discuss a peace plan. They go, though skeptical. When they get there they meet with the Remans (kind of look like vampires, live in the dark because the inhabitable part of their planet faces away from the sun), they meet Shinzon, who isn’t a Reman at all, but looks like a 30ish version of Picard.

He talks with them for awhile, creeps out Deanna, who can sense weird things about him, tells him he’s a clone of Picard, and then invites Jean-Luc to come back the next day for dinner. Then he cuts himself and gives Data the bloody knife so they can analyze his DNA to see that he’s telling the truth. They do, he is, and Picard goes back to talk with him. They talk about how much they have in common, and how Shinzon was mistreated and abused growing up. Shinzon was cloned from Picard (hair or skin sample, never explained what the Romulans used) as part of an old plan to kill Picard and replace him with a Romulan-controlled clone, so they’d have an insider in Starfleet. The plan had been abandoned, and so had Shinzon.

Unknown to the Enterprise crew, Shinzon has been meeting with Romulans who helped him wipe out the senate, and is obviously up to something. One of them is a Romulan captain Donatra (Dina Meyer, from “Birds of Prey”). She offers to keep an eye on another Romulan, Praetor Hyren, whom Shinzon doesn’t trust to go through with his plan (COMING LATER). As she leaves, she sees Shinzon double over in pain.

On the Enterprise, B-4, who’s alone in Data’s quarters, starts pulling up all kinds of information on the ship’s computers. Geordi traces this, and reports it to the Captain, Data, and Riker.

Shinzon’s right hand man is a Viceroy, who tells him he doesn’t have much time. His health is declining, and we find out that Picard has been summoned there because Shinzon needs him. Shinzon’s ship, the Scimitar, beams Picard over, kidnapping him. Picard sees that B-4 has also been beamed over and is working with Shinzon. The pieces were planted on the earlier planet to lure them close-by, so that theirs would be the ship to be sent to meet with him. B-4 had gotten computer info on where all the ships in the fleet are, and now Shinzon knows this. Shinzon tells Picard that he needs him so that he can accomplish his plan, which is to conquer the Federation for Romulus, starting with Earth. Picard tells Shinzon that he can’t do that; they have the same blood, and Picard would never do something like that. Shinzon says, try growing up like I did, and see what you’re capable of. He leaves to prepare for whatever he has in mind for Picard. Then B-4 knocks out a guard and releases Picard. Turns out it’s Data, not B-4. They did a switch after they found out about the data files B-4 had been uploading to Shinzon. They gave bogus info to Shinzon, so he doesn’t really know where the ships are. Data pulls out a one-time transporter device and tries to get Picard to use it to get back to the ship. Picard tells him they’ll get back together. (IMPORTANT LATER!!)

After a fire-fight, Picard and Data steal a Romulan shuttle-craft and get back to the Enterprise, where they hightail it toward where more ships are waiting, nearer to Earth. They think they can fight off the Scimitar with more firepower. The whole way there the Scimitar is following the Enterprise, though cloaked. On the way, Beverly tells Picard that the reason Shinzon is getting sick is because of the way they engineered his DNA as part of the earlier plot to be a Picard-replacement. He had been designed to quickly age to Picard’s age, but when the plan was scrapped, this feature was never activated. As a result, he’s dying unless he can get a complete transfusion from Picard, the only possible donor. This bothers Picard for some reason (seeing himself dying maybe?...whatever).

On the way to meet the other ships, the Enterprise enters into a part of space where sensors are disrupted, and here the Scimitar attacks. They beat up the Enterprise pretty well, and it looks hopeless. Then two Romulan warbird ships show up, and Picard thinks it’s even worse. Then one hails him, and it’s Donatra (Dina Meyer). She’s there to help him because she knows what a war with the Federation will do to Romulus. The three ships fight the Scimitar, but it destroys one of the warbirds, and cripples Donatra’s ship. Also, in a cool scene, the front of the bridge is blown away, and a few crew get sucked out into space before a force field seals the gap.

So they’re looking basically out the window at Shinzon’s ship. The Viceroy beams aboard to get Picard. Riker fights him off and kills him. As a last resort, Picard rams the Scimitar with the Enterprise.

Shinzon tells his crew to prepare the “weapon,” which turns out to be a huge version of the weapon from the beginning of the movie. The Scimitar is designed to open up into a transport device to deliver this fatal stuff into the Enterprise, killing everyone. Picard tells Data to assume command, and he beams onto the Scimitar to try and destroy the weapon (he knows he won’t make it back). After he beams over, the transporter poops out. Data puts Troi in command (yikes!) and takes Geordi to an upper deck where the hull was also breached. Geordi activates a force field further up the hallway, and opens the outer force field, allowing Data to leap out of the ship into space, where he drifts over to the Scimitar.

Back on the Scimitar, Picard fights with Shinzon, and ultimately impales him with some railing from a wall. Shinzon says that at least they’ll die together. Data runs up, puts the one-time transporter onto Picard, and sends him back to the Enterprise. With two seconds left until the weapon is deployed onto the Enterprise, Data says “Goodbye” and fires his phaser into the weapon. He blows up the ship, destroying himself.

Donatra sends shuttlecraft to the Enterprise to rescue them. Later, Picard and the crew have a toast to Data’s memory. The movie ends with the Enterprise being repaired, and Picard talking to B-4 all about Data. It suggests that he may be able to be developed to the capabilities Data had (remember, he has ALL his memory files!).


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