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Island of Lost Dreams

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The movie begins at a very modern amusement park where every ride is dangerous and fast. The park is run by Dinky Winks (Bill Paxton). Visiting the park that day is the daughter of the president along with her many secret service agents. She's miffed at her dad (the president) for not spending enough time with her. She's even stolen a little device he had, just to get a little attention.

She ends up on a juggling ride that actually juggles you while you are inside a ball. She gets out and stands near the top of the ride, again, just getting a little attention.

Next thing you know, out come the spy kids, Carmen and Juni to rescue her. Juni climbs up the side of the ride with his latest gadget and Carmen tries to reprogram the ride to stop.

Suddenly, two other spy kids show up, Gary and Gerti whose dad is also a top spy. They have better gadgets and Gary and Juni end up on top with the president's daughter between them. Carmen can't get the ride to stop but Gerti's latest gadget enables her to program the ride to stop.

Juni talks the daughter into climbing down with him but Gary takes the device she had so they both can be a hero.

We then see the family preparing for a big dinner, hosted by the President. They are about to announce the new head of the OSS (the spy organization). Gregorio (Antonio Banderas) is sure he will get the job.

When the time for the announcement arrives the monitor says Gregorio but instantly changes to Donnagon Giggles (Gary and Gerti's father.) Giggles accepts the new post and in his speech congratulates the 2 spy kids that saved the President's daughter, Gary and Gerti. He then praises Gary even more for saving the Transmooker Device.

While everyone is eating and all the grown ups are drinking their wine, we discover that the servants have poisoned the wine and all the grownups fall asleep. The servants steal the Transmooker Device which Juni got back but then lost again to the servants. We then first see that the Transmooker Device can stop any electricity nearby which makes all the spy gadgets useless.

Suddenly, a huge ship flies overhead and all the servants hats turn out to be powerful magnets and they are scooped up by the ship and fly off, hanging from the bottom of the ship by their helmets, one of them holding the Transmooker Device.

Juni is blamed for the loss of the device and is kick out of the organization.

Gary and Gerti are assigned to go to a secret island to find the Transmooker Device. The island is in the middle of a "bermuda triangle" type area where things seem to be disappearing.

Carmen reprograms the OSS computer, reassigns Gary and Gerti to the Gobi desert. She then rehires Juni and assigns the two of them to the island mission.

They make it to the island in their spy sub but not before the electricity was stopped, just before reaching the island.

They escape the sub using their inflatable suits that didn't stop inflating because of the loss of electricity. They emerge from the water in giant bubble suits and are almost eaten by a two headed sea serpent. The serpent takes a bite out of the suits and they are blown to the shore.

Once on the island they find many strange animals and while escaping one they fall into a volcano. They fall down to the bottom of the volcano and discover a workshop that is operated by the only island resident, Romero (Steve Buscemi).

Romero is a crazy scientist, a genetics engineer who has made miniature animals that he plans to sell to kids. These are actual real animals (monkeys, pigs, elephants, etc.) but they are only a couple inches tall.

He then got a crazy idea to mix up the animals and came up with miniature spider/monkeys, cat/fish, flying pigs, bull/frog etc. Coming up with more ideas he created a mixture that would grow the animals to lifelike sizes. Unfortunately he spilled this mixture on all the mixed up animals and they grew to enormous sizes and now run wild on the island. Romero is scared to leave his workshop at the base of the volcano for fear of being killed by the crazy animals he created.

The other thing he created on the island is a super sized Transmooker Device. Turns out that the one the President's daughter had was just a prototype. This device is so powerful that is actually makes the island invisible to radar and could shut down the world's electrical system.

Meanwhile, Gary and Gerti end up in the Gobi Desert and decide to get revenge on the Cortez kids for forcing them to end up there. They make there way to the island and end up going through the same steps that Carmen and Juni did, bubble suits and all.

Back at the OSS, Donnagon Giggles informs Gregorio and Ingrid Cortez that their kids went to the island and are now missing. Gregorio and Ingrid head off to the island in their mothership sub but find two stowaways, Ingrid's parents Ricardo Montalban and Holland Taylor who were also once great spies.

Years earlier Gregorio had implanted a tracking device in his kid's teeth so that is what he's following, even though it looks as though their in the middle of the ocean since the island is invisible.

Next half hour or so is filled with many Jurassic Park type events where they are attacked by animals and such including being chased by skeletons in a scene right out of "Jason and the Argonauts.". The climax is when Juni rides a giant "spider/monkey" fighting with Gary on his snake/lizzard creature.

Eventually, Donnagon Giggles arrives at the island meeting up with his kids Gary and Gerti. Turns out that his plan is to take over the Transmooker Device and rule the world. (Why he needed the prototype when he knew about the real one on the island is beyond me...)

Carmen and Juni realize that Donnagon plans on getting all the Cortez's together and kill them so they remove their "tracking teeth" and destroy them. Luckily, grandpa Ricardo Montalban gave Juni a necklace that he never takes off that also has a tracking device so they make it to the island as well.

When they are all together, Donnagon has his computer genius daughter Gerti program the device to destroy the Cortez family. When he points it at them it instead self -destructs. Gerti has turned good and has saved the world from her father.

Gregorio is named the new head of the OSS and Juni retires from the spy business.

During the closing credits Uncle Machete (Danny Trejo) has a new device that makes Carmen think she can sing and dance like "Britney Lopez" while Juni plays guitar like "Angus Van Santana" for a live concert. Turns out that the device didn't have batteries and they where doing it all on their own.

Dinky Winks shows up on the island and pitches a theme park idea to Romero.


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