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David Starsky (Ben Stiller) is a “buy the book” undercover policeman for the Bay City, California police force. Ken “Hutch” Hutchinson (Owen Wilson) is also an undercover cop but tends to use the book as a sort of guideline rather than a rule.

As the film opens we are on the yacht of drug kingpin Reese Feldman (Vince Vaughn) who is reprimanding one of his henchman for downing an airplane that had an expensive cocaine shipment on it. He shoots the guy and lets his body fall into the sea as a warning to the rest of his employees to be more careful in the future.

Back at the Bay City Police Department, Captain Doby (Fred Williamson) decides to team up Starsky and Hutch in hopes that Hutch can mellow Starsky and that Starsky can keep a tighter reign on Hutch. Neither is too happy with the idea.

Reese Feldman and his associate Friday (Jason Bateman) meet with a group of local crooks and offer them a deal for “New Coke”. A new form of cocaine that is completely undetectable to drug dogs or even chemical analysis.

The next day, reluctantly, Starsky and Hutch begin their first day on the beat together. They ride the streets in the now classic red Ford Torino with the white swoosh on the sides. The car is Starsky’s pride and joy and he is very protective of it. It is clear that Starsky is so gung ho that the other cops ridicule him. Whereas Hutch is very laid back and takes things as they come. They answer a call to investigate a “floater” which is a dead body that has washed ashore. They find no real evidence except a business card for Reese Feldman Industries.

They visit Feldman at his house and ask questions about the dead body. Feldman says that the employee was a troubled man just out of prison who he had tried to help but that had disappeared a few days before. Feldman’s girlfriend lets it slip that the guy used to date one of the cheerleaders of the local pro football franchise. Feldman offers the guys tickets to a gala later in the month to raise money to help recent parolees as they reenter society.

Starsky and Hutch question two Cheerleaders (Amy Smart and Carmen Electra)

about the dead man and are led to his ex girlfriend who tells them that they have been split up for a while. She hands them an embroidered jacket that was her boyfriend’s and tells them to keep it and that maybe it can be of some help to them to clear up the murder.

They take the jacket to their street informant Huggy Bear (Snoop Dogg) who tells them that the stitching is the work of Big Earl and that he owns a biker bar out of town. Starsky and Hutch disguise themselves as Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper from the movie Easy Rider. Their disguises are discovered immediately and after a short bar brawl they are told that Big Earl is currently serving time.

They go to question Big Earl (Will Ferrell) in prison who will only tell them what they want to know in exchange for them striking suggestive poses. They leave the prison embarrassed but with new info and a sample of Feldman’s cocaine.

Back at the precinct Doby reprimands them because they were caught on the security camera “performing” for Big Earl. The cocaine was also analyzed and was discovered to be nothing more than artificial sweetener. Discouraged, Starsky and Hutch decide to take the night off and set a date with the two cheerleaders that they had met earlier in the day.

During the date Starsky uses the cocaine instead of sweetener in his coffee and has a fit, which ends in him challenging a guy at a disco to a dance off and firing a gun in the place when he doesn’t win.

The next day Hutch tells Starsky that he is sure that the cocaine sample that they got from Big Ed is the real thing.

After barely escaping a sniper, they are able to apprehend the man and discover that Feldman wants them dead.

They sneak into Feldman’s daughter’s Bat Mitzvah dressed as mimes

but are foiled when the “surprise shipment” in the garage ends up being the little girl’s gift – a pony.

Starsky and Hutch are ordered off the case and suspended from the force. They blame each other for the predicament and Starsky admits that he had put in for a transfer weeks before anyway. Hutch is so distraught that he goes on a drinking binge and forgets to pick up a young friend who he takes care of sometimes while his mother is at work. The boy goes to Hutch’s house and is sent flying when a bomb meant for Hutch explodes.

At the hospital – Starsky and Hutch make up and decide to continue searching for clues in order to nab Feldman. Since they know that they will be instantly spotted they ask Huggy Bear to pose as a caddy for Feldman. In a funny scene – they wire Huggy with microphones and antennas and other surveillance equipment.

On the golf course Feldman berates and slaps Huggy Bear who overhears him discussing a drug deal that will occur the following night at the gala for the ex cons.

Having been invited earlier by Feldman to the gala, Starsky and Hutch attend disguised as a cowboy and a flashy New York businessman. They discover that the cocaine is hidden in a car that is being raffled at the party. Starsky confronts Feldman and exposes him in front of the guests. A gunfight ensues in which Starsky accidentally wounds Captain Doby. Feldman and his girlfriend escape with the drug money with Starsky and Hutch in hot pursuit. As Feldman is escaping on his yacht they attempt to jump the Grand Torino off the pier and land on the boat but over shoot it and land in the water as Feldman gets away.

Free of the cops Feldman turns and is blindsided with a nine iron by Huggy Bear who is still upset about Feldman slapping him earlier on the golf course.

The papers report that Starsky and Hutch are heroes for bringing down the drug lord and a party is thrown at the precinct in their honor. Hutch questions Huggy Bear about some of the missing drug money and he denies knowing anything about it but that his new fur coat was bought with money left to him by a deceased relative.

Starsky is still upset over the loss of his prized car and is inconsolable. Hutch and Huggy take him outside and present him with an exact replica of the Grand Torino, which Huggy has bought for him. It is delivered by two familiar faces (David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser) who seem reluctant to part with it.

Starsky and Hutch decide to give it a test drive and take off into the streets for another day of fighting crime. 


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